Hashrate pool goes PUBLIC



Hashrate.org was the first PoS multi pool in the crypto world to begin payouts, and has historically proven as least as profitable as any other, sometimes twice as profitable. According to pf, the founder of Hashrate.org, one explanation could be that some of the most profitable coins to mine are not even listed on Coinwarz, that for example Blackcoin multipools use. Hashrate.org calculates mining profitability from a wider range of sources, and then automatically trades the profit to Nxt. Boom! : PoS coin mined. The fee for this service is 0%.

Now it’s launch time!


Hi all!
Beta testing has completed succesfully.

We’ve been paying out daily payments to miners for over 30 days!

The pool has closed it’s doors for a few days to make a few final changes, but will be reopening this thursday for public use.  Join us on our journey to the moon!

We had a donation that will enable the pool to pay out an additional 10% bonus to 10% of the miners (randomly) each day until the donation runs out.

Not bad, considering we were already one of the most profitable multipools operating.

April 24 – 12:00 PM PST!


Join us on our journey to the moon!

For those wishing to line up their rigs ahead of time:

Scrypt- stratum+tcp://scrypt.hashrate.org:3008 
SHA – stratum+tcp://sha.hashrate.org:5008 

** X11 mining requires a custom miner, to be loaded with the X11 kernel option passed in when the miner is executed.  Anything else will just be submitting tons of invalid shares.  I will update this post once I find the links to the good SGminer that supports X11

Follow Hashrate: https://twitter.com/HashRate_org
[ANN] thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=522872.0

Learn more about how to mine Nxt with hashrate.org: http://test.nxter.org/how-nxt-mining-works/