Nxter News – May 2018 (IV): The Artist Is Nothing Without The Gift, But The Gift Is Nothing Without Work

May (IV)


Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers!

Work is hard, that is why we call it work after all. Work takes time, effort, frustration, inconvenience and much more. Yet, it is worth the reward. A reward without working for it does not feel as satisfying as when you struggle, perspire, and finally overcome obstacles. Rome was not built in a day, America was built on the belief that everyone can achieve their goals and dreams – if you work hard. The blockchain is a gift for all but those of us who have been around this space for a long time know the immediate benefits of using blockchains like Ardor and Nxt. For those of you who are new readers, be excited that soon you too can appreciate these technologies as much as we do!

Last week Jelurida continued their tour-de-force, giving public and private presentations of Nxt, Ignis, and Ardor around the world. Lior is still in Korea where they just released their new roadmap that we have been hyping for weeks! Veronica is in Berlin, at Blockshow Europe with Jelurida’s new senior sales engineers – read more in our Meetups section. A new Chinese Nxt website launched, updates galore from ardor.world, Triffic ICO and whitepaper, a promising Nxt clone airdrop is coming, and much more.

Thank you for being with us as we take you on a journey through the busy week that was.









This week’s newsletter is put together by apenzl, Jose, James, and rubenbc.


  • Jelurida

Last week Jelurida updated us with the latest events – including this Monday’s release of their new roadmap!

Roadmap Q2 2018 – Q1 2019

Just released, we will dig into it shortly with an individual post.


For now, just read it, and begin wrapping your head around that besides Lightweight Contracts and Vouchers on mainnet in Q3, “Additional child chains launched on mainnet” are back, and a new “child chain control” feature has been added. Pruning and snapshots will hit the Ardor mainnet in Q4, and at the beginning of 2019, we will see pruning of the Ardor parent chain and …. child chain specific subnets on mainnet! User issued child chains, zero knowledge transactions, and integration with data storage services are in the research phase.

Nxt will see the addition of Vouchers, a permission layer for Nxt clones, and the Lightweight Contracts feature coming. Did I describe the latest Ardor update as a gamechanger? I believe I did. To describe what has been added in brief, almost note-form, into this roadmap, I will seriously need to be on the lookout for stronger words. Seeing this update, and knowing that nothing has ever been announced from the Nxt and Ardor core development team, which has not been delivered, this is no minor blurp. It’s a document that says: we are still, and will continue to be, way ahead of the competition – this is the continuation of blockchain evolution. Thank you, Jelurida.


New Additions to the Business Development team

Veronica wrote:

Hi everyone, following our business roadmap, Jelurida is glad to announce and welcome new additions to the Business Development team.

Alberto Fernandez (@almonte) joins our team as a full-time Technical Sales Engineer filling the gap between business and the technology. Many of you know him as not only a long-term member of this community, but also as an experienced Blockchain consultant, Dapp developer, Fintech specialist and entrepreneur, amongst other things.

Also, Francisco Sarrias (@fsarrias) joins our team as a part-time Senior Sales Engineer for Jelurida. Francisco is a member of the community since 2016, and he has previous Sales experience with a technical background.

We give them both a warm welcome to the Jelurida team.

With these two key additions, Jelurida plans to accelerate the adoption of the Ardor Blockchain-as-a-Service through the main strategic targets defined:

— Businesses that are looking for a Blockchain technology to build Dapps
— Partnerships with integrators
— Partnerships with Institutions, Universities, Startup Accelerators and groups of investors that would recommend our technology

We, at Nxter, warmly congratulate Jelurida, Alberto Fernandez, and Fransisco Sarrias, this is a very welcomed progress.


Video – What are the Differences Between the Jelurida Public and Private Blockchain Solutions?

Lior explains how a private blockchain solution from Jelurida is distinct from the public ones we know so well.

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  • New Chinese Nxt Website

There is a new Chinese-language website dedicated to Nxt.

Elizabeth wrote:

Thanks to the Chinese Nxt Community, we have a Chinese Nxt website! Check it out and give them some kudos

ANG provided some funding for this Chinese website project, but not enough to cover all expenses. If you would like to help cover the cost of development that some have funded from their own pockets and to cover server and hosting expenses, I’m sure they would welcome donations here:

Go ahead and write a message about the purpose to help them keep track. And thanks!

More info

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  • Ardor.world Updates

Ardor.world received multiple updates last week, including the Ardor Rich List (First 500).



