Coinomat announces first ever NXT → bank card services

Cryptocurrency broker Coinomat is adding NXT to its list of supported currencies, providing a direct and global pathway between NXT and major bank cards for the first time – allowing holders to purchase goods and services with NXT as easily as using Visa or Mastercard.


Instant cryptocurrency and e-currency gateway service Coinomat.com is announcing the integration of NXT into their brokering platform. As well as providing a brand new NXT-to-fiat pathway, Coinomat will provide instant conversion facilities between NXT and a range of other popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Peercoin, plus Perfect Money, EgoPay and OKpay e-currencies.

Paying with NXT

Of special interest is the service which allows customers to send NXT to any Visa or Mastercard worldwide, opening a huge new market for NXT. Alongside Danish exchange CCEDK’s addition of NXT, the second generation cryptocurrency – currently rated #3 by market cap – will now enjoy full fiat >< NXT services. This is a vital step in ‘unpegging’ NXT from Bitcoin, allowing it to thrive on its own terms: until now, NXT-to-fiat conversion has always required Bitcoin exchange as an intermediate stage.

Coinomat’s bank card transfer is carried out within two business days, and all Mastercard and Visa cards are supported. All crypto exchanges to and from NXT are carried out instantly, subject to the blockchain confirmation times of the cryptocurrencies involved in the transaction. This is the first time such a service has been made available for NXT.

Coinomat: using crypto in the real world

Coinomat.com was founded at the end of 2013 with the aim of providing a way to transact between various cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies as an alternative to the traditional open market exchange model. Coinomat targets long-term cryptocurrency holders, rather than speculative traders. The company has already launched a successful IPO on the NXT Asset Exchange (Asset id: 6220108297598959542).

We’re thrilled that NXT is partnering with such a well-established platform,’ comments Dan Kindly, NXT marketing associate. ‘Coinomat’s global reach and understanding of the crypto landscape makes them the perfect partner to bring the benefits of NXT’s innovation and versatility to a whole new group of users.’

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