NXT Newsletter #6

Welcome NXTers, newcomers and long time community members.

I got behind schedule! Missing 2 days of keeping on track with the rest of the decentralized Nxt Community is like missing THIS. This week we got Nxt mining pools, more merchants, Nxt committees up and running, our audit completed, and more to cheer and worry about as BCNext’s plan gets real. Follow the movement.


This week’s topics:

  • NXT mining
  • Audit completed
  • Nxt shops
  • NxtCoin of the week
  • DGEX projects
  • Communityfund
  • Nxt Committees
  • Client updates
  • Misc.
  • Quote of the week
  • Words of wisdom of the week

NXT Mining

Can NXT be mined? Yessir, now it can.


Two SHA-256 & Scrypt mining pools have been set up this week.

See where to point your rig: http://test.nxter.org/nxt-mining/

paradigmflux, on 20.03.2014:

http://hashrate.org just paid out it’s third payout. Five miners took home over 100 NxT, two miners took home over 200 NxT and one took home over 400 NxT. Start mining for NxT today!

The pools use the coinwarz API to determine which (alt)coin is most profitable, and mine it. The pools forward all mining rewards to an exchange, dumps the (alt)coins, buys up Nxt with the profits and re-distributes the Nxt to the miners. Boom! Read more: https://nextcoin.org/index.php/topic,4388.0.html

Audit completed


I spent some quality time reviewing the core crypto NXT relies on.  As part of my review I re-implemented the relevant algorithms using a different approach in a different language to make sure I understood everything deeply. https://gist.github.com/doctorevil/9521126


In general nothing stuck out as a red flag.  There was one bug in the signature generation function (that NXT is aware of and currently working around) for which I’ve provided a patch (or more precisely tweaked BloodyRookie’s proposed patch).  It should be safe for devs to incorporate this patch at their convenience.

Review: https://gist.github.com/doctorevil/9521116
Code: https://gist.github.com/doctorevil/9521126 “

Don’t get the importance of this? Read more here: http://www.nxtcoins.nl/crypto-review-completed/

Thanks to Jesse James for completing with thorough review and BloodyRookie for reference.
Thanks to msn for sponsoring!

And on an important sidenote:
Nxt using Curve25519 seems safe (and fast): https://archive.org/details/ShmooCon2014_SafeCurves

Nxt shops


International shipping. Apple, Amazon, Playstation, u name it.

Nxt merchandise

ATM orders of minimum 50 pieces has to be filled before shipping.

Shops taking NXT

15+ shops use coinpayments.net to sell their goodies for NXT.
Go to: https://www.coinpayments.net/store-directory–1-0-All%20Stores Type ctrl+f and type nxt.

Coinpayments.net has announced that they are being forced to shut down due to FinCen – but then they sold themselves to Cycloid, “a trusted member of the Bitcoin community”. His team will be running the site by March 31st and CoinPayments will continue operations without any interruption.
Source:  http://www.dcmagnates.com/coinpayments-we-will-continue-operations-after-march-31-sale/

What’s next? 

Open letter for shops and exchanges: http://justpaste.it/accept-nxt
Thank you for the letters, Salsacz. Now translate and spread it to the rest of the world too, Nxters. 🙂

NxtCoin of the Week


Aaaaand, the award goes to “The coin that should not be mentioned“.
(NODECOIN) For forcing the Nxt Community to take a stand + giving a glimpse of the future.


“Coin that shall not be named” is supposed to be used as tool for fine-tuning financial incentive for people who would run nodes, but don’t have enough NXT’s to actually forge anything in reasonable amount of time.

“Nodecoin” is actually an asset, built for Nxt Asset Exchange, that mirrors PoW mining. It was created as an incentive for Nxters to run Nxt nodes and thereby securing our network. Node owners will receive “Nodecoins”, that may or may not obtain value, as a reward. With the test release of “Nodeminer” last week, Nxters have been “mining” Nodecoins on testnet, and as the coins rolled in, it sparked the fears: What will happen to NXT, the 1. generation coin? The value? Can anything really be created on top of Nxt? How can we stop “unwanted features”?


