Allcoinsnews: Nxt Foundation Positions Platform to Entirely Replace Legacy Banking Systems

Hans Lombardo, Allcoinsnews, writes:

AllCoinsNews had a chance to chat with Nxt marketing lead David Pearce about the Nxt Foundation’s plan to offer blockchain-based systems as a full-on replacement of legacy systems of traditional banks.

ACN:  So, you are positioning Nxt as a decentralized financial platform for replacing legacy systems of banks? We are talking about the entire system of a bank right? Not just enable digital asset capability?

Yeah…it’s an insanely ambitious concept. But the more I look into the problems that banks (and other fintech systems) are facing as a result of their legacy issues, the more it makes sense. A blockchain based system could help banks out of this situation by allowing a comparatively simple migration to an open source system that is already proven to be secure and stable. There are several blockchains as well as Nxt that could be considered for this function, but that only Nxt has the depth of mature features that give enough functionality to be a fully fledged banking system replacement. Right now …

Read the rest of this interview on: http://allcoinsnews.com/2015/11/21/nxt-foundation-positions-platform-to-entirely-replace-legacy-banking-systems/

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