NXT/BTC Up 117.60% on the Week

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trend is UP

Last price

0.00002770 NXT/BTC


last price $ 00.01750856
one week ago $ 00.00804635
percentage 117.60%

Price change

Price change is the percentage change within the period:

period change
day -1.18%
week 117.60%
month 113.24%



Nxt announces Ardor:

“Ardor’s prime innovation is to split the blockchain into a main chain that is used for consensus creation only, and multiple child chains that keep separate ledgers of transactions, each child chain using its own coin/token.” 

Learn more





Market capitalization

Market capitalization is the total $US dollar value of the NXT market calculated using the formula: market cap = ( available supply x last price )

[/fusion_text][fusion_text]Market Cap
$ 17,491,051[/fusion_text][fusion_text]Available supply
998999999[/fusion_text][fusion_text]Last price
$ 00.01750856[/fusion_text][fusion_text]


period support
day 0.00001981
week 0.00001200
biweekly 0.00000900
month 0.00000900

Support is the lowest price within the period.



period resistance
day 0.00003800
week 0.00003800
biweekly 0.00003800
month 0.00003800

Resistance is the highest price within the period.




Market sentiment

While the weekly trend is up and bullish, the profit taking sell-off is gaining momentum with the more recent trading sessions on a downturn. As a result the sentiment is considered “neutral”.

This report was printed on Monday June 27 2016 23:00 hours UTC.

Author: KittyBitcoin. Poloniex is the data source.
OP: http://allcoinsnews.com/2016/06/26/nxt-market-report-nxtbtc-up-117-60-on-the-week/

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Russia’s National Settlement Depository Trials NXT Blockchain-Based E-Proxy Voting Prototype

Russia’s National Settlement Depository (NSD), the country’s sole central securities depository (CSD), has tested a blockchain-based e-proxy voting system using the NXT blockchain platform. The NSD provides settlement services for government bonds, municipal bonds and corporate bonds, accounting for 99% of domestic corporate bond issues.

E-proxy voting is a technology designed for corporate actions processing that provides electronic interaction between securities holders and issuers for the purpose of exchanging information and documents.  According to the NXT Foundation, initial tests have revealed that the NXT blockchain based voting system can support 80 votes per second, however the NSD hopes to scale the system’s throughput to 300 instructions per second.

Dave Pearce, founding member of the NXT Foundation, commented:

“The National Settlement Depository’s decision to use NXT technology for its voting system demonstrates very effectively how mature and versatile our platform is. NXT blockchain technology provides a technological quantum leap that allows institutions to replace external verification processes carried out by computers or humans, with a blockchain-based system that has these verification mechanisms built into its very core.”

E-proxy technology was introduced at NSD in August 2014. In April 2015, NSD upgraded the technology, bringing it in line with the global ISO standards. In April 2016, a blockchain-based prototype of e-proxy voting successfully passed the testing related to bondholder meetings. The NSD’s decision to trial a blockchain voting system is the latest announcement from a number of institutions to trial blockchain technology and create greater efficiency and transparency in financial markets.

Read more: http://allcoinsnews.com/2016/05/04/russias-national-settlement-depository-trials-nxt-blockchain-based-e-proxy-voting-prototype/

Drachmae Project Plans Blockchain-Based Travel Club, Token Crowdsale

In 2015, during the Grexit debate, the Drachmae Project was exploring various use cases over the blockchain. This year, after aneducational Proof of Concept, the project is moving forward to use blockchain technology to disrupt the travel sector.

Last year a multi-currency wallet called Drachmae Money was constructed, and SMS and NFC interfaces were added and tested alongside card payments. The lessons learned highlighted some risks, for instance that it is highly possibly to do double spending using Bitcoin.

According to the project leaders, testing on Agistri Island in Greece with a  digital currency and blockchain derived credible data on which to build services that are centered on human behavior.

Project Lead, Lee Gibson Grant, notes:

Consumers and businesses alike require this most of all: Convenience, Savings, Assurance and Community. Techno-centric thinking tends to lose sight of these benefits.

Drachmae Project is now developing its commercial solution that targets travel. The solution will use more than the NXT blockchain used in the Agistri case study. It will also be using Ethereum and permission nodes, and has been dubbed DT Chain.

To raise funds for its development, the Drachmae Project is launching its own crowdsale, where it will offer two instruments:

  • an initial coin offering of the native toke used by the network, DT Token
  • tokenized and smart contract based memberships to a private travel club that will support multiple currencies and be tradeable.

