Nxter News – April 2018 (II): You Can Cut All The Flowers But You Cannot Keep Spring From Coming

April (II)

Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers! We here at Nxter take data security very seriously and we hope you do as well. Much has been written about companies like Facebook and Cambridge Analytica harvesting and maliciously using personal data from its users. It is the responsibility of every netizen to take care of your data – we should not blindly trust these companies with our data.

Luckily, we have blockchain solutions like Nxt and Ardor to help keep user data safe. Last week we learned of many interesting developments regarding Ardor including, but not limited to, a Chinese community creating a blockchain charity for their old middle school, the marketing achievements of Jelurida so far this calendar year, an open letter from the growing Korean community, technical details involving Jelurida’s continuing development of smart add-on contract functionality, community-created Ardor apps and more.

We welcome back our old readers and warmly welcome our new ones. We want our readers to stay up-to-date with the blockchain evolution and we also want our readers to keep themselves and, their data, as safe as possible. Become experts in the Nxt / Ardor / Ignis blockchain ecosystem. So lean back and learn about all of last week’s progress.








This week’s newsletter is put together by jose, apenzl, James, and rubenbc.



  • Ardor 4 Charity Activities

A middle school in China created a charity that is based on Ardor. The graduating class of 2010 from Suqian Middle School wanted to give back to their school community, and with the help of the local governments they have transparently raised funds and distributed them to the families of students in need of support. This is a wonderful use case for blockchain and a powerful and human way of reaching out to help those around you.

Lege wrote:

Legel Network distribute first blockchain Love Student Fund

The angeldian love fund jointly initiated by the 19th class of the legel network and Suqian Middle School (2010), with the help of the Suqian City Bureau of Education and the Bureau of Civil Affairs, used blockchain technology to distribute the first blockchain love on the ARDOR chain. The student fund, and the student information that is funded, is registered on the Ardor chain and is always stored on the blockchain. This is the first application of the Ardor chain in the public welfare field in China. The angeldian name inspiration came from a classmate of their class. This classmate unfortunately left. In order to commemorate her, a love fund for students was set up at the Ten Year Class Reunion.

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  • Jelurida – Marketing Accomplishments: Q1 2018

You asked for it and Jelurida has responded: They have created a page that lays out their marketing accomplishments for the year thus far.

Veronica wrote:

Hello, everyone,  In Jelurida we are working hard to bring the team to a professional business-driven organization. Although sometimes, from the outside you could only see small changes, that is just the tip of the iceberg. If you look closely you can see signs that things are happening and are going to happen. Today, we are pleased to share with you the Marketing Accomplishments Report Q1 2018. Thanks for your continuous and active support!


Lior followed up:

As part of an ongoing process improvements, I’m pleased to announce that Adedayo Adebajo (@Over_watchtower) is now appointed to coordinate the Exchanges Relations at Jelurida. Adedayo, a former Poloniex employee, and our Support and Community Manager Specialist, will manage the listing process and will work to ensure that exchanges deliver on their promises. Good luck @Over_watchtower in your new role!

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  • Exchanges

A simple and easy to digest list of the latest relevant changes to exchanges. Opportunities to demonstrate support for ARDR / IGNIS and even NXT are still out there:



Ardorgate keeps the Flat EUR Deposit/Withdrawal fee of 5 EUR

NXT, IGNIS, and ARDR on Lescovex Exchange

Thanks to the community, Lescovex has announced that they now plan to list not only ARDR but also NXT and IGNIS. Great job Nxters!

Vote to list NXT / IGNIS / ARDR on more Exchanges

Readers like you can actively vote to get Nxt / Ardor / Ignis listed on more crypto exchanges.


Let your voice be heard:




You can vote for NXT/ARDR/IGNIS:





You can vote for NXT/ARDR/IGNIS there:





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  • Open Letter from the Korean Ardor Community

About a month ago Nxter introduced Ardorbaby, a Korean blogger, to our readers. He has been consistently updating the Korean crypto community about Ardor and its child chains in his blogs and educating users and speculators about the Ardor Platform features and its inbuilt value. Here he explains about his work, the Korean traders, and why some came to falsely regard Ardor as a “scam coin.”

Ardorbaby wrote:

Hello, I am Ardorbaby managing the Ardor Korean community. I would like to introduce the Korean community to you.

