NXT lazy portfolio – May & June


The aim of this monthly report regarding my personal portfolio is to show potential investors how a selection of NXT assets can perform. Readers must of course carry out and rely on their own due diligence research before deciding whether to invest or refrain from investing. My trading strategy is explained here.

Apologies for doing my report so late. I’m reporting May and June here. Due to work commitments, I was not able to do a report earlier. Also, I was not able to do my monthly investment (300 euro) on time.

Portfolio allocation snapshot: 18/06/2015

mayjune asset allocation

Dividend april & may :

mayjune dividend

For “Usdbitfinex” dividend, I’m showing the corresponding NXT value, but the dividend was in the form of usdbitfinex asset. For “NXTinspect” it is similar. “Phoenix”, “Supernet”, and “Liquid” asset were delivered as dividend. I’m just showing the corresponding NXT value for accounting purposes. With today’s pair 1NXT = 0.0125 euro, I received the equivalent of 6.68 euro in April, and 12.68 euro in May. Dividends are growing monthly, I really appreciate that.

Asset performance 18/06:

mayjune asset profit

Most of the assets are performing well! Generally speaking, asset value is growing slowly.

Portfolio performance

mayjune portfolio performance


April showed again a negative return (-6%). However, the recent NXT increase in value has recovered the losses of the last couple of months (+26%). The favorable NXT/EUR pair now gives a positive return to my portfolio. I have a small gain of 60 euro for a total of 1200 euro invested.

Stay tuned:
As explained in my strategy, I will use the bitcoin exchange BitBoat (French & Italian market) to purchase 300 Euro worth of bitcoin for 1 more month, then 150 euro monthly. I stick to my strategy, and in a couple of years I should be able to say if NXT platform is a good opportunity for long term investment and steady return. In my opinion, NXT as a whole looks much more sustainable than bitcoin and 99% of the other crypto.

For my future investments, the “Bankroll” asset looks good but it’s currently difficult to buy them at a good price. “CoinoEUR” offers a 0.06% daily return, and “Jinn” should bring some great news in the coming days.

Full details regarding my portfolio, including its trading history, are available here (refresh the page if it doesn’t load correctly) and do of course remember to look out for my next monthly report!

Remember: Do your own due diligence research and take fully into account your own personal circumstances, objectives and attitudes to risk before making any investment decision and, of course, never invest more than you can afford to loose.

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