The memberships include Standard – limited to 50,000, Gold – limited to 25,000, and VIP – limited to 5,000

The DT Token total supply will be limited to 88,888,888 tokens, with 8,888,888 being released for the crowdsale. Drachmae has pledged the proceed to supporting the release of the “Travel App Game”, set to launch in June 2016 and Travel Club in September 2016. The most important development is the travel money service, which uses lockchain technology and will be connected to a branded prepaid card.

Grant adds:

The larger question to be answered is whether there is actually appetite to disrupt the Travel Sector, and why this type of project would be supported. Is it the start of an alternative loyalty and rewards mechanism to compete with Air Miles that is currently in decline.

Read more: http://allcoinsnews.com/2016/05/02/drachmae-project-plans-blockchain-based-travel-club-token-crowdsale/

London Workshop March 6: Can Blockchain Tech Improve Credit Markets?

CHAIN-FINANCE, a provider of news, research and workshops on blockchain technologies for global financial services, today announced the debut of its first Blockchain-Finance Workshop in London on March 16, 2016. Speakers from Credits, Ethereum, Nxt, and the Stephen Lawrence Scholars will be contributing to the agenda.

In January 2016 alone, major banks and financial institutions have invested more than a $100 million in the blockchain companies Blockstream and Digital Asset Holdings. In one year, New York-based R3 CEV has built a consortium of 45 retainer-paying global banks to build a blockchain technology standard for banking.

For capital markets in general, the use of distributed ledger technology will achieve better data efficiencies and improve transaction processing and settlement. At almost $90 trillion, the global debt market, known as the “bond market” or “credit market”, dwarfs the equities market by $32 trillion. (Source: Bank of International Settlement Quarterly Review, December 2014)

For the first London 2016 CHAIN-FINANCE workshop, speakers and attendees will examine how blockchain technology can be used to improve bond issuance, trading and settlement in credit markets.

Confirmed speakers include:

The event will be held on Rainmaking Loft London – International House. 1 St Katharine’s Way. London E1W 1UN GB.

To register for the CHAIN-FINANCE Workshop – “How Can Blockchain Technology Improve Credit Markets?” on March 16, 2016, or find out more information, visit: http://blockchain-finance.com/workshops/

Source: http://allcoinsnews.com/2016/02/16/chain-finance-holding-1st-london-blockchain-finance-workshop-16-mar-2016-can-blockchain-tech-improve-credit-markets/

Bitscan.com: NEXTBOND: bitcoin arbitrage asset

Bitscan writes:

Price difference on bitcoin exchanges represents an opportunity for easy, safe profits.

Bitcoin is by far the most liquid cryptocurrency, but there are still inefficiencies across its many exchanges. It’s not unusual for prices to be several dollars apart, one way or another. Those differences can be exploited by arbitrage: buying at the lower price and simultaneously selling at the higher one.

Whilst this can be done manually, it’s far easier with custom software that continually checks the most active exchanges and automatically executes the trade when it sees a discrepancy. It also requires having a significant amount of funds on both the exchanges in question, since even with bitcoin withdrawing money from one exchange to another takes too long; opportunities may last only seconds. The more funds you have in place, the most profit can be made before you have to readjust your balances to make sure the BTC and USD are in the right place.


Sasha Ivanov, known across the web as Coinomat after his instant exchange business of the same name, has been coding and running such bots for years, with significant success on both the bitcoin and altcoin markets. With two associates, he has now consolidated his arbitrage bots into one umbrella fund, called NEXT, which also holds several revenue-generating assets. NEXT is hosted on the Nxt blockchain, meaning it can be traded peer-to-peer like a cryptocoin. Dividends are paid fortnightly, in the native currency NXT. …

Read the rest of this article on: http://bitscan.com/articles/nextbond-bitcoin-arbitrage-asset

Allcoinsnews: Nxt Foundation Positions Platform to Entirely Replace Legacy Banking Systems

Hans Lombardo, Allcoinsnews, writes:

AllCoinsNews had a chance to chat with Nxt marketing lead David Pearce about the Nxt Foundation’s plan to offer blockchain-based systems as a full-on replacement of legacy systems of traditional banks.

ACN:  So, you are positioning Nxt as a decentralized financial platform for replacing legacy systems of banks? We are talking about the entire system of a bank right? Not just enable digital asset capability?