More info

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  • Bishen – Hardwallet for Nxt

Zhang, a member of the Chinese Nxt community and developer of the third-party wallet called walletnxt.com, found (and warned us about) this untrustworthy looking product:


http://www.bishen.im/ NXT hardware wallet

I didn’t know them… Are they trustworthy?

I don’t know if it’s trustable


Cryptowallet web with plain http connection. It does not look good.

More info

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  • Openbazaar – Cryptocurrency Trading Enabled

Openbazaar, a P2P decentralized shop for physical goods, digital goods, and services, has added cryptocurrency trading. NXT is listed:

From their announcement:

The biggest new feature is the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Vendors are now able to use a special new listing type to sell cryptocurrencies on Openbazaar. They can choose from 44 different cryptocurrencies right now and more will be added over time

no fees, no need to register with any service, and no threat of an exchange getting hacked.

Video demoing and explaining how the site works:

More info

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As of publication, Lior is still in Seoul, presenting to a South Korean audience, including some of the biggest names in the industry, about Jelurida, which includes the release of the new roadmap (see above)!

Lior: For our dedicated Korean readers. Our company profile as described by TCK last evenings’ event organizer.
  • Korea Israel Innovation Center, May 23th – 29th

Lior wrote:

Spoke with several of the biggest names in the Korean industry and made good connections. My lecture at the convention was received positively. We are the only team that has a working product to show and I’m planning to talk about the Binance demo on the Monday meetup to show real use case together with AEUR and if you have other suggestions I can squeeze them in as well.

novadaemon: “I am at Lior’s presentation at Seoul National University. Good stuff”


Amazing. Spoke for 2 hours about Ardor. PoS, Child chains, contracts. All should be on video. More than 30 participants. Lot’s of good questions and feedback. Credit goes to ardorbaby for arranging this great event.

Ardor Roadmap and Lightweight Contracts

Monday, May 28, 2018, 7:00 PM

Dream Plus Gangnam
311 Gangnam-daero, Seocho 2(i)-dong Seoul, KR

97 Members Went

Learn about the most technologically advanced blockchain protocol from a core developer and blockchain expert. Lior Yaffe of Jelurida will present the Ardor platform and NXT blockchain roadmap and demo our unique Lightweight Contracts and Transaction Vouchers features. We will leave time for questions and open discussion. See https://www.jelurida.c…

Check out this Meetup →

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  • Blockshow Europe, May 28-29th

Meanwhile, in Berlin, other significant Jelurida members were attending Blockshow Europe.

Veronica wrote:

Reporting from Berlin: this is going to be a very nice week here. Just met @mrmoejoe today and we talked about marketing, meeting @Travin @gabriel @peter and @almonte at the Blockshow Europe. Doing the “Do it yourself workshop” about smart contracts with Ardor, as well. But we at Jelurida are also working on an agenda to meet companies and pitch Ardor and Nxt. I just got confirmation from Bayer, Samsung, and Henckel, and working on more.

All in all a great continuation of last week’s marketing efforts in Oxford, Monaco, London and NYC.

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ANG and the community have been compiling the blockchain Meetup events across the ecosystem: https://teamup.com/ksv4ccmkufbpbqp86o.



  • Workshop: Blockchain & Smart Contracts, May 31st

Veronica wrote:

A shout to those in our community in, around, or visiting Berlin! Join us the morning of May, 31 for an Ardor Meetup! This is a hands on workshop where the attendees will learn how to create examples of smart contracts with the Ardor technology. No technical skills needed! Join us!

Together we will create examples of real use cases to demonstrate the potential advantages of this technology. We will also build Intelligent Transactions for greater security and possible optimization. We will use the Ardor wallet as it is one of the few technologies that allow you to do this easily, and it is proven stability with over 5 years of development.

We recommend you to come with your laptop. In this Meetup we will make simple practical cases using Smart Contracts.

More Info

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  • CEBIT Festival 2018 in Hannover, on June 11th -15th

Veronica wrote:

Of all the startup platforms in Europe at the moment, none are as fast-growing or international in scope as SCALE11 at CEBIT, and Jelurida is pleased to announce that we will be on stage & have a booth within the Blockchain zone of the conference. This is exciting exposure, and we are proud to represent Ardor, Nxt, and Ignis at this event!


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  • Blockchain Hackathon – Larson Group – July 13-15th, Zürich, Switzerland

Do you have experience with using the Nxt API, or the Ardor platform’s API? Here’s an open call for you. Let us know if you go.

