Nxt NRS Plugins


  1. Use open source code.
  2. Reproducible packaging procedure.
  3. Package downloaded directly from the same source control system.
  4. Hash of the package posted on the nxtforum.org.
  5. Additional PGP or some form of digital signature which confirms the identity of the developer.

Find developer resources here.

For users of Nxt Plugins:

  1. Do not install plugins which do not rely on the distribution system described above.
  2. Use only plugins installed by yourself, avoid using plugins when connecting to a public node.
  3. Do not use plugins when connecting to an account which has a significant amount of NXT.
  4. Make sure a plugin uses only JavaScript and Html, avoid plugins which rely on ‘fat client’ technologies such as Java Applet, ActiveX, Flash etc., in other words do not confirm any browser security prompt when using plugins.
  5. Do not follow links from plugin pages to external websites.

“Nxt Plugins are installed locally.

To make it secure for users to use plugins, the Nxt NRS Client lets you log in to Nxt accounts without entering your passphrase. If you need to send a transaction which requires you to enter your passphrase, you can click on „disable plugins“. Or you can enable plugins for a certain account only, and disable them for others, so that you don’t use plugins with accounts that holds big amounts of NXT.”

Quote from 'SNAPSHOT - Nxt, unsurpassable blockchain solutions"


Lets you chat in Nxtchat.slack directly from the Nxt client UI.

Get it: https://github.com/valortech/slackchat
Forum: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-plugins/slackchat- plugin


Lets you exchange NXT with other cryptocurrencies directly from within the Nxt Client, without any registration, using the ShapeShift instant exchange.

Get it: https://bitbucket.org/lyaffe/shape_shift/overview
Forum: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-plugins/shapeshift-integration-plugin


Upload a .torrent file or a magnet link to the blockchain as prunable data, which is searchable in the blockchain by name and description, and classifiable using tags (keywords). Check whether a torrent is a known fake with the integrated FakeSkan.

Get it: https://github.com/toenu23/nxt-filesharing
Forum: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/(preview)-torrents-plugin

Dividend Scanner

Check dividends and ordinary payments you receive from your assets paying dividends. The plugin shows you the distribution of your assets as well as the distribution of your income.

Get it: https://nxtplugins.com/index.php?details&id=2

NXT / asset Dividend Payout

Allows you to send dividends via normal transactions and exclude certain accounts (issuer, escrow). You can send either NXT or assets and you can attach a message. The message attached to the transaction is prunable to keep the cost down.

Get it: https://nxtplugins.com/index.php?details&id=10

Quack Atomic Swap

Quack enables easy, safe and secure atomic swaps of Nxt-based Assets and Currencies. With Quack, Nxt users can directly exchange Assets, Currencies or NXT with no counterparty risk. Directly exchange Asset<>Asset, Asset<>Currency, or Currency<>Currency, swapping them directly without the need to convert to NXT. Multiple swaps supported in a single session. Blockchain based. No off-chain communication required.

Get it: https://nxtplugins.com/index.php?details&id=9
Forum: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/quack-nxt-atomic-asset-swap

Tests and installation guides