Based on the amount of time and amount of code, nodeminer has created the most controversy per line or per hour spent writing it.

The second part of BCNext’s plan is beginning to materialize. Nxt as vaporware and “scam” is out of the question for good. And Nxt community has got new essential questions to discuss.

Nodeminer can be downloaded here: https://github.com/jl777/multigateway

DGEX Projects


DGEX has raised $470 000 USD in NXTCoins.


During a 19-day period closing on March 10th, DGEX sold all of its allocated 108 900 virtual shares, accounting for 33% of its Virtual Share Capital and a corresponding share of future profits. Weekly dividend payments for shareholders commence on March 17th and The DGEX Private Virtual Shares begin trading publicly as one of the first peer-2-peer shares ever in the NXT Decentralized Asset Exchange when it becomes available in the NXT public cryptoledger during Spring 2014.



From the share proceeds DGEX is now pledging a total of 500 000 NXT (approx. $21 000 USD) to fund public and private developments related to the NXT network infrastructure and services.

DGEX is offering a total of 500 000 NXT for the following projects:

* development of trustless browser extension for NXT payments [Chrome, Firefox, 50000 NXT each]
* implementation of multiplayer gaming platform (plan provided) and one example game [PERL, 100 000 NXT]
* finalization of provably fair blackjack site [PERL, 30 000 NXT]
* development of realtime socket interface and NXT payments to botdice.com [PERL, php, 30 000 NXT]
* encrypted p2p messaging within the NXT network, integrated to the Offspring client [40 000 NXT]
* java programming private project, 1-2 persons 2 months full time [150 000 NXT]
* miscellaneous graphic design work [50 000 NXT]

Applications by private message or reply to this thread. Several entries may be granted to any of the projects, in which case the bounty is divided between participants by the author’s discretion based on what’s delivered.


nxt cmmunity fund

Open invitation to developers!


The NXTcommunityfund is comprised of private donations, it is not related to the unclaimed coins fund. As private donations my charter is to do the bidding of the donors. Active recruiting is something I dont have time for. If anybody is interested in working long hours for NXT, they can always PM me. Several have, but most can only spare a few hours here and there so it is very hard to get up to speed quickly.


The idea of a middlecoin that pays out in NXT is a very good one. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5694336#msg5694336
I authorize 20,000 NXT from NXTcommunityfunds for this bounty.

wesleyh client

I would also like to authorize 50,000 NXT to wesleyh for his fantastic web GUI. With matching amounts up to another 50,000 NXT for any directed donations to NXTcommunityfunds for him. Just send donation to 13776816462073143763 , post txid, amount and that its for wesley.

We need more testing

The first of the testing bounties:
antanst should get 10000 NXT for crashing testnet

l8orre should get 5000 NXT for making freerider that will help others crash testnet.

Nxt Committees

Damelon (Marketingfund Committee):

We have met and are ready for action! To keep things nice and tidy, we have set up camp in the “Unclaimed Coins” subforum of nxtcrypto, where we will keep separate threads on all applications and where we will keep our discussions. We invite every one of you to come with your plans and proposals so we can get this show on the road!

More info:

Nxt Marketing Fund Committee thread

Nxt Marketing Fund Committee Applications format

EvilDave (Infrastructure Committee):

Most of our work so far can be seen on:



Everyone can also see our list of issues that we’ve been brainstorming all week. Please post ideas to the thread above or PM us and we’ll get them onto the issue tracker for discussion and review.



The results of the 3 community elections are HERE
and you can read more about the elected members here: MF-ComInf-ComTD-Com.

Client updates



0.8.9: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5674997#msg5674997
0.8.10: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5708597#msg5708597
0.8.11: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5783522#msg5783522


All http API calls will now automatically be listed under:
or if you need to try only a specific one, e.g. getBalance:

Unlike the admin.html page, this listing is automatically generated and will include all available API calls without having to be manually updated when a new one is added.


Applied the patch to Curve25519.sign() suggested by DoctorEvil.

Windows installer 0.8.9


Wesleys client

Use this to test Nxt Asset Exchange. Also, lots of improvements since last week.



