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Dear Investors, It’s Time To Face The Real Facts

By WatchTower | 05/07/2018

Many of the existing blockchain startups that are looking to raise money are not real businesses. Yes, they have ideas, often brilliant ones that almost sound too good to be true. And then… that’s it. Nothing but ideas put on paper with no clue on how to fully execute it to make the promised prototype. … Read more

Ardor Contract add-on examples

By apenzl | 09/04/2018 | 0 Comments

Jelurida is Developing the Contract Concept Jelurida continues to hone and further develop their Lightweight add-on contracts concept. In the second week of March, we introduced this in the Nxter Newsletter.   Lior wrote: You don’t need to pay gas for these contracts and you can program in Java. On the other hand the “contracts” are only … Read more

Nxter News – August 2018 (II): There Is Nothing Better Than A Friend, Unless It Is A Friend With Chocolate

By apenzl | 14/08/2018 | 0 Comments

  August (II)   Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers! Friends are great! They are there when you need them and sometimes provide you with chocolate. Not everyone is your friend though, as we cover later, friends do not try and scam you. Friends support and encourage you to be the best version of yourself. … Read more

Nxter News – August 2018 (I): The Real Voyage Of Discovery Consists Not In Seeking New Landscapes, But In Having New Eyes

By apenzl | 07/08/2018 | 0 Comments

  August (I)   Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers! To voyage conjures up images of brave people doing brave things as they traverse the unknown. The NASA Voyager probes famously provided humanity the first glimpses of the outer planets and discovered much data about these mysterious solar bodies and they are now beyond the … Read more