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We believe privacy is a fundamental right and the Nxtty cryptomessenger takes this belief from concept to reality.

Mobile phone messaging has raised a lot of concerns in the recent years because it’s fairly easy to hack into the conversation of any person using computer applications. This is why the best way to protect your messaging efforts is to encrypt your messages, something that makes them a lot more secure. 

With Nxtty you can safely and securely send messages to your friends without any worries. With the help of this application you have the ability to create your own friends list and contact them whenever you want without hassle. The application provides a powerful yet very easy to use identification system that cannot be broken, no matter the advanced techniques hackers try to use.

Additionally, Nxtty is created on a peer to peer cryptographic platform, which means that the encrypted data is not held on any additional server other than the Nxtty one, so the chances of your identity, friends list/messages being seen are nonexistent. The peer to peer crypto system is one of the main features that make it a great app, because with it you will have complete privacy, no matter what and who you speak with.

But the app is not only secure, it’s also fun as well. It brings intelligent emoticons that are fun to watch and interact with. In addition to that, Nxtty comes with a major feature in the form of message destruction. This feature can be enabled at any given time and it will help you erase the messages you send to your friends using the app. All messages are sent from the sender but also from the receiver phone as well, and they will be removed from the app server immediately. If you choose to delete the message you can be sure that you won’t be able to retrieve it any longer. There are multiple options to delete messages, at different times during the day. You can opt for a deletion every minute or every week, it all depends on your needs. This is what makes Nxtty very customizable because you can easily modify any feature the way you see fit.

All personal data is hidden when you send a message, in order to ensure that you remain anonymous at all times. It’s crucial to ensure that your communication efforts are secure. If you value privacy and security, then you will surely enjoy using the Nxtty.

This tool comes with complete guarantee that the messages will not be spoofed. Additionally, you won’t have to remember encryption keys anymore, because the app takes care of everything in the background. With Nxtty you will just have to enjoy a fun and secure messaging experience.

If you are looking for a way to chat with your friends or colleagues safely and without having someone eavesdrop on your conversations, then Nxtty is the best tool for you. It’s secure, reliable, fast and very easy to use. Nxtty will be launching soon on Google play & Appstore.

You can follow Nxtty via social media:

1)   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nxtty/645168825569486

2)   Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptomessenger

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/nxtty-will-it-be-the-new-whatsapp-what-affects-will-it-have-on-the-blockchain/

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