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Blockchain will save your business. This is not a drill! /// Part V ///

By WatchTower | 13/09/2018

  An entire Residence in every confirmed transaction: The Blockchain Promise How do we define real? The ability to touch, see, feel with our senses? All the brain relays and nothing more if you ask me. Another question…what do you and I understand by the term ‘death’? The end of the ability to talk, move … Read more

Rawr XD Means Suppertime

By apenzl | 08/10/2018 | 0 Comments

UPDATE: SOLVED Any crypto geek knows about evolution. It all started with Bitcoin. Or did it? This week’s Nxter Puzzle is a simple crossword, there’s 100 IGNIS in the prize account, which you can transfer out if you solve it first. We all have a dinosaur within us just trying to get out. Name your dino peers, … Read more

The Mystery Of Orion

By apenzl | 17/10/2018 | 0 Comments

Update: The Prize is now 200 IGNIS.  This week, Mr. Madfox takes you on a stargazing trip. 88 constellations – 42 animals, 29 inanimate objects, 27 humans/mythological characters. The constellation of Orion, named after a hunter in Greek mythology, has been recognized in numerous cultures around the world, and this week Orion is the main … Read more

Nxter News – October 2018 (III): Pleasure in the Job Puts Perfection in the Work

By apenzl | 17/10/2018 | 0 Comments

Nxter News | October 2018 (III) Pleasure in the Job Puts Perfection in the Work Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers! Ardor PoS is walking the walk, with the new 2.1.2 release and Jelurida pushing Ardor into the next phase with stateless Lightweight Contracts on testnet, supplementing the already inbuilt advanced core functionality and parent-child chain … Read more