They wrote:

This Blockchain Hackathon is looking to generate ideas that solve real business problems in a short period of time. The core Hackathon subject is Interoperability between Blockchains and Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology solution development. All are welcome; if you are a Coder / Programmer / Developer / Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Computer Scientist, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Business Architect or Life Hacker, please get in touch. Programmers / Coders / Developers / Software Engineers are required to have one or more of the following technical skills:

Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3 Corda, EOS, Lisk, Cardano, Nxt, Java, C++, C#, .Net, Node.js, Angular.


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  • Weekly Reminder: Are we Safe From Hacking Attacks like XVG?

Timestamps are an interesting vector that perhaps many are unfamiliar with when it comes to exploiting vulnerabilities in software. In short, the XVG attack exploited timestamps of the privacy-focused cryptocurrency, Verge, to create over $1 million USD worth of tokens in an astonishingly short period of time by confusing the Verge mining algorithm – essentially creating counterfeit tokens. The following conversation snippet reminds us how Ardor and Nxt are well protected from such an attack.

Are we safe from hacking attacks like XVG?

Ardor only has one “mining” algorith (using your staked coins) so if you managed to manipulate timestamps to reduce difficulty, that reduced difficulty would apply to all forgers, so you cannot gain a large portion of the network that way.

(i am unsure if you are able to successfully manipulate timestamps in the first place, the diff adjustment size per block is bounded so you won’t be able to throw in some weird timestamps and whack up the diff value bc only so much change is allowed.

Also NXT timestamps have to be +/- 15 seconds for other nodes to accept the block, with verge it was +/- 2 hours).

The algo used in Ardor has been used in NXT also, as well as most NXT clones in more or less the same fashion. I have never heard of a successful attack on the NXT PoS algorithm using timestamps, not even in the smaller clones that have smaller networks which should be easier to attack.

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  • Triffic ICO Announced

Triffic has announced their ICO date (July 2nd) and released a new website, roadmap, and whitepaper.


Public Sale Supply: 100,000,000 GPS Tokens / Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 GPS Tokens

James Malach (coinerz) wrote:

I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new website at https://triffic.world where you can download our white paper, pitchdeck and one pager.

As many of you already know, Triffic is the first fully compliant ICO to be held using the Ardor Platform.

Big investors can buy GPS tokens already today (from May 28th until August 31st) with a 60% rebate: 0.8USD per token, when you buy for minimum $25000 in the “Founders Sale”. The rest of us will have to wait for July’s presale if we want to join. ICO week 1 has a 40% bonus, ICO week 2 a 20% bonus, the main ICO kicks off on July 30 and lasts for maximum a month, where GPS token prices are fixed at 0.2USD per token. As announced, there is an added bonus of 10% if you buy with ARDR, or 5% if you buy with IGNIS or NXT. 100.000.000 GPS tokens will be sold during the ICO, and the token sale will end no later than 8 hours after all have been sold if that happens. Should we FOMO?

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  • Janus – Update

Janus team (and holders!) are still waiting for walls and electricity for their new mining operation at their new building.

This conversation highlights the issue:

hey guys, would be nice to get an update somehow on the Project status ?

At this point, we are basically at the hands of the contractor and workers.
We expect to start working on the electrics very soon.

Bjorn Janus:
Even our electrician is getting impatient he was waiting for this moment
Months now

There is 2 parts to this, but I am trying to develop an intermediary stage that helps push JNS market. Part 1: get the farm in here and rebuild and expand. Part 2: developers on our team finish the hashpower exchange. It may look dead, its not. Just a very much longer process than i would have imagined.

Samu C:
I don’t think it’s dead, just can’t wait. 🙂

Bjorn Janus:
Yeah Samu every day i smack myself for the electrical overload in December. (…) it is my fault this whole delay and it weighs heavy.

Samu C:
We’ll forgive you, don’t worry. 😉

Bjorn Janus
Appreciate that 🙂

Moreover, the team has announced that Janus now has a presence on Cheddur, an app for beginners to get started with digital currency – “in a fun and easy way.” It can be used to learn about coins or services, watch videos, read and write reviews…

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  • Metrodex

Metro will clone Nxt and use it for creating a decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC) providing cross-chain cryptocurrency exchange service to clients and cryptocurrency income for stakeholders. The 10% token airdrop to NXT holders will take place in ~25 days. There is a countdown on metrodex.org.

