Nxter News – August 2018 (IV): People Do Not Quit Playing Because They Grow Old; They Grow Old Because They Quit Playing


August (IV)


Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers!

This week marks two consecutive years of there being a weekly Nxter newsly! We are getting better with age, like a fine wine! Growing old tends to be tedious, full of aches, pains, and the phrase “remember when…?” For 104 consecutive weeks, we have published a weekly newsletter, yet we know we have much more growing within us. Blockchain and crypto are our passions and we stay invigorated by our passions. Time marches on, everything new becomes old, yet age is a frame of mind – if you want to feel young, act like it! Youthful passions need not be lost with age, rekindle your passion, perhaps by channeling it into our great blockchain projects. If you are a longtime lurker, feel welcome to become more, a contributor, to the community. We accept anyone gladly as long as you love crypto and respect the decency of your fellow human beings, a very important fact considering how internationally diverse this community is!

Last week saw the long-awaited public demonstration of Lightweight Contracts by Lior, an event with much documentation, the Nxter Summer Quest ended and a winner was announced, a disappointing thing occurred while trying to register the Stack Exchange site, ArdorForum announced its release date, a NxtForum leased account forging pool is suddenly shutting down, updates on Ardor projects and the interesting announcement of a new one. All this and much more!

Thank you for letting us gently inform you about the blockchains we know and love through the week that was.








This week’s newsletter is put together by apenzl, Jose, James, and rubenbc.


  • Jelurida – Updates

Lior Presenting Lightweight Contracts

The photos below give an idea of what Lior’s presentation was like last week. More details about Lior unveiling Lightweight Contracts and Transaction Vouchers for the first time in public are in the Meetup section.

More Information in Meetup Section

More information about Lightweight Contracts

More information about Transaction Vouchers

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  • Nxter Puzzle: Summer Quest

Last week the Summer Quest came to an end and the final winner was announced! Congrats to Arpox for completing the epic series of puzzles.

For the last five weeks madfox, ANG and Nxter have invited you to walk and explore through five unique areas – each one relevant to the ecosystem in one way or another – to pick up IGNIS, AEUR, BITS and DOM tokens from secret Ignis accounts. Last week the final prize of 1000 IGNIS was claimed, only minutes after @thecryptowoman announced the final word in the passphrase from the Danube Gamejam in Krems, Austria. A few days before that, a Singleton asset representing 1000 $DOM was claimed from the Dominium bonus puzzle account. Thanks for playing along – we hope you learned something about Ignis and the Ardor blockchain ecosystem!

madfox wrote:

Our @Nxter_org @SummerQuest sponsored by @Ardor_Nxt_Group is over. Remember that all Stage Accounts are in $IGNIS blockchain forever. Someday we will use them again, stay tuned folks!

And with those words, let’s get to this week’s puzzle!

100 IGNIS is in Alice’s account, they are yours if you get to them first:


All Nxter Puzzles are listed here – and there are still more IGNIS to be claimed:

Nxter Puzzles

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  • Stack Exchange Blocked our Channel

Hmmm, while the thought might have been there, creating “uncounted duplicate accounts” is spammy, and honestly beneath this community. What took us a month to spread awareness of and build, it took some troll or not-too-smart person just a moment to tear down.

Due to wide-spread voting fraud and the creation of uncounted duplicate accounts used to artificially inflate the interest in this proposal, the Ardor/NXT proposal has been summarily closed. Please refrain from creating additional accounts in the future. Ardor/NXT is no longer welcome to submit an application to create a Stack Exchange site. – Robert Cartaino

27 new accounts – like this – popped up in a flash

No warning, a troll-attack and you are gone, project + new users abandoned? It seems like it. It is unfortunate that Stack Exchange used the “ban hammer,” that seems excessive, but of course, if the claim above is true then this is definitely not the proudest moment of the community. We are trying to break free from isolation and raise awareness of Ardor and Nxt, the tech, not raise the ire of platforms that can help us out.

ArdorForum. Reddit. We will have to use that instead…


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  • ArdorForum Expected to go Online September 3rd!

