NRS installation guide

NRS Installation

To get started with NXT NRS you need to download the software.

The Nxt Reference Software is basically the server that connects you to the Nxt environment.
Always be sure to check the SHA256 checksum to verify the downloaded content is not corrupted.

1. Download the latest NRS release

You can get it from: https://nxtforum.org/nrs-releases/

Download NXT to the recommended path, in Windows it is the C: drive for example.
As soon as the download is finished you will have a folder called “nxt” with the files from the picture below.

If you have already been running the Nxt NRS Client, move or copy your Nxt blockchain information (the folder nxt_db) into the new folder, so you don’t have to re-download it.

2. Before starting NRS you need to run java

Download the program from the official Oracle homepage.

Choose the file correspondending to your operation system and download it. As soon as you have installed Java we can start with Nxt!

3. Start the NRS Client

In Windows: Double click on “run.bat” in your Nxt folder.

In Mac / Unix: Open a terminal window and change directory to your Nxt NRS folder. For example, cd /Applications/NXT. If you are not sure of the path to your Nxt folder, you can type ‘cd’ in the terminal, add a space, and drag and drop the Nxt folder into the terminal window. Then start NRS by entering ./run.sh

This command starts the server, with which you get access to the Nxt platform.

If this is the first time you run the NRS Client, you will have to wait for the blockchain to download. This may take a while, but you only have to do it once. After scanning the whole blockchain you will get the report “Nxt server [version] started successfully.”

(If you are only updating the NRS Client and you have copied the nxt_db folder into the new download folder as described above, you will not have to download the whole blockchain again).

Wait until Nxt server 1.x.x has started successfully. You will see that notification appear in the Java window once Nxt NRS is initialized.

4. Open the NRS Client

Open your browser and enter http://localhost:7876.

(If you just updated to a new NRS version, clear your browser cache (or press Ctrl+F5 to force refresh in the login page) to confirm you’re not using a previous page version stored in the browser cache).

The client is the user interface of Nxt. With it you can send/receive NXT and encrypted messages, register an ALIAS, make orders in the Asset Exchange or the Nxt Marketplace, use the Monetary System, or use any other Nxt [CORE] feature.

5. Learn more …

Learn more in the Nxt Client Interface guide.
You can also watch a video tutorial about the Nxt client.

This guide was written by nxtinfo.org, Multigateway.org, and NXTER.ORG. 

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