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The very first Nxt Crypto Valley on Isle of Man is here!

Today Isle of Man is the go-to country when it comes to eGaming. Pokerstars and the likes are based there and were able to rise to such heights (more than $1.5b in revenue per year) only because of the support they have received from the government.

We want to replicate the success from the eGaming sector. We want billion dollar companies to emerge out of this community.

So lets be more precise as to what we’ve achieved:

Together with the government of Isle of Man we are building a crypto-valley that will make it possible for crypto-currency related companies to operate without any burdens or difficulties and most importantly – they will be able to operate legally.

What should be noted here is that we receive the full support of the government. Right now I’m still working on the greater details of subsidizes here. But I’m confident that this will be a huge opportunity not only for companies like ours, but for the entire ecosystem.

The goal is it to realize the creation of a legal DAC, which means that companies that issue shares on the Asset Exchange can do so legally. We’re also working on implementing the idea of a “Safe Harbor” (as mentioned  during the New York Bitcoin Hearing): companies that would normally require a license to operate will be given a “trial” where they can prove themselves and their abilities to operate. This means that these companies will be able to operate right off the bat without having to worry that bureaucracy will kill their innovation.

We are making it possible for DAC’s to be legally listed on the Asset Exchange.

The crypto valley will make it possible for new ideas and new innovations to be created, we are creating an entire network of synergy and collaboration of companies and products within the ecosystem.

On Isle of Man we will work closely together with the regulators and politicians, that means that we are taking a proactive stance in the way this industry will be regulated. We are sort of creating our own regulatory framework and thus make it possible for no regulator to cripple our innovations.

Something like this will cause a dramatic shift of the Nxt ecosystem and we are bringing more companies, more investors and more users on board.


If you are interested in joining us in this initiative, please just email me at dom@fileyy.com with more information on your startup/product/team. Right now there are 6 companies that will join us locally on Isle of Man but we’re trying to get a whole lot more. Because I have already built up the foundation it will be easy and super fast for upcoming companies to register on Isle of Man and be able to operate. I have all the connections locally that will help us with this Crypto Valley!

This is the first step we made. We are working together with other governments right now as well to realize this idea on a global scale. We want to create such Crypto Valleys on every continent.

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