Hey guys, please test http://nxtra.org/nxt-client-trustless
It will replace http://nxtra.org/nxt-client if all is found to be functioning.

This new version no longer submits your password to the server, signing is done locally. Let me know if you find any errors. (Sending messages, sending nxt, anything that is a form basically). [NOTE: Forging still sends pw to server.]


git clone: https://github.com/l8orre/FreeRider


I have just updated FreeRider to include a ‘nxtTestCases’ class, that allows scripting of NRS queries, and a Win6 that has  basic buttons and text edits to display results. as per CfB, jetty uses a queue wirth max length 50, so that qeuries are discarded whenever this queue is full. Ubuntu, needs Qt4, python requests module, and python3.



0% deposit and withdrawal fee.
0,3% commission on all trading.
Upbit.org crypto exchange is now trading NXT.

Digital Goods Store


Guys, I’m working on Digital Goods Store.

Parallel Blockchains


Parallel Chains – A vision to let everyone create their own currency

Imagine you are running your super new cool Nxt client which has a menu item that says “Create New Currency”. You click on some options, type in a currency code/name, add a fee in NXT then “bam” your currency gets created and others who are interested can start forging within minutes! I have started working on a design for this concept.

Read more about Nxt Parallel Chains in the NXT Newsletter #5. 
A Twitter brainstorm on what could be implemented in a (bitcoin) blockchain can be found HERE.

CIYAM Open also works on coding and implementing Automated Transactions into the NRS.
Use cases done: Lottery. Dormant Funds Transfer. Crowdfunding Agent. Read more in NXT Newsletter #3.

Follow the projects here: https://ciyam.org/

Distributed internet


In continuation of the drama created by Nodecoin:


Allow me to introduce myself, I am an early investor in NXT, and have been floating around various community forums since november under different names. I know C++, Java, PHP, Javascript, Html, CSS, SQL, Python, and HDL (Hardware Description Language).


I haven’t been around for the past two months because of health reasons, but now I want to contribute in any way I can.


I think if we integrate application level URI schemes (i.e. nxt://, as someone suggested earlier) http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ie/aa767914(v=vs.85).aspx, with a distributed storage parallel block chain to host websites — the value of nxt would go to 2 BN in about a week.


In fact a simple executable with root privileges could reprogram browsers without any user effort. Thoughts? If enough people are interested I can fund this project out of my own pocket.

This must be the “Entrance of the Week!, leading to a discussion, that should be continued!
There are possible flipsides to this issue, as every new technology is in danger of being misused by the scum of the Earth (and probably will be). So let’s take a stand, Nxters! Should we hide our heads in the sand? Or defend the technology because of the intended and positive usecases of this Nxt addition? Join the discussion.

Further information:

intmain() is now working on a distributed networking addition to the source code. And a bit on Nxt Facebook…



7th of April we will have wood wallets.

http://woodwallets.io/ (free worldwide shipping)





I’ve released a early preview of the service.



* Advanced block explorer (including messages, aliases, assets)

* Distribution charts
* Charts and more charts.
All data are always up-to-date to the latest block.


Comments and suggestions are welcome. Coming soon: Asset-specific candlesticks and market data, and trustless wallet service a-la blockchain.info.

Hero quote


I’ll quit a little bit later (not on the 3rd of April), coz I can’t complete all planned tasks by that date. I became tired of all these useless discussions (what and how to do) and going to stick to the initial plan.


Java developers!

List of Nxt projects that might be something for YOU:



NXT will be traded on our exchange and there will be games for them. Also we opened the share program to Nxt! We will now accept investments via PM to make it much easier to participate! Also we introduce a investment reward program.

Do you feel lucky?


Find Nxt

http://bitcoin2014.com 😉


Nxt Reports

State of Nxt Report

Nxt ID for donations is: 409265435876025552
dmk announcement thread: https://forums.nxtcrypto.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=867 

The Math of Nxt Forging

Nxt ID for donations is: 5978778981551971141
Discuss it in https://forums.nxtcrypto.org/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=836&p=4352, or send mtchl a PM.

