New SuperNET CORE coin: FIBRE


SuperNET welcomes FIBRE

Today the SuperNET Team welcomes Fibrecoin as a SuperNET CORE coin.

This means new tech, new developers, and a new community being added to the SuperNET family.

FIBRE, a young innovative coin whose launch was announced on November 5, 2014, is without doubt among the most promising altcoins in the crypto sphere, with active developers and a great portfolio of innovative features. FIBRE has a total coin supply of only 625k.

Fibrecoin also meets the rest of the requirements to be eligible for integration into the SuperNET CORE; from a technical point of view, opening their source core tech to superNET analysts (review done by chanc3r), and from the financial point of view, which required a swap of SuperNET assets with Fibre assets. To achieve this the help of the Fibre community was summoned. Most greatly welcomed the idea, collaborating not just with words but also with coins.

killakem, Fibrecoin:

One thing we offer that most don’t is an active team dedicated to this project. Someone from my team will be active in our slack channel around 18 hours a day. We have 2 in house developers and have a large network of freelancers that we can call on as required. Our lead dev Mammix2 is a seasoned crypto developer with his own accolades.

Main features of Fibrecoin:


FibreOS is a secure and anonymous operating system, a custom built, optimized and hardened Ubuntu environment based on the latest version 14.04LTS. The OS and Fibre Wallet data files are stored on SD or USB, and leave no trace on the host PC when unplugged.


FibreLock is a security feature that removes the keyboard from the password entry process by using an android style pattern based locking system. All inputs come from your mouse and your pattern becomes your password.


FIBRE’s encrypted messaging system: FibreConnect also contains Notify, which allows messaging any wallet on the network. This can for example be used for sending out important update information.


The FibreDark wallet allows you to choose between using a standard Fibre wallet or a wallet that will automatically connect to the Internet using the TOR Network, which will make your IP address and location hidden. FibreDark does not rely on TOR exit nodes, which are considered to be the weak link in the TOR network. The FibreDark wallet has hard coded onion addresses that point to new FibreDark nodes, which have been brought online to support the FibreDark network.

DarkNodes handle the routing of data between the TOR network and the standard Fibre network.

Fibre Mixer

Keeps your transactions private.


Feature under development.


Fibre is part of the OCUPY.net platform.
Fibre ZeroTrust will be the official transaction protocol of the Ocupy network.

fibre roadmapFIBRE completed

Visit FIBRE @ http://www.fibrecoin.com or https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=737771.0
More news about the SuperNET integration process will be published soon in the SuperNET Newsletters.

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