Messages from Jelurida’s Ardor community manager

Hello, this is Ardorbaby, who became Community Manager from yesterday.

Thank you to everyone who welcomed me with emoji on #announcements .

@logan asked me to tell you about the community manager’s plans for community expansion in #letsimprove.


So, I want to tell you about my plan as a community manager.

This community is not Jelurida’s community, it is not my community, but this community is Ardor community of people who love this project.

As @thewiremaster said, I want to continue to take over the spirit of the existing Ardor and NXT community, while facilitating communication between core developers and the community.


If you didn’t read it yet, I propose you to read it.

The reason I got into participating more actively in the community is because there was “fun, jokes” (I still remember the very dry sense of humor of CFB :slightly_smiling_face: ), there were ideas, there was contribution, brainstorming, etc…………..This is what makes a community a community, they need to feel that sense of belonging… and that’s a human thing, it’s not in the code. – TheWireMaster, link


Yes, The greatest driving force behind doing great things is “fun”, and if we enjoy something, we will achieve great things one day.




First of all, I’ll keep in mind that my most important mission is to make community activities more enjoyable and fun , until every members be Ignis Jokers. I’ll focus on making good communication between core team and community.


Second, I’ll focus on reaching local communities. Blockchain and crypto are now all around the world, and although English is said to be the universal language, English is still a big barrier for many crypto Enthusiasts. The people participating in Slack are limited to those who can speak any English. There are a lot of great projects and good news based on Ardor, but given the experience of running a Korean community, the local community needs Ambassadors. The local communities I am currently contacting are Korea, China, Vietnam and Russia. If you know any other local community, please let me know, and if you would like to become an Ambassador who can help communication with local community. DM please. 


Third, In a crypto space where hype and hype are rampant, I will focus on the achievements Ardor has achieved so that the faith and trust of the community members will be restored.

  • The core team understands what is possible, and what is impossible in the industry as they have much experience.
  • ARDR is the first project implemented multi-chain architecture based on time-proven POS.
  • ARDR provides much usability for end users like 0 fee transaction which is essential for mass adoption
  • Current market is unreasonable, as you can see Dodge in CMC 45th without any developments and improvements.
  • Current market cap is low, which means there’s much possibility of going upward.(Which is easier do you think? 1) Dot’s price 100x or 2) ARDR’s price 100x)
  • There are lots of projects engaged by government(Austria) and big company like ESRI and BBB WGA.

And Lastly, I also have request to community.

Community’s vision is not something Jelurida can provide. The identity of the community is determined by the thoughts of the members of the community.

So, I ask you to share your own blueprint who devoted your self in this community and technology like @thewiremaster and @jay.

In Slack community, we are waiting for your feedback.

And based on those, I’m hoping that the all community can go head-to-head and think about how to expand the Ardor ecosystem.


* I’m going to do try to do my best, as other contributors did already.

By when?

Until Justin Sun make JustIGNIS – The first child chain of TRON.

I saw the chance yesterday from his tweet….

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