As you know, interest in cryptocurrency in Korea is really high.  And of course, Korea’s Ardor trading volume is the most high.

Have u ever searched “Ardr” or “Ardor Coin” in Google Trends? you’ll see how many Koreans are interested in Ardor. But Honestly speaking, the image of Ardor in Korea market …..it is really bad.

Few investors who understands blockchain well knows that Ardor’s technology is the best, but as the trading was stopped at the rising edge [while centralized exchanges implemented the new Ardor blockchain protocol] and the time when the trading was resumed was a period of price dropping, the price after the launch of the mainnet has fallen constantly. And that is the reason why most Korean Speculators treat Ardor as scam.

And I became angry. A group of people who have faith in Ardor’s technology gathered to create the Ardor Korean community.

For most Koreans who are not fluent in English, we provide Ardor-related information in Korean, and developers are studying and comparing Ardor with other coins to persuade speculators that Ardor is not a scam. There are 340 people in the Kakao Open chat room, Korea’s largest SNS platform, and 240 people on our homepage. And we are fighting with the Korean speculators.

We educate people who do not know the blockchain but only speculates (invest for short cut period profit), that “u have to invest on most undervalued, but the real value is highest – Ardor“.

UPDATE (after deadline) >

Ardorbaby, April 9th, 2:10 AM:

After a Skype call with Lior, he agreed to the needs of making a Q&A channel with the Korean. All of the Korean community are really excited about this News.

I can assure that this small thing can change the atmosphere in Korea’s market.

Now they feel they are communicating with Jelurida. Most Korean investors are not good at English, they rely on rumors that the other Korean had made.

You can visit and join the Korean community site here: https://m.cafe.naver.com/ardorer, and read the news blog here.

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  • Travin Keith NeoCash Radio Interview

Our old friend, Travin Keith, was interviewed recently by NeoCash radio. Travin talks about his interesting beginnings in the cryptocurrency space and explains and documents the projects that he has worked with. A good listen for a 15-minute break at work.


Neocash Radio writes:

In this special NeoCash interview I discuss crypto with Travin Keith. Travin has been a big part of many projects in the blockchain space including: Hyperledger, NXT, ARDOR, SICOS, Agavon, Byteball, Smart Cash, and more! Travin is planning a move to Zug, Switzerland a hot spot for crypto development.

Check out Travin’s website at: https://agavon.ch/

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  • Elizabeth Attended the Penn Blockchain Conference On April 6th

Elizabeth said:

Penn Blockhain Conference
On April 6th, 2018, we will be hosting a high impact conference, to provide the Penn and Philadelphia communities a deeper and more direct opportunity to interact with the who’s who of the Blockchain ecosystem. Tickets will be available in February 2018. Save the date:April 6th, 2018 on your calendars.

More Information

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  • Meetup in Madrid (with English subtitles)

    A recording of almonte and coradan at the first Madrid Blockchain for Business meetup – a highly informative and recommended watch!

    Alberto kicks off the meetup by presenting the background and vision for the non-profit Madrid Blockchain for Business meetups, before using NXT to demonstrate the concept of private keys, public keys, as well as how this works on Ethereum. Blockchain basics, PoW vs PoS, consensus algorithms, security, are touched upon. Smart contracts, as popularized by Ethereum, versus the use of Smart Transactions, e.g. secure pre-programmed contracts. An approval model for an IGNIS account is set up in minutes, followed by examples of real life use cases for such a contract.

    Moving on to explain Public permissionless blockchains and decentralization versus corporate Private permissioned blockchains, this leads to a short presentation of the benefits of Blockchain-as-a-Service, and the parent- child chain architecture; the low maintenance cost for businesses, zero-fee transactions, cross-chain functionality, and child chain business models. At 49:09, using the AEUR child chain as a real-life example, Alberto shows in the blockchain history how the Madrid Meetup’s sponsor in USA exchanged IGNIS tokens to AEUR on Ardor’s p2p Coin Exchange and sent AEUR to Alberto’s account for only a small blockchain fee. The AEUR transfer took 1 minute, the conversion to real Euro in Alberto’s bank account took about 10 minutes. Ardorgate, the business that operates the child chain, did not build any blockchain infrastructure, does not have to secure or maintain its blockchain – but can charge a small fee for its gateway service, as it solves a real-life problem with banks, high cross-border transaction fees and transferral times.

