Jelurida’s Weekly Wins – June 28, 2019


New partnership with EU-funded Blockchers

Jelurida announced a new partnership with Blockchers, an EU-funded project investing in bringing distributed ledger technology (DLT) use cases to small and medium size enterprises. 12 out of the 70 initial applicants will receive 50,000 euros of equity free financing to make their use cases a reality - and Jelurida will be supporting Blockchers projects along the way with technology advice and consultations. Read the full announcement.

Team takes the stage at FinTech Junction Tel Aviv

Lior, Veronica, and Alberto were in Tel Aviv this week headlining the FinTech Junction conference. The team received substantial stage time. Alberto participated in an open banking panel, while Lior participated in a regulatory panel and provided the key note address for the conference.

Demo of a stateless lightweight smart contract interfacing with Twitter from recent Bitcoin Meetup Barcelona event available now on youtube

What if your blockchain smart contracts could interface with Twitter? Watch the video of Lior's recent workshop with the Bitcoin Meetup Barcelona group where he introduced the Ardor platform and provided a hands on demo of a stateless lightweight smart contract interfacing with Twitter, a non-DLT system.

Jelurida heads to Crypto Valley Conference 2019

Since establishing headquarters in Lugano, Jelurida has been working to increase its reputation across Switzerland. After the recent partnership with Wise MPay resulted in exposure from the Swiss Global Enterprise, Kristina, Tomi, and Rafael went to the Crypto Valley Conference 2019 in Zug to continue networking with the thriving ecosystem of blockchain companies who have made Switzerland their home.

Jelurida Africa attends the 7th annual Digital Africa conference in Abuja

Just days after getting the physical Jelurida Africa office set up in Nigeria, Adedayo went to Abuja to participate in the 7th annual Digital Africa conference. As always, his positive attitude was an inspiration to other attendees and many new connections were made.

Video by https://twitter.com/madfox1234

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