Nxter News – July 2018 (II): Earth Provides Enough To Satisfy Every Person’s Needs, But Not Every Person’s Greed

July (II)


Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers!

Yes, we have entered the holiday season, if you are in the Northern hemisphere which you likely are. Less is happening, less to write about, more time to spend with the family. Right? Well, of course, we do appreciate you reading this, but is your kid (or mom!) watching you right now? Are you hanging out with someone? If not, why aren’t you? Make their holidays yours too, if you can. We will do ours and keep the summaries short for the next few weeks while still keeping you up-to-date.

Let’s forget about our greed and take care of our needs only. Good news for you, we know by chance that many Ignis Asset token issuers and Ardor child chain businesses are working hard right now, even on their holiday. What more do you need to know? Your investments are doing fine.

The ANG had many announcements, new Meetups were announced, a new Ignis puzzle!, the Triffic ICO is underway, Dominium put out a nice informational video, new info about clones, and the Chinese community is so much alive! Lior wrote about RNG with Lightweight contracts, and an impassioned plea from one of our guest writers about being a smart investor, as well as our plea for you to inform us about any IGNIS airdrop issues relating to HitBTC  – just to name a few. Dig in.

Thank you for embracing us as we take you on a journey through the busy week that was, Summer style.





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This week’s newsletter is put together by apenzl, Jose, James, and rubenbc.


  • Jelurida

Last week Lior announced a new integrated third-party Nxt Wallet exchange:

  • Integration of ChangeNOW_io Into the NXT Wallet

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Lior had enough of certain ICO’s…

And he had pizza and beers:

  • Israel & Blockchain (Pizza & Beer), July 10th


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Now, let’s get to what the community has going on.

  • Nxter Puzzle: Japanese Kakuro

This week you can win 500 IGNIS.

First Week Solution

Marius – @madfox what was the solution to the first one ?

madfox – @Marius great sent sorrow machine piece score aunt completely wild rather remove heel (both ARDOR and NXT accounts are empty now!)

Last week’s Korea themed crossword puzzle hasn’t been solved.

Last week we called Madfox the “Puzzle Master” and soon you will understand why. This week Madfox created another puzzle, and this time it is inspired by the Japanese games and culture.

Madfox wrote:

Rules are simple:
Step 1. Solve all the kakuro-puzzles and fill in all the numbers (figure 1).
Step 2. Make up the passphrase by using figure 2.

Words of the passphrase consist of numbers. The order of the numbers in a word is shown by arrows. The index number of the word is the large blue number.

The passphrase is 98 words long. Words must be separated by spaces.
Find the passphrase and it will give you full access to account ARDOR-9XAM-4D97-LUWU-CD53C with 500 IGNIS kindly sponsored by Ardor Nxt Group.

Click to enlarge or print

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  • The Ardor and Nxt Group – Updates

Elizabeth of the ANG was busy last week!

Infographics Showing How to Run a Node, Easy Peasy + July Bounty

Yes, it is bounty time. Get free IGNIS for setting up an Ardor node this July!

Elizabeth – Earlier I saw someone with questions about setting up a node

Wonder how?





Elizabeth announced:

ANG will give 249 Ignis to every person who sets up a node in the month of July. Let’s build our network!

And it’s easy to run NXT [and ARDR] on the same server.


Community Ambassadors Website

Yes, we got ambassadors, and maybe you can become one too. Elizabeth wrote:

The very first step of the community ambassadors page is live. I know there will be feedback and it will probably already be on my list. I’m posting here for transparency into what I’m working on. I’m very busy with family obligations this weekend and will not be able to participate in ongoing dialog about this. But, here it is:

We will replace everyone’s photo with them in their new tee shirts when they arrive and give a login for everyone to update their profiles will social info and a showcase of their projects and work. And the list is not complete. If you aren’t there and think you should be, please contact me.

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Ardor NXT Community Discord

Discord is great and the ANG is working to develop an official one. Spread the love and share the invitation to grow the community. Slack is still our main entrance, but no doubt Discord will catch on.

CullensAnton wrote:

Hi everyone. For a few weeks we’ve had our Discord environment running and we are working hard to develop the Ardor NXT Community Discord server further with lots of nice features. Please share this invitation link as much as possible so we can grow even faster. Thanks in advance, and keep in touch!

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  • Workshop of the Ardor Platform in Mnemo’s Offices

There was an Ardor workshop hosted by Almonte (Jelurida) and Isaac Martin (Mnemo) on July 5th in Madrid.

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ANG and the community have been compiling the blockchain Meetup events across the ecosystem: https://teamup.com/ksv4ccmkufbpbqp86o.

  • Hackathon / Gamejam time. August 24-26th in Austria. 

Learn about Purposeful Gaming on the blockchain with this upcoming workshop/hackathon in beautiful Krems, Austria.

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  • Triffic ICO Underway!

Last week the Triffic ICO began. The rounds are still ongoing, with the purchase price for the tokens only increasing after each round is sold. Ten percent (100,000,000) GPS tokens are available for sale during this ICO. The rest are awarded to users of the app.