And here it is – the announcement of the long-anticipated release of ArdorForum is to coincide with scheduled maintenance of  NxtForum. Anyone with an account on NxtForum will have an account on the newly formed ArdorForum, much like how Nxt account ID’s and passphrases were duplicated for the creation of Ardor accounts late last year for the mainnet launch of Ardor.

VanBreuk, ANG-member, and admin of Nxtforum, announced:

The next Sunday, September 2nd, [nxtforum.org] will be closed for maintenance and migration tasks to a new host and content structure. NxtForum, along with the new ArdorForum site, is expected to go online again during the evening of September 3rd.

NxtForum, and also ArdorForum, will continue to provide persistent information, full historical reference, boards for official software releases and organized sections for projects. Some important things about this new forum stage:

– ArdorForum and NxtForum will share the same user base.

Everyone who owns an account in NxtForum will have automatically access to ArdorForum using the same username and password. Conversely, anyone who registers a new account in ArdorForum will also have access to NxtForum.
– User information like private messages, post count, profile details and category will be shared in both forums.
– ArdorForum and NxtForum will have different main indexes and categories. Some forum sections, for instance the offtopic area, will be shared.
– All the topics specific to the Ardor platform currently in NxtForum will be moved to their own category in ArdorForum.

After the migration next week there will still be of course work to do finishing layout and board organization in the new Ardor forum. As usual we’ll be open for new ideas, sections or features in this new tool for Ardor discussions and information. We hope to see you there.

Kind regards,

The Ardor & Nxt community Group

Full announcement and thread: Source

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  • Ardor Mentioned in this Youtube Video

Last week, the following channel noted Jelurida’s release of v2.1.0e, the mandatory testnet upgrade that now allows testnet users to test and learn Lightweight Contracts and Transactional Vouchers. It will be sometime before these features are pushed to the mainnet so if you cannot wait you should switch your client to testnet and play with the newest Ardor toys! For the uninitiated, the Ardor testnet is a consequence-free version of the Ardor blockchain that uses FAKE tokens that have NO VALUE, which can be obtained from faucet accounts like those on Ardor.World.

Ardor referenced at Min: 5:50

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  • NXTCrypto.org Leased Forging pool is Ceasing Operations

Last week, from Nxtforum, we learned that Nxt’s longest living forging pool is ceasing operations, and not only that – forkedchain’s Ardor pool is closing too. No word as to why but for anyone who leased their NXT and ARDR balances to these forging pools, request a withdrawal ASAP. No word was given on how long of a time frame there is for this.

Forkedchain announced:

Effective immediately, we are ceasing operations on NXT forging pool.

Closing – effective immediately we are closing the [ARDR] pool, its good to see now there are other options.

Please request withdraw now, ill be shutting down the server soon.

We are sad to experience this, but thanks a LOT @forkedchain for running the pools for long, out of goodwill!


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  • Ardor / Nxt Community Get Together in Zurich

An informal community meet-up took place in Zurich last week. Only a fly got hurt – but it took a delicious beer with it. Drowning in beer is probably not the worst way to go out, all things considered!

Travin –
A fly went and died in my beer.
(the beer)

Oh god
It’s really in the video
I was hoping that the camera moved and focused onto Elizabeth when she was speaking

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  • Hackathon / Gamejam time in Austria

What follows is coverage of the long anticipated event where Jelurida (Lior) publically demonstrated the functionality of Lightweight Contracts, and at the Danube Gamejam and Ardor hackathon. Many community members were present for this event. Extensive video documentation is below!

The 23rd, DAY 0

Lunch by the Danube River Around the Topics of Gaming and Blockchain

An introduction to some of the people who arrived early for the Danube Game Jam and met each other for lunch beside the Danube River in Krems, Austria. The conversation was lively around the topics of gamification and blockchain technology.


Poll on the NXT Blockchain

Demonstrating the built-in Voting System in the NXT cryptocurrency wallet to dinner companions at the opening of Danube Game Jam. We created a poll specifically for the blockchain and gamification hackathon theme: What is your favorite tulip color?


Intro to the Meetup/Hackaton

Elizabeth Mong:

Elizabeth Mong (CryptoWoman) | How does it feel to head a decentralized community?