Metro DEX is based on a hybrid Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake consensus blockchain.  The miner’s hashrate allows them to increase their stake. Suppliers stake size determines block producing frequency and, accordingly, their income. More about Metro, pegged sidechains, and their work and concept in the whitepaper.


They wrote:

100,000,000 metro tokens (10% of total supply) will be distributed to NXT holders on start, in accordance with JPL licence since we use NXT blockchain code as a base for Metro blockchain.

To participate in airdrop:

Download NXT client and create a wallet.
Buy NXT on any exchange.
Place NXT tokens into your wallet. Wait snapshot block.

For every 10 NXT on your wallet you receive 1 MTR with the same passphrase on Metro blockchain. Snapshot block number is 1894000.

More info

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  • SimpleSwap Supports Nxt, Ardor, Ignis

More info

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Lior Yaffe, Jelurida, reminds us:

Many of the discussions with exchanges are under nda. Some has unrealistic requirements and some are moving forward. As discussed before, we are working to list our tokens with any exchange which is willing to talk to us. This is top priority and we allocated a yearly budget of €100K in 2018 for this purpose.

Over_watchtower, Jelurida employee wrote:

We are actively reaching out and getting results, positive results.

Apologies its taking longer than we wanted. I assure you, the time and resources are well spent towards the goal and we will get there soon. “Soon” the very word we are tired of hearing but its the same word that very well defines the certain expectations of what is to come.

Unfortunately, these things take time. Amidst thousands of cryptos out there, we offer three of what I will call the best. Despite that, we have some factors working against us. I’m not saying they are enough to be seen as a worthy obstacle but overcoming them may not be as easy. Now there are a list of over a hundred exchanges to work with and we are working on it. Still counting on any assistance the community can offer though, contacts and all.

Ardor Coin Exchange

Lior highlights and explains the wonderful functionality of the Ardor Coin Exchange (CE) and introduces the audience to AEUR in the following video, recorded during the NFEA Autonomy Conference in Norway:

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Support your Tokens

Opportunities to demonstrate support for ARDR / IGNIS and NXT are still out there:


Let your voice be heard:



CryptalDash – Request for your Favorite Coin to be Listed



You can vote for NXT/ARDR/IGNIS:






You can also vote for NXT/ARDR/IGNIS here:




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  • Ironwood Research Group at Medium – ARDOR, Summary Report

This Medium article does a good job of summarizing the Ardor platform and its technological selling points. Includes shiny pictures and links for days. One thing this article misses out on is of course the newly released Jelurida roadmap.

They wrote:

Ardor is a significant BaaS platform that adds a variety of useful features to the blockchain model, and addresses the key issues of scalability and use-case for adoption and integration of its technology into business. The ability to create child-chains with customisable feature-sets for a business’ specific needs gives Ardor an edge over its competition, although it is not completely alone in offering this. Simple Token is a recently released token which gives similar options. However, they lack their own blockchain and do not feature all the functionalities that Ardor does.


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  • EU Science Hub – Blockchain for Industrial Transformations

Ardor is mentioned in this report by the European Commission, as it was used as a basis to create a standard by which other blockchains should be measured against.

The project #Blockchain4EU is a forward looking exploration of existing, emerging and potential applications based on Blockchain and other DLTs for industrial / non-financial sectors.

They wrote:

Bloodchain belongs to the transports and logistics sector… The group started their prototype development by reflecting not only about contexts where supply chains were in need of strengthening, but also contexts where such strengthening would help to tackle already existent social issues. As such, blood donation and all the logistics involved in it were chosen as their use case.

The blockchain systems used for this prototype architecture are Hyperledger Iroha, which primarily handles the identity management of each patient, as well as Ardor, which primarily handles the logistics around the transfer of blood and organs.

Travin Keith:

Thanks to Jelurida for helping me out with using testnet and clarifying some features. I presented the demo, which combines a public permissioned version of Ardor and Hyperledger Iroha, though just simulated since it had to run offline, together with one of my teammates and lead designer to the audience as well as the Director General of the European Commission – Joint Research Centre.

The case is a bit of a stretch, given the use of drones for part of it, but it can be applied to existing traditional logistics and blood collection methods as well.

Download the full publication PDF


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  • TradingView  –  Accumulate Ardor Now or Get Left Behind by RobertZimmerman


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the IGNIS / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:


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That is all for this week, Nxters. Follow us on Twitter or Telegram for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Keep on working towards your goals and dreams! We hope to see you back here next week.

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