Coinerz wrote:

Hello everybody. A friendly reminder that today is the last day where you can purchase GPS Tokens for $0.12. The price goes up to $0.16 for the next round. Also, our https://triffic.world website and white paper will be available in Chinese, Korean and Japanese tomorrow.

ANN | Website | Pitch Deck | Whitepaper | English Telegram

Public Sale Supply: 100,000,000 GPS Tokens / Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 GPS Token

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  • New C2C assets

Coin2Coin has issued their new assets.

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  • Bitswift Child Chain Update

Last week the Bitswift team created a solar Bitswift bundler – harnessing the power of the Sun to “harvest” crypto.

bitswiftbro wrote:

It works! Finding a passthrough battery was a bit tough, garden trolls approve!

Bitswift bundling (harvesting crypto) using the power of the sun.
Will get these parts on the shop along with a how-to guide.

Paul Busch: sha256 / scrypt setup for comparison 🙂

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  • Dominium

Last week we spotlighted a review of Dominium, the soon to be Ardor child chain. Real estate, great. Blockchain, great. Real estate on the blockchain? The following video does a good job introducing Dominium and explaining its use case.

The Problem Dominium Seeks To Solve
While the real estate market has a capitalization of 217 trillion USD, it does not have the adequate technologies to be a really lucrative and intuitive market for the users in a year like 2018. There are many important technologies appearing that can reduce centralization and financial barriers that affect this market. The solution can be seen on the blockchain platform that this company has decided to create.


Dominium is yet another real estate platform that has perceived the value of the tokenization of the assets in this industry. As tokens, they can easily have more liquidity and be easier to sell. The personnel involved in the company seems to also be very experienced so we have good expectations about this company.


DOMINIUM Announcement Telegram Channel: t.me/DominiumPlatform

AirDrop and Referral Program: Register an account on https://dominium.me and submit AML / KYC to qualify.

YouTube video about AML / KYC procedure in case something is not clear: https://youtu.be/rzmXLa5gQC4

Translations: Assist with translating Dominium and receive even more DOM tokens

DOM token: Can be used to pay for transactions on Dominium, such as creating assets, voting for charities, listing properties, buy and sell assets, etc. As such the DOM token is a utility token.

Assets: Assets created on the platform will be property backed funds generating income for token holders. As such they will be securities.

PRE-ITO: Option to reserve DOM tokens at 80% discount is now open
– Create account
– Pass AML / KYC for clearance level 1
– Reserve tokens through the reservation form (READ THE MESSAGE IN THE FORM)
– Payment can only be made once we actually open the PRE-ITO (somewhere before the 3rd of September 2018)
– Payment instructions will be sent out on a first reserved first served basis

ITO – Launch date is set for Monday the 3rd of September 2018 at 12:00 CET.

Thanks for supporting Dominium and assisting with digitalising the property world and making it fully transparent.

Make sure to check out our Referral Program – We are giving away 100 million (Yes, that is 100,000,000) DOM tokens in our Airdrop and Referral Program -Dominium Airdrop Referral Program Tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnl5y5yzFaU&t=1s

Gudo Thijssen – Come and say hello to Dominium at the ICO London 2018 conference!!

Read the Full Article: Dominium ICO (DOM Token): Blockchain Property Financing & Management?

Learn more: ANNWebsite | Pitch Deck | English Telegram Chatroom | Telegram Announcements

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  • Janus – Status Update

Pictures from the slow and ongoing process of installing everything needed in the new office.

Bjorn Janus,

Wiring has finally begun


Bjorn Janus

I have begun standard security protocols and Tj will help finish cameras

We still wiring lights. There is literally nothing but power and space here when we began. If anyone wants to help fund costs we put up some sell walls on ardor exchange. No pressure but every penny counts.
More to come after this weekend. Network, lights, machines and fans plus duct work next week.

Then reassemble to the new rack system. Based on my current calculation we can put 66 gpu per rack using the new method each rack has 60 amp PDU being attached to it. Safe level of wattage per rack will be 12000 watts

This time no fuck ups . Again everyone…i am sorry that miscalculation was my fault entirely. I was over by 1300 watts.

Samu C,

Need a whip? 😉

Bjorn Janus,

When i view my bank account from the 7 month loss it beats me enough i think haha
Revenue lost since mid december is in the 420k usd range.

Lobos is currently working on exchange, blockchain news site, and more. The exchange will become a hub for several items of our work.
Mining, trading, more. I am cooking up a way to get Janus users an account flagged to them, but need to continue working on farm and the development blueprints and ideas for it even if janus has crawled to this point the users who put money into will find a refuge and are not forgotten
Same with Kreds

Janus asset ID on the ARDOR platform: 4348103880042995903.

Website | Follow Janus on Telegram and Twitter

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  • Support your Tokens

HitBTC, what is up?

Sources tell us you still have not distributed your customers’ IGNIS from the airdrop on 1.1.2018?!! This is over seven months ago!

Please, Nxters, if you have not yet gotten you IGNIS airdropped from exchanges that promised to support it, please contact us.


You can vote for NXT/ARDR/IGNIS here:





Let your voice be heard:


CryptalDash – Request for your Favorite Coin to be Listed


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  • Ardor Lite App – Apple Store

The Apple App Store is reviewing the iOS version of the Ardor Lite app. Android users can install the app from the Google Play Store.