Geplaatst door Applied Game Studies op Zaterdag 25 augustus 2018


Lior announced the winners:

Lior Yaffe:

Lior Yaffe | Introducing Ardor and its Eco System, with Focus on Lightweight Contracts

Geplaatst door Applied Game Studies op Zaterdag 25 augustus 2018


Lunch and the demonstration of purposeful gaming:

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  • Meetup Reminders (By Order)

ANG and the community continue to compile the blockchain Meetup events across our international ecosystem.


  • DTMA Blockchain BBQ Party Chisinau Moldova with NXT Platform on August 27th

Elizabeth presented Nxt in Moldova early this week – details below.


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  • The Proof-of-Stake Consensus Algorithm of Nxt, in Sofia, September 4th

Nxt and Ardor core developer Petko Petkov (@petko) will hold a seminar about the Nxt Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm at The Software University, in Sofia, on September 4th! The English-language seminar is free for anyone interested in a technical talk about the Nxt PoS algorithm.



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  • Jelurida will Attend Finnovista Pitch Day Madrid, September 18th

Jelurida is one of the first startups to attend the Finnovista event at FPDMadrid in mid-September.


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  • Jelurida will Attend BlockchainFest’18, in Istanbul, September 18-19th

Francisco Sarrias and Veronica are going to participate in BlockchainFest’18, in Istanbul at Kadir Has University on the historic Golden Horn, on the 18th and 19th. Jelurida — Ardor, Ignis. Nxt — will have a stand during the two-day conference, will participate in a discussion about creating a blockchain from scratch on the first day, and will lead the conversation of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) in a talk the second day. The invitation came from Koophub, the central platform for the Turkish fintech industry to learn, interact, collaborate and develop, as well as to facilitate cross-border interaction in the EEMEA region (Ukraine, Bulgaria, and others).


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  • Blockchain Summit in Moscow, on September 25th

The ANG will have a presence at the Blockchain Summit in Moscow next month, with the Ardor and Nxt ecosystem being featured. Nxter’s Russian editor and puzzle master Madfox, and Ardor.World’s Sergei will also attend.

“Lucky Passphrase” tickets will be handed out at the event. Enter your ticket’s passphrase into an Ardor client and see what you got. How is that for an Ignis faucet?

International Blockchain Summit

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  • Dominium ITO Update

Registering for the Dominium platform will become much easier in the coming weeks, assuming you do not want to buy DOM tokens, in which case the same KYC/AML restrictions apply. Using Google 2FA, accounts will be created on the Dominium website with only a password and email. The interview, in Dutch, below explain the reasoning behind this change in workflow.

Dutch-language interview

Dominium Admin:

Hi Dominions! Some goood news for you all. Over the next week or 2 we will be changing the entire workflow. You will be able to create an account with a verified email and password. Once in the system you can activate your 2FA (Google Authenticator) and KYC will not longer be required, unless you want to purchase DOM tokens or Assets. You will still need to pass KYC to withdraw DOM, trade DOM, list properties, etc. but you can immediately use the referral system and start referring friends and family. Remember that you will get paid 2.5% commission on the amount any of your referrals spends on buying DOM and we will pay it out in any currency you want. No reason not to promote Dominium once that is done and newsletter and press releases will follow.

Many more announcements will be made, but this will surely excite our community!

In the Media Section – Coin Insider – Inside Dominium: The decentralized platform for everything property

Learn more: ANNWebsite | Pitch Deck | English Telegram Chatroom | Telegram Announcements

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  • EZYcount – Private Token Sale

The EZYcount ICO is getting attention, with a listing on Neironix.io and a mention as 1 of 10 exciting Geneva-based startups by InsideBitcoins. Neironix claims to be the “first independent international rating agency which evaluates investment risks in the blockchain economy where projects are rated…”



15 AUG-14 SEP:

15 SEP-15 OCT:

EZYcount is an online accounting software developed in Switzerland for self-employed and SMB’s. The goal of the token sale is to raise funds for AI integration into the EZYcount accounting and invoicing software so that, hopefully, within two years the product will be mature enough to automatically do ALL your accounting for you by observing and learning what transactions are for what purposes (rent, bills, tax deduction etc.). EZYcount will be using a new software licensing model called Token as a License (Taal). This token will represent a lifelong and tradeable software license for EZYcount solutions.