Yeah…it’s an insanely ambitious concept. But the more I look into the problems that banks (and other fintech systems) are facing as a result of their legacy issues, the more it makes sense. A blockchain based system could help banks out of this situation by allowing a comparatively simple migration to an open source system that is already proven to be secure and stable. There are several blockchains as well as Nxt that could be considered for this function, but that only Nxt has the depth of mature features that give enough functionality to be a fully fledged banking system replacement. Right now …

Read the rest of this interview on: http://allcoinsnews.com/2015/11/21/nxt-foundation-positions-platform-to-entirely-replace-legacy-banking-systems/

Bitscan.com: Farlaweb share issue: business on the blockchain

Bitscan.com writes:

Crypto offers massive benefits. It’s transparent, borderless, efficient and fast. I chatted to Peter Farla, a web designer who has recently used the crowdfunding potential of the blockchain.

1) So, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Peter Farla and I live with my girlfriend and our dog in the Netherlands. Since elementary school I’ve been interested in running a business. I started my own environment protection company at the age of 9 and collected money for non-profit organizations every month by doing tasks together with my ‘employees’. I like the magic of creating my own business and making that successful. After high school I studied Multimedia Design. We didn’t learn much about internet development, but about CD-ROM productions. In those days (late 90s) CD-ROMs were the future. Haha, they bet on the wrong horse…

2) What prompted you to issue a cryptostock for your business?

I’ve been into Nxt since late 2013. I was very impressed about the possibilities it has to offer. Nxt is becoming more and more a platform for business. I wanted to expand my business and needed a financial boost for that. I love the Nxt Asset Exchange and use it all the time, looking for business opportunities. I thought, Why don’t I try it for Farla Webmedia? …

Read the rest of this interview on: 

Cointelegraph interview: The Bter Hack, The Future and When Is It Okay To Change History?

Ian DeMartino, Cointelegraph, writes:

Popular exchange Bter recently suffered a hack that resulted in more than 51 million NXT being stolen from the exchange, at the time worth more than USD $1.7 Million. This brought up the question: much manipulation of the blockchain is acceptable? While Bter managed to negotiate most of the NXT back into its possession, before that happened the NXT community was presented with a choice: Change the blockchain to reverse the hack and save Bter and the 51 million NXT or allow the transaction to remain and preserve the integrity of the blockchain.

They overwhelmingly decided against changing the blockchain.

Vericoin developer Patrick Nosker, who had to help implement a hardfork on his coin after Mintpal lost most of the Vericoin it held in a hack, came out against NXT changing their blockchain. NXT Community Manager Bas Wisselink publicly came out against changing the blockchain but agreed that giving the option to the community was the right decision, something some in the community disagreed with.

We decided now would be a good time to talk to each of them about the future of their coins, if each coin made the right choice and the philosophical implications of changing a public ledger.

CoinTelegraph: While most of the Nxt has been returned, before that happened you both came out against the fork in NXT. For the benefit of our readers, can both of you give a quick rundown on why and why it was different than Vericoin’s situation?

Read this interview on: http://cointelegraph.com/news/interview-with-nxts-bas-wisselink-and-vericoins-patrick-nosker-the-bter-hack-the-future-and-when-is-it-okay-to-change-history

CoinTelegraph interviews: “NXT is to Bitcoin …as Tesla Model S is to a Volkswagen Beetle”

Allen Scott, Cointelegraph, writes:

CoinTelegraph had the chance to catch up with the NXT team. Known for its less resource-intensive mining and 100% proof-of-stake, it is no wonder why NXT recently surpassed the popular Dogecoin by market cap. But exchange rate and speculation aside, the NXT team explains why it is the “next” step in the evolution of cryptocurrencies and why Bitcoin is just the beginning.

CoinTelegraph: Nxt includes an innovative “proof-of-stake” feature which essentially means that coins are not created by “mining.” How then are Nxt coins created and put into circulation?

NXT: All the 1,000,000,000 NXT were available within the Genesis Block (= first block) and got distributed to the initial stakeholders. It was hardcoded into the source code.

Transaction fees are how NXT are re-circulated back into the network. Currently transaction fees are generated by sending NXT, assigning aliases, using the arbitrary messaging feature, issuing, buying or selling the assets. Transaction fees are currently set at a minimum of 1 NXT per payment. As NXT price increases, the minimum fee is planned to be reduced to continue to allow micro-transactions to be practical. The total fee reached 1,112,084 NXT after 6 months. 4,697,286,927 NXT were already transferred (= 4.7 x total supply of NXT).

CT: Being considered a second-gen cryptocurrency, do you see Nxt making Bitcoin obsolete or can both have their specific uses and co-exist? 

NXT: Andreas M. Antonopoulos often says: there will be millions of cryptos and they will happily co-exist. David Johnson [Mastercoin] also shares this opinion; there will always be a space for more players, since each crypto aims for specific users. Nxt is to Bitcoin …

Read the rest of this interview on: