Bitcoin Alternative Jetcoin to be “Powered by Nxt technology”

Bitcoin Press Release: Singapore, 8th April 2015 – Bringing Wall Street and blockchain technology to the world of sports and entertainment, Jetcoin Institute is pleased to announce the Jetcoin presale. Jetcoin is backed by gold bullion allowing anyone to own IP rights of promising athletes and talents.

Jetcoin, the new digital fuel for the world of sports and entertainment, gives fans and supporters a unique opportunity to benefit directly from the success of their favourite athletes and stars. It disrupts traditional fan-athlete/talent relationships by enabling anyone to launch and support the careers of tomorrow’s stars.

Using block chain technology, Jetcoin decentralises the world of sports and entertainment, ruled today by powerful agents and corporations. Jetcoin tilts the power balance by establishing the first platform where anyone can own IP rights of promising athletes and talents. Also the first digital currency to be backed by precious metal collateral (gold) via a partnership with XNF, Jetcoin is tradeable across 3 continents through DXMarkets.

Uniquely backed by physical assets, Jetcoin is issued by the Jetcoin Institute, which has gathered a team of first-class advisors led by world famous currency expert, Prof. Bernard Lietaer. The Jetcoin Platform will be built with NXT technology to deliver a unique and decentralised financial platform. Jetcoin holders are able to earn revenues through Jetcoin Contracts and its social media rewards system, P.O.S.E. (Proof Of Social Engagement) as well as access unique lifestyle experiences.

In August 2014, in a bid to both establish the branding of Jetcoin internationally as well as to secure a testing ground for a myriad of innovative tech applications and crowd funding concepts customised for sports and entertainment, Jetcoin became the first digital currency to become the main sponsor of a Serie A football team, A.C. ChievoVerona. In developing the Jetcoin ecosystem of partnerships, deals have been made with top service providers like Samsung Sportsflow and Pogoseat to optimise fan experience and engagement in sport entertainment. Jetcoin Institute has also recently developed and launched Stadia, a free sport app aimed at increasing fan interaction and engagement during live football.

For a limited time period, jetcoins are available at a promotional price of US$ 0.02 at the official website implementation by https://jetcoininstitute.com. Compared to the Bitcoin, whose rise from its initial sale price of less than US$0.01 to its peak of US$1250, Jetcoin – backed by physical assets – is poised to track an interesting trajectory.

About Jetcoin

Main sponsor of Serie A football team, A.C. ChievoVerona, ‘jetcoin’ is a new digital fuel issued by the Jetcoin Institute. It gives fans and supporters in the world of sports and entertainment a unique opportunity to benefit directly from the success of their favourite athletes and stars, both financially and also through unique lifestyle experiences such as seat upgrades, access to VIP boxes, exclusive events, behind-the-scenes and/or after-parties etc. Jetcoin Institute continues to work with partner teams, brands and service providers to offer exclusive deals to jetcoin holders. Visit https://jetcoininstitute.com

About Prof. Bernard Lietaer

Prof. Lietaer is the author of The Future of Money (translated in 18 languages), and is an international expert in the design and implementation of currency systems. He co-designed and implemented the convergence mechanism to the Euro. Visit http://www.lietaer.com

About A.C. ChievoVerona

A.C. Chievo Verona is a professional Serie A Italian Football club named after and based in Chievo, Verona, in the Veneto region. Visit http://chievoverona.tv

About Samsung Sportsflow

SportsFlow delivers the latest sports news, photos and videos from around the world via one single app. Visit http://www.sportsflow.me

About XNF

XNF is a digital currency with a physical collateral in GOLD. XNF Trading provides the easiest way to acquire virtual currencies (Jetcoin – XNF) in exchange for traditional currencies (USD and EUR) and bitcoins. Visit http://www.nofiatcoin.com

About DXMarkets

DXMarkets is a cutting-edge trading platform for digital currencies. The platform offers a fully customisable dashboard that caters for beginners and experienced traders. DXMarkets aims to position itself as the preferred choice for financial institutions wanting to integrate digital currencies into their product portfolio. Visit https://dxmarkets.com

About NXT

NXT is an open source cryptocurrency and payment network, using proof-of-stake to reach consensus for transactions. As such there is a static money supply and no mining as with Bitcoin. NXT is specifically conceived as flexible platform to build applications and financial services around. Visit http://www.nxt.org

About Pogoseat

Pogoseat is an enterprise solution for sports teams and concert venues that enables their fans to upgrade seats and purchase unique VIP upgrades. Pogoseat currently works with clients across the NBA, MLB, NHL, AFL, The Football League and NCAA all over America. Visit https://www.pogoseat.com

About Stadia

Stadia is a free app powered by Jetcoin that optimises fan experience during live football, available for download on Android and IOS. Visit http://www.stadia.club

10 thoughts on “Bitcoin Alternative Jetcoin to be “Powered by Nxt technology””

  1. I tried to buy some jetcoins “on a card” last week, and the bitcoin paiement failed (but the transaction is ok). So I paid for the jetcoins, and the order is not taken into account, and noone answers me on the jetcoininstitute site (2 messages since the order). IT IS A SCAM, don’t buy 🙁

    • Hi, I will let the Jetcoin people know about this, I believe they are just overwhelmed with the pre-sale.

        • I’m sorry to hear about this. I bought a card too, and received a confirmation mail 20 days ago, saying “your order has been logged in our system”. I suggest that instead of posting “scam” here, you contact Jetcoin or make contact in the thread below. It says “Furthermore whoever can request a refund.” I haven’t followed up on the details about that (I don’t feel the rush to), but maybe you should. I hope you get it solved.

          • As I wrote on my first message, I DID contact them twice, but no answer. I posted “scam” here because that’s where I first read about jetcoins, and I thought it could be useful for anyone like me… For the “Furthermore whoever can request a refund.” sentence, I don’t know where you found it 🙁

          • I send you those informations as soon as my BTC client is up and running… Thanks for your help !

          • Thanks a lot capodieci !
            For those reading this thread : I finaly received an email from jetcoininstitute, my purchase is OK now 🙂
            Paying in bitcoin is not that simple when something goes wrong…

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