What are the economic parameters of Nxt

Nxt ID for donations is: 1820734801611231561
Comments will be post to: https://nextcoin.org/index.php/topic,4433.0.html



After quite long time I finished creating new english version of Nxt wiki page.


I think now it needs only some grammar corrections and more wiki links and it should finally work.


We have a very nice german version, but you cannot simply translate the text – https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nxt – you need to use new citations in used language. So it also means this article cannot be translated into languages where are missing published articles in that particular language.





– KLONE is a clone of NXT
– KLONE is the ultimate NXT clone
 KLONE genesis block coins will be distributed to creators of NXT clones only


Many wants to be the next Nxt, a sibling of Nxt, a descendant of Nxt, the Nxt next to Nxt. Various Nxt-clones have been announced, some have faded away, others mutated, some have become more serious, and others not. Maybe because of CfB’s announcement, that BCNext put a trap in the Nxt source code, that would literally make everything explode in their face, if they decided to just create a new genesis block from it.

Anyways, Nxt source code is released, nothing is hidden, but hopeful cloners may want to review it first.

To secure your stake in the KLONE genesis block:
1 – Create a new bitcointalk.org sock puppet account in the name of your coin
2 – Copy/Paste the announcement from an existing NXT clone OR write your own original NXT clone manifesto
3 – Post an announcement thread on bitcointalk.org (must use ::descendant OR ::sibling in the subject)
4 – Collect at least 10 “interested” posts from different user accounts in your announcement thread
5 – Send a PM to me (KLONE) with a link to your announcement thread
5 – YOU are a KLONE stakeholder

KLONE IPO will run until April 1st 2014.
Go meet the clones: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=423647.0

So you think it stops here?


I am proud to announce Klone-Lite. A fork of the Klone of Klone but faster and lighter. Its like Silver to Klone of Klone’s Gold! KLONE-Lite genesis block is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 coins. KLONE-Lite requires no effort to acquire. KLONE-Lite is the DIAMOND in the NXT clone stable.

Let’s move on, shall we? 😉

Quote of the week

Adam Levine:

I want to do one [project] on NXT, pretty much as soon as possible. They have some of the best software out there as far as I have seen. The wallet is really outstanding. It’s funny, it’s like looking on what a future version of bitcoin will be. But, you know, it’s here now and you can see it.


Words of wisdom of the week


NXT is a currency. Yes of course it is. Everybody can see their NXT balance. There is a price in the markets. You can send NXT to people. Anybody that says NXT is not a currency is being silly.

NXT is a platform. Yes of course it is. I built nodecoin not out of thin air, but on top of NXT. It took a day of coding. This shows the power of NXT, I am just a simple C programmer. Imagine what somebody with real skills could do!

NXT is a decentralized asset exchange. Yes of course it is. We can all see it on testnet.

NXT is a <fill in the blank>. Yes of course it is. NXT enables things. NXT is like the internet. Does anybody say that email IS the internet or that the internet IS email? Is the internet http? Is http the internet? Is bittorrent the internet? Is the internet bittorent? Is …

I hope you get the idea. There are literally a thousand things that can be built on top of NXT. One of the reasons why I starting coding again is that I wanted to create a developers kit to make it easy for other simple C programmers to create stuff. I was a little rusty at first and all this crypto decentralized stuff was new so I had a steep learning curve, but I am getting in to gear so if I can stop getting distracted by all this nonsense in this thread I could be pretty productive.

You lick this? Read the rest: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5762608#msg5762608

Nxter on Twitter. Nxter on Facebook.

Get your message through to the newsletter, contact: http://test.nxter.org/contact.
Any feedback about the newsletter is welcome too. Donations? Ok, 196910366798475802. Thanks.

Lost a newsletter? 
Find it in the archive @ nxter.org. Sign up: http://eepurl.com/M2KnL
You can now “watch” the weekly NXT Newsletter: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=500009

Didn’t understand a thing?
Go to mynxt.orgnxtcrypto.orgwiki.nxtcrypto.orgnextcoin.org or nxter.org to learn more about NXT.

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