JLRDA scam assets

The following 3 asset ID’s have beenblocked from Nxter.org’s NxtAE Top 20: 3043188384369335379 Issuing account: NXT-A5UQ-4BGW-F7L2-9AAZE 9154543394087885074 Issuing account: NXT-V79Z-RQ5X-XXJR-H8P87 6590715851339385031 Issuing account: NXT-A5UQ-4BGW-F7L2-9AAZE BUYER BEWARE! These assets are NOT official JLRDA tokens and we consider them to be SCAM ASSETS! For information about the ongoing JLRDA ICO please visit https://jelurida.com/ico   Related posts: Sorry, we couldn’t find any posts. … Continue reading JLRDA scam assets