    Last part of the meetup gives an introduction to blockchain scalability, followed by a 15 minutes Q&A session in Spanish (no subtitles).


    • Lior to be a Speaker and Panelist for the Israel Blockchain Panel, April 9th

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    • Jelurida Pitch at Blockshow Barcelona, April 11th

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    Blockchain for Business in Baytown, TX presents their first Meetup, which will be held on April 13th, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at a local Starbucks. The host will be Phillip Salaam and there will be hands-on demos with functional blockchains. 

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    • New Meetup in Madrid: BLOCKCHAIN – SMART CONTRACTS, on May 7th


    1.- Smart Contracts Introduction
    2.- Management Demo of an ICO.
    3.- Automatic Patrimonial Transmission Demo (Dead Man Switch)
    4.- License Management Demo
    5.- Process Traceability Demo (Writing / Reading)
    6.- Questions and Answers
    7.- Networking

    2nd edition of Campus Madrid’s Blockchain for Business Meetups will introduce you to the concept of Smart Contracts. Ardor testnet will be used, and you can bring your own laptop, download the client and use testIGNIS and testARDR.


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    • Janus – Status Update

    The Janus team announced that they have created a Telegram community channel where people can directly ask JNSHash questions. The KREDS token was listed on the Turkish token exchange: BitexLive.




    Follow Janus on Telegram and Twitter

    Do you want more info about Kreds? Visit: https://www.kredsblockchain.com/

    Janus asset ID on the ARDOR platform: 4348103880042995903

    Here is how to Claim your Kreds Balance if you are a Janus Holder.

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    • Bitswift Child Chain Update

    Last week the Bitswift team released the following updates:

    bitswiftbro wrote:

    Preview of our blockchains site: https://www.bitswift.io/ , still making some CSS adjustments

    Bitswift is at Queens U today with the 2018 Blockchain Innovation panel. We are one of the sponsors here. Spreading the word about Ardor / Bitswift/ Blockchain.

    bitswiftbro also left these two gifts in the Chinese channel of slack:

    Join Bitswift on TelegramDiscord, and Reddit.

    Learn more about the Bitswift ecosystem

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    • Jelurida is Developing the Contracts Concept,  a Small Betting Game, and Hello World

    Jelurida continues to hone and further develop their add-on contracts concept. The random “Betting game” smart contract is back if you are feeling lucky: send a small amount of ARDR or any child chain token on the TESTNET to receive anywhere between 0-2x your submitted amount: Hooray for testcoin gambling! Also, there’s now an automated greeting to you if you send a transaction to the Hello World-contract, and an Oracle in the data cloud can calculate and return the rate of IGNIS per ARDOR from both Bittrex and the Coin Exchange to you, to help you identify arbitrage opportunities. Lior will publish a blog post on Medium describing the use of Nxt and Ardor add-ons one of the next days.

    The source code and technical instructions can be found in ArdorNxt.slack.com #developers channel, or echoed in this post:

    Ardor Contract add-on examples


    • Walletnxt.com – Third-Party Wallet – Update

    In our continuing coverage of this third-party wallet app – last week saw another release: v1.0.2.

    Zhang wrote:

    New version 1.0.2 released:

    1. Add address import
    2. Add Node Status Display
    3. Modify Node Operation Mode

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    • Ardor Armory – Blockchain 2FA

    Our continuing coverage of the first crypto wallet with account control 2FA security: Ardor Armory.

    patoshi wrote:

    More updates: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ardor.armory

    Testing and feedback welcomed. Works with testnet and mainnet .. u pick which nodes u want to connect to.

    Its meant to work with the desktop ardor wallet. useful for other devs looking to build on top of ardor when creating transactions where the user doesn’t have to input their passwords into the desktop wallet.

    I have a paper wallet implementation that goes with it aswell. Polishing it up first.

    I dont think any other crypto wallet has this type of 2FA setup. ur accounts get alerted if u have 2fa enabled on ur ardor account.

    Actually no other blockchain has the “account controls” feature that ive seen. i know ethereum might be able to do it, but i’m not sure how would u do it via smart contracts.
    actually u cant… there’s no way to lock all functions of an ethereum address..

