SYSCOIN joins the SuperNET core

SuperNET is proud to present the latest addition to its CORE:


Syscoin is a scryptmined 2nd generation PoW altcoin, launched on August 16 2014.
Syscoin brings a proven and dedicated dev team, as well as innovative features such as:


Syscoin aliases let you replace your coin address with an easy to remember string of characters. Aliases have an expiration date of about a month, after which they must be renewed. Syscoin “data aliases” let you use syscoin’s blockchain as a distributed datastore to store up to 250kb of content which is provably owned and controlled by you. You can also send your data aliases to others on the Syscoin network, thereby making clearly auditable transfers of control of digital data.

Certificate issuance

Syscoin’s certificate issuance service will allow anyone to become a uniquely identifiable certificate issuer and send uniquely identifiable digital certificates to anyone on the syscoin network. Since the issuance and transfer of certificates, titles, invoices, and receipts is foundational to the operation of business and commerce, the business use cases are numerous.

Decentralized Marketplace

Sebastien (Syscoin marketing) writes:

The marketplace is on the blockchain, the wallet allows you to enter purchase via the web UI (called the blockmarket). You go to the website, click purchase, enter details and then it opens your wallet, puts the GUID in directly, you pay and the transaction is done directly on the blockchain.

The blockmarket code will be public so anyone can build upon that to create their own marketplace fairly easily (will get easier and easier with community involvement). It’s all on testnet right now so once we release the code we will give detailed docs on how to set up the blockmarket/make offers, etc. So people will be able to test it and thereby helping to get it ready for public release on the Syscoin mainnet.

Coming up, in the soon to be released QT 1.5.2 BETA wallet:

  • Blockmarket source code release
  • 100% improved Marketplace speed
  • Redesigned API commands
  • 30%+ reduced blockchain size

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Slack: send email to for an invite





Hard facts:

  • Total SysCoins: 268,824,600 (268.9 million)
  • Premine: 8% [5% IPO, 2% Devs, 1% Bounties and Rewards]
  • Proof-of-Work Algorithm: Scrypt (merge mineable with any SCRYPT coin)
  • Block reward: 1024 SysCoin and regenerated network services fees (block reward halves every 131.4k blocks for a total of 10 times, whereupon rewards will then consist exclusively of SysCoin service and network fees).
  • Multipool protection: SysCoin uses KGW to retarget difficulty every block. SysCoin uses extremely small minimum and maximum values as algorithmic inputs, which effectively allows Syscoin’s difficulty to re-target much more rapidly and accurately than other cryptocurrencies that use KGW.

Learn more about Syscoin and the SuperNET partnership:
SuperNET Radio interview with the Syscoin developers @

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