NXTer.org Goes Multilingual

mx, Coremedia, writes:

NXTer.org Goes Multilingual

NXTER.org, a NXT specific news website, will be rolling out a new set of multilingual versions of the website. As NXT is a global currency it is integral to think globally. While the vast majority of cryptocurrency information is written in English, only around 5% of the whole world speak English.

This initiative is designed to give people from all around the world the same opportunities to find out about NXT and its monetary system. Currently the languages that are available are English, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian and French. Languages that are soon to be rolled out are simplifed Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Ukrainian, German and Italian.

There already some examples of how cryptocurrencies are helping small, non-English communities. If you speak a second language and you would like to help move NXT forward, as well as being paid for your efforts, please go to http://test.nxter.org/contact/.

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