Opal Announces Dividends Program

[PR] Los Angeles, California –

In addition to its unique set of features, Opal announced today a revolutionary system of dividends simply for holding the coin.

Opal today announced a system of revenue generating sites, the first one being bitsofnews.net, that will have all revenue generated go back to Opal users through dividend payments. This serves as both an incentive for users to hold Opal, as well as holding them in their local wallets and cold storage.

Opal believes that this will help create incentives for users to try out the coin, and will also encour- age long term holding, because in addition to staking intrest, there will be a steady flow of revenue generating sites.

Opal is structured on a no premine, no ICO, no IPO basis, all funding and expenses are covered by the development team. It is because of this approach the team believes they can take Opal to the pinnacle of innovation. They firmly believe in customer and investor feedback and welcome this to further cement Opal’s position in real world adoption.

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