Nxt Client (NRS) 1.11.3


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Release 1.11.3: https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/nxt/downloads/nxt-client-1.11.3.zip

1.11.3 .zip sha256:ecfc181f8085c21142fa9ffe74979a16d8d87c49f325e5a28e57990c0beb4c42  nxt-client-1.11.3.zip

Bugfix release

To learn more about the upcoming public Ardor testnet release, see the latest screenshots, help test, and follow the news.


NRS 1.11.3 release notes

Fixed missing plugin files error in the client.

Backported minor bugfixes from the Ardor branch.

Treat all text/* media types as text, not just text/plain for the data cloud.

Updated Jetty to version 9.3.16, delete the old lib folder before unpacking on

Source: https://nxtforum.org/nrs-releases/nrs-v1-11-3/

Also see: Nxt 2.0: Ardor childchain blockchain platform

The NRS (Nxt Reference Software) Client is the Nxt core developers’ official wallet release.

NRS is a locally hosted client server application. By default it downloads the Nxt blockchain, but from version 1.10.0e you can run it as a light client as well as a full node. To forge and earn forging fees from processing transactions on the network you must run the Nxt Client in full mode, which is possible even on small devices like laptops, or on a Raspberry Pi. There are also bounties for running public nodes.

The Nxt Client is easy to install. Use the 1-click installers for Linux, Mac and Windows or read this INSTALLATION GUIDE to launch the NRS .zip from terminal.

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Arthur founded NXTER.ORG in December 2013 and started writing Nxt newsletters to the Nxt community.

Managed the development and implementation of Nxt's visual brand in 2014, with web design bureau Ideenfrische.

Issued the NXTP asset in 2014, a profit sharing asset given to early contributors to Nxter.org that helped turn the site into a magazine, publishing news and articles in several languages, and running faucets, contests and social media campaigns for Nxt. ESMA based a report on Nxter.org's coverage of the Nxt AE in 2015.

Arthur is still one of the driving forces behind Nxter.org. He compiled the acclaimed book about Nxt 'SNAPSHOT', which got published in early 2017.
Come get me

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