Just keeping everyone updated with iOS version of Ardor Lite. Latest update from Apple:


Thank you for providing this information. Your app is still in review but is requiring additional time. We will provide further status updates as soon as we are able.
Thank you for your continued patience.

Best regards,
App Store Review

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  • Walletnxt.com – Third-Party Wallet

Screenshots of the latest, stable version of the app. Changelog of the latest improvements included below.

Zhang wrote:

walletnxt1.0.5: The MTR is not compatible with the old version, please upgrade to 1.0.5

1. Currency transaction
2. Add Mtr currency support, optimize APL currency field support
3. Add status: not activated, in the rental, node failure, block height
4. Add NXT Lease
5. Modify the fee calculation and get the minimum commission from the server.
6. Add a local verification transaction: unsignedTransactionBytes to avoid node fraud
7. Scan code payment
8. Code optimization

More About WalletNxt

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  • Slack-like Message Board Build on Ardor

The community is great when people decide to build great things like this new Ardor message board that looks and feels like Slack.

galeki – Just finish my toy: a Slack like message board build on Ardor:

It’s a 9K html file and I uploaded to DataCloud if someone interested: http://localhost:27876/nxt?requestType=downloadTaggedData&transactionFullHash=2a7e3b5d70c455f338ab88dd4418aa16aa965274763d9a4cfbf229f60c2e9b92&chain=2&retrieve=true

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  • New Clone? XendBit – Decentralised Crypto Currency Wallet and Exchange

The whitepaper talks about Nxt, but … they confuse basic terms … like Nxt and Ardor. This whole project reeks to high heaven. Imagine if buzzwords were thrown together in a grammatically correct, yet entirely nonsensical way. XendBit wants to



They mention it being a fork of the NXT technology in the beginning, but then refer to it as an Ardor child chain in the ITO section. Then in the token distribution section, it says 10% to NXT/Ardor wallet holders. Not entirely clear how it will work. But it says the whole ICO process will be an ERC20 token!! Not sure why you would start on Ethereum when you need KYC and other protocols in place, which Ardor account/asset controls can do.

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  • NXTer.org – Dear Investors, It’s Time To Face The Real Facts

This guest post by frequent contributor, WatchTower, talks about the cold reality of investing – specifically with regards to crypto and ICO’s. The reality is that anyone can claim to have a solid product and anyone can throw around buzzwords but it is up to you, yes you dear reader, to do your due diligence. Investing your money is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme and attempting to do so is very likely a recipe for disaster. Do not take my word for it, take his.

He wrote:

“…determining the worthwhileness of the investment…. requires time…. to learn and know more about a new industry.”


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  • PingMod – Scalability Solutions for Blockchain Companies

Scalability is a key component of any piece of software or any idea in the business world – and blockchain is no different. This article highlights Ardor as being one of the only solutions to scaling a blockchain service.


‘Lightweight Contracts’ by Ardor

… Ardor is exploring a different approach, known as ‘the lightweight contract’, which it hopes will be both more flexible and more scalable than the current solutions available. In this approach, only the parties that have an interest in the contract will be required to process and verify it.

These lightweight contracts will provide pretty much everything that Ethereum smart contracts do. In addition, they’ll be integrated with everything Ardor already provides out of the box.

These built-in API features create a layer of flexibility and automation, resulting in a very powerful tool that can be used for developing more sophisticated server-side decentralized applications.

Read Article

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  • Lior Yaffe at Medium – Random Number Generator in Contracts

A read about how Ardor lightweight contracts have a fast and secure method for random number generation. Lior elaborates on the many use cases where such a seemingly simple thing is actual of key importance.

Lior wrote:

But as always with lightweight contracts, we still need to trust the contract runner not to cheat, and to verify this, the contract runner must share its secret random seed securely with a validator node before executing the contract. Validators can then repeat the seed calculation and verify that the contract runner indeed executed the contract stored in the blockchain and calculated the random seed according to the protocol. In this case, a multi-signature setup where the validator account needs to approve every transaction submitted by the contract runner provides extra protection.

Read Article

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  • Cryptodigestnews – NXT Blockchain – What You Should Know

An interesting first part installment in a five-part series comparing and contrasting popular blockchains.

Nxt platform is an innovative project that extensively explores the potential of Blockchain technology. It was designed as a Blockchain 2.0 — which is a newer and upgraded version of the Bitcoin-style Blockchain.

Through the use of a PoS consensus algorithm, the platform is poised to disrupt Fintech, crowdfunding as well as governance. Crypto enthusiasts should keep an eye on this platform to see more value it will offer in 2018.


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  • TradingView – ARDR Long by cryptoworldnews


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  • TradingView – IGNIS/BTC – Nice Signs by AbuK

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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the IGNIS / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

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And that is the news of last week! Enjoy summer, embrace those close to you, accept differences and continue to grow and learn!

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Want to follow us on Twitter or Telegram for important breaking updates during the week as they happen – please do. We hope to see you back here next week. Keep walking forward towards the future and all that it brings.

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