JLH – jl777hodl : description and introduction

Account ID of the portfolio: NXT-2AHU-UXZW-K9Q2-HENLW
Asset ID: 6932037131189568014
Quantity: 10’000’000
Decimal: 0
Exchanges: Nxt Asset Exchange, Poloniex
Website: http://jl777hodl.com/ (WIP)

JLH portfolio in 2014, source Nxtreporting

The JLH portfolio

‘jl777hodl’, abbreviation JLH, is the first and biggest ‘portfolio of Assets’ on the Nxt platform. It was created on 17 May 2014 by jl777 (an active and respected member of the community and creator of SuperNET). From the beginning, jl777 has been including in the portfolio a proportion of his new ventures (5-10%) and some of the Assets he receives from promising companies.

The intention isn’t to trade the assets, but instead to hold them in the portfolio permanently (or almost…). Except in rare and special case, no assets will ever be sold. Some of the revenue generated by the portfolio’s assets in 2014 was invested in the acquisition of new ones. But the main part of the portfolio consists of assets which have been added by jl777.

You can see the actual composition of the portfolio in real time on the Nxt blockchain on the account NXT-2AHU-UXZW-K9Q2-HENLW.

The jl777hodl Asset

The ownership of the JLH portfolio is shared between the owners of JLH Assets. There are 10’000’000 JLH (Asset ID 6932037131189568014). This means that 1 JLH represents 1 in 10’000’000 of the portfolio.

The goal of JLH

JLH is a promising portfolio which covers the most interesting Nxt projects created since the Asset Exchange launched. Such a portfolio should generate a lot of investor interest.

In his projects, especially for the Asset/Asset exchange InstantDEX, jl777 needs a stable asset with a big volume of transactions. JLH, with its varied and promising portfolio, is perfect for jl777’s projects.

JLH is an important financial tool which provides a valuation reference for InstantDEX and the asset trading tools created by jl777 for SuperNET.

Revenue and holder’s reward

The jl777 portfolio has two sources of NXT revenue: the dividends it receives from its assets and forging revenue. In 2014, this revenue was invested in new assets and to pay for events that were organised to increase the transaction volume.

Starting in January 2015, the revenue will be partly distributed to the JLH holders as a bonus. A big part will go to the holders and the rest will be used for JLH management and promotion .

NAV and market maker

The NET Asset Value (NAV) is the basis of valuation of the JLH asset. The NAV per share is calculated by dividing the total value of the portfolio by the number of the shares (10’000’000). You can find a good estimation of the portfolio’s value on Nxtreporting.

As the value of JLH’s underlying assets increase, so does the value of each individual share. Sometimes, however, the share price doesn’t always reflect its actual NAV (Net Asset Value). In late 2014, jl777 tasked LibertyNow to act as a ‘market maker’ in order to keep the share prices closer to NAV by increasing liquidity and market visibility.

LibertyNow makes his own calculation of the JLH asset’s NAV; he bases it on an average of the last trade price/high bid price/low ask price. It’s a little different from Nxtreporting which only uses the last trade price.

The JLH team

jl777 (James): founder and manager of the portfolio.

LibertyNow: market maker.

Ludom and nxter.org: information and newsletter

For more information:

JLH/jl777hodl Newsletters
JLH/jl777hodl articles on nxter.org
Official topic on Nxtforum
Official topic on Bitcointalk

JLH/jl777hodl on SuperNET Wiki

If you need help, would like to buy/sell shares or have any questions, feel free to PM LibertyNow or Ludom on bitcointalk.org, nxtforum.org, forum.thesupernet.org, or in Slack.

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