You can purchase EZY TaaL tokens with USD, CHF, EUR, BTC, ETH, LTC, ARDR and all Ardor child chain tokens. If EZYcount does not reach their minimum target of CHF 1 million, they will refund all amounts invested.

Join the ICO

Website | WhitepaperMedium | LinkedIn | Reddit | Twitter

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  • Triffic Pre-ICO Update

Last week Triffic annouced their new website and white paper will be released on September 10th. Triffic’s pre-ICO Part 2 begins September 3rd. Currently, Triffic’s GPS tokens are Ignis assets, but this will change when they migrate to a Triffic child chain. To enter the ICO you need to whitelist your account according to KYC / AML procedures, you can join their whitelist here.

ANN | Website | Pitch Deck | Whitepaper | English Telegram

Public Sale Supply: 100,000,000 GPS Tokens / Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 GPS Token

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  • New Ardor Project – Tarasca DAO

A new project looks to be happening on Ardor – a collectible card game. Details are sparse now, we will report more as we learn more.

Tarasca DAO:

Good night! We want to present you a new project over Ardor. Our name is Tarasca DAO and we have been preparing a collectible card game for several months. We still have a couple of months of work to launch it, but in the coming weeks we will be showing a little of what we have already done.

We also want to encourage the participants in the Austrian Purposeful Gaming Hackathon next weekend. Although we will not be able to participate, we hope that ideas and initiatives will emerge that take advantage of the potential of lightweight contracts. We are looking forward to sharing ideas and maybe even joining forces!

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  • NXT and ARDR now Trades on TOKOK Exchange

NXT and ARDR trades on Chinese TOKOK Exchange

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  • Support your Tokens

As always, there are opportunities for community voting to help list Ardor / Nxt / Ignis on new crypto exchanges and even some old ones. As long as the listings are still up, there are still opportunities for you to help the community by casting your vote.



You can vote for NXT/ARDR/IGNIS here:





Let your voice be heard:


CryptalDash – Request for your Favorite Coin to be Listed


Shardax – Vote for Ardor to be Listed

Resultado de imagen de shardax


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  • Bitcoin News – Over 60% of Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Have No Working Product, Study Claims

It is a sad indictment of the crypto space that people continue to invest in HYPE instead of actual working products. For the authors of the study, a working product is defined as being “active and available to the public,” with “.. a mainnet that has been released for some time, bumping the version numbers well above 1.0,” and is used by “businesses and individuals on a daily basis for dapps, smart contracts, or digital currency transactions.” Ardor, of course, meets all these criteria.

They wrote:

A Cold 36% Out of 100 Top Cryptocurrencies Have Working Products

Projects that made the cut are: “0x Protocol, Ardor, Augur, Bancor, Bat, Bibox Token, Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitshares, Bytecoin, Decred, Ethereum, Golem, Huobi Token, Komodo, Kucoin Shares, Kyber network, Litecoin, Loom Network, Monero, Nano, Neo, Pivx, Polymath, Pundi X, Qtum, Ripple, Siacoin, Steem, Stellar, Tether, Wanchain, Waves, Zcash, and Zencash.”


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  • Inside Dominium: The Decentralized Platform for Everything Property

This sponsored article highlights the Dominium platform. They do a very good job establishing the history of the company, explaining about the DOM utility tokens, their ongoing pre-ITO, and how the company plans to leverage the Ardor blockchain and their portfolio of assets to not only allow buying / renting / selling of property but anything relating to property management as well.

First conceptualized in 2012, Dominium – a new platform leveraging third-generation blockchain technology from Ardor – is now set to bring one of the world’s most established industries into modernity through a new, decentralized platform that’s been designed from the ground up for everything to do with property.

Read article

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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the IGNIS / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:


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And that is the news of last week! To our longtime readers and supporters, thank you! We endeavor to be here for many years to come serving you the news – sans hype and blatant lies. We hope to find you here next week!

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