Nxt Market Report 190314

by lightspeed.


Just back from the markets doing a bit of a recky for NXT.

Since things are at a low ebb, I decided to get in at around 5080, but there were no takers for a couple of hours. On checking Bitcoinwisdom, the 4 hour MACD crossed over on the 18th March so I reckoned it was safe enough. The 12 hour looks like being only days away from crossing over but the histogram is already putting in clear blocks so I decided it woudn’t dip that much over the next few days.

There was some jostling for position around 5180 for the chunks of meat that were floating around at 5200 – a 10,000 Nxt and a couple of 4’s.

Then there’s that 2 million NXT order at 5. Whenever I see something like that I always think it’s actually someone trying to get out and they’ve got plenty of extra BTC to place a fake buy wall and push the price up towards their sell. Then again, it could be genuine but I somehow doubt it.

Left some BTC on the exchange for when the next big announcement is made – index fingers are getting twitchy over mouse buttons now because liquidity is always a worry when sentiment reverses and before you know it you’re clamouring to get in at 8 when the market turned around at 4 or 5.

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