    New to offline Ardor Transaction Signing? Learn more.

    Download this app

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    • Stocksgazette – Ardor (ARDR) Turns Out To Be Dark Horse Of 2018

    This article points out the unique selling point of Ardor – its child chain architecture. Based upon the many revolutionary features that come with Ardor, the author is very supportive of the Ardor platform and bullish on ARDR to increase in value.

    They wrote:

    The difference between child chains and sidechains is that a child chain is a blockchain on its own, complete with its own native token while a side chain isn’t.

    For instance, Ignis was the first child chain to be launched on the Ardor platform. The child chain is linked to the main chain via an interoperable model. This allows the parent chain (Ardor) to continue providing computational and security protocols.

    One advantage that Ardor (ARDR), by way of the child chain, brings to your business involves ease of use. By providing out-of-the-box features, all a developer has to do is put the set together via an easy to follow interface.

    The parent/child model is a unique feature in the cryptocurrency industry and one I believe makes Ardor (ARDR) a better investment.

    • Cryptoslate – After Facebook’s Privacy Debacle, How Blockchain Will Secure Our Digital Lives

    Citing the “vibrant developer community,” the Austrian company, A-Trust, is using the Nxt blockchain to store users data. In this digital age, people need to safeguard their data so we can minimize how companies like Facebook and Cambridge Analytica can monetize info about users lives.

    Cryptoslate wrote:

    A company in Austria that specializes in precisely this area called A-Trust is rolling out its digital signature solution to municipalities in the country with the help of blockchain technology.


    Another thing that helped A-Trust make their decision, according to chief executive Michael Butz, was Nxt’s private blockchain and its proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, so in addition to finding Jelurida to be a trustworthy business partner, Butz said:

    “The environmental aspect of proof-of-stake algorithm, running without any interruption, is the third key factor which made us choose Nxt”.


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    • ARDR Reviewed by a Popular Blogger in Japan

    This Japanese language crypto review site talked about Ardor and ARDR last week as highlighted in Elizabeth’s tweet below.

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    • Territoriobitcoin – Ardor, Blockchain as a Service – Revisión de Producto

    This Spanish language blockchain review ranks Ardor 9.9.


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    • Bitcoinkaufenschweiz – Wie Können Sie Integrieren die Smart Verträge in Ihrem Geschäft?

    German language article about Nxt, Ardor, and Jelurida whose title in English is: “How Can You Integrate Smart Contracts In Your Business?”

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    • Article in CryptoRecorder – Ardor (ARDR) is Making Waves to Reach $2

    Ardor (ARDR) is said to be a perfect platform for business owners and institutions that are in need of using blockchain technology for the purpose of completing their ventures. That means that Ardor is actually working with Blockchain-as-a-Service protocol, otherwise known as BaaS, which makes it perfect for the needs of different types of business and institutions.

    Ardor (ARDR)

    More importantly, Ardor (ARDR) is aiming at democratizing blockchain technology and the idea of using the decentralized platform, which is the exact thing that Nxt project was all about. So, in case you are wondering, the team standing behind ARDR currency and its platform is the same team that once worked on Nxt project, which is at the same time one of the first ICOs launched back in 2013. That is how many people like to call Ardor Nxt 2.0, considering Ardor to be an improved version of Nxt.

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    • TradingView – NXT: Perspective by History by PeacefulWarrior


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    • TradingView – AR(e)DR you Kidding Me? ARDR/BTC Accumulation is Starting by bizi


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    • TradingView – Accumulating Altcoins Part II: Ardor (ARDR/BTC) by AaronCrypto


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    • TradingView – Ardor Second Attempt to go UP by DestinationMoonCrypto

    • TradingView – ARDR/BTC by nazarovsasha


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    • TradingView – CoinLoop AI Signal: Ardor (ARDR) – BUY by Coinloop


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    • TradingView – Ardor – Waiting for Next Wave by DenisMarecky


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    • Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

    The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

    The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

    The following graphic shows the IGNIS / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over these past days:

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    That is all for this week, Nxters.

    Follow us on Twitter or Telegram for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. The flowers are blooming and Spring and warm weather are coming back. See you back here next week! We will keep you updated on the growing world of distributed ledger technology.

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