[crowdfunding] The First Book About Nxt

The first book about Nxt

Crowdfunding campaign: 5th December 2015 to 5th January 2016

We need your support

What is this book ?

Initially published as a pdf, it will be the first multi-lingual, tangible symbol of the real-life, global, transformative potential of Nxt.

More specifically, co-published by Nxter Magazine and Plaisir d’histoire (Ludom), it will be the printed (paper) version of the free pdf-book that was published to celebrate Nxt’s second birthday. It contains articles written in English, Russian, French, Spanish and Chinese.




by apenzl …………………………………………………………………………………. 4

Что делает Nxt криптоплатформой второго поколения?
(English: What makes Nxt crypto platform 2nd generation?)
by abctc …………………………………………………………………………………. 11

The original spirit
by Bas ‘Damelon’ Wisselink ………………………………………………………….. 17

Nxt son histoire et son potentiel
(English: Nxt – its history and potential)
by Lionel ‘Ludom’ Jeannerat …………………………………………………………. 28

Three unappreciated Nxt services
by Cassius ………………………………………………………………………………. 52

Nxt financiación colectiva
(English: Nxt Crowdfunding)
by Rubén BC ……………………………………………………………………………. 58

Nxt Foundation:
How to market a decentralised, open source organisation
by Dave ‘EvilDave’ Pearce ……………………………………………………………. 73

The Value of 10 NXTs
by ChuckOne …………………………………………………………………………… 80

by Cassius and apenzl ………………………………………………………………… 87

(English: China is awake)
by NxtChina ……………………………………………………………………………. 97

The regulatory process:
if you‘re not at the table, you‘re on the menu
by Robert Bold, Kushti, Jean-Luc and Riker …………………………………….. 105


In summary, our goals are:

  • Produce a high quality, limited edition of the English language version of the book in printed (paper) form.
  • Translate the book into each of the other 4 languages depending on demand and to make them available initially as pdfs.
  • Produce paper versions of the book in each of the other 4 languages either as ‘Print-on-Demand’ or in high quality, again depending on demand.

See below for further details.

Why we need your support

This project needs support from the community: morally and financially.

Morally: we need your support to help sustain our motivation. If our project doesn’t have the community’s support, we have no reason to continue working on it.

Financially: we need your support so that we can create high quality publications of the book in paper form, starting with the English Language version.

Each copy sold during the campaign will be numbered and signed by Ludom on behalf of Nxter Magazine and Plaisir d’histoire.

Over time, as Nxt becomes established as a financial ecosystem, it is anticipated that the book will become an increasingly valuable collector’s item.

Our projected costs are:

  • Printing cost: 200 books
    (150mm x 220 mm, 136 + 4 pages,
    Interior B/W 90gr Premium,
    Couverture Quadri 235gr Integra Antalis,
    Spine Sewn and glued).
  • Shipping cost, taxes and custom fees (30% of the book’s price).
  • Miscellaneous costs: ISBN and Swiss National Library registration of the books, shipping of the books for the contributors (writers, editors and translators).

Plaisir d’histoire will pay the FIAT bills but wants to be reimbursed in crypto-currencies, assets and MScoins.

Nxter Magazine and Plaisir d’histoire need 200’000 NXT or its equivalent in value in other crytocurrencies, assets or MScoins to produce and deliver a high quality paper version of the book in English.

How you can support us


Buying e-book and paper books

Once a week during the campaign, the prices, which are determined in USD, will be converted into crypto value and published on the Nxtforum.

Worldwide delivery will be available.

Tokens to buy e-books are:

ebookeng: E-book in English

Asset ID 18310681715601320988

ebookfre:  E-book in French

Asset ID 762274092038885351

ebookrus: E-book in Russian

Asset ID 18284118483914201034

ebookspa: E-book in Spanish

Asset ID 2728308106613828176

ebookchi: E-book in Chinese

Asset ID 10707307993124388284

The price of the e-book is 2$ (Price in NXT and other tokens on Nxtforum).

Tokens to buy paper-books are:

Pbookeng: 1 paper book in English

Asset ID 7676447843512066742

Price: 20$ (Price in NXT and other tokens on Nxtforum).

TENGB (MScoin tradable, controllable): 3 paper books in English (16% discount)

Price: 50$ (Price in NXT and other tokens on Nxtforum).

XENGB (MScoin tradable, controllable): 10 paper books in English (25% discount)

Price: 150$(Price in NXT and other tokens on Nxtforum).

LENGB (MScoin tradable, controllable): 50 paper books in English (50% discount)

Price: 500$ (Price in NXT and other tokens on Nxtforum).

How to buy with NXT

Buy the tokens that you want on the asset exchange or on the MScoin exchange. Verify the ID of the assets.

How to buy with a listed asset

Send the required amount of the asset (look at the price list on Nxtforum)) to NXT-DE5P-4A5T-6SHU-7FHCV with a message that explains what you buy.

How to buy with other assets or MScoins

We can accept other crypto-value. For more details, send a message to ludom@test.nxter.org or an arbitrary message to NXT-DE5P-4A5T-6SHU-7FHCV.

How do you send the books

When the e-books are ready, we will send an encrypted message to the asset holders with instructions how to download the e-books.

When the books have been printed, a confirmatory message to that effect will be sent to the assets/MScoin holders. As soon as each holder sends us back the token with their physical address, Plaisir d’histoire will send the book(s) to their address.

Where any part of the campaign fails to meets its objectives, we will buy back the tokens concerned.

Free donations and account leasing

Feel free to make donation to the account NXT-DE5P-4A5T-6SHU-7FHCV. We accept everything:

NXT, assets, MScoins, alias, nice messages and anything-else you like.

During the crowdfunding campaign, the account will be forging all the time, the forging revenues will be part of the funding. You can lease your account to support the project.

Special rewards

Alias system

On Nxtforum, we’ll organise an auction to sell a special alias: SurpriseAlias. The winner of the auction will buy the alias on the Nxt platform.

This alias will be printed in large font on the first pages under the words: “Discover the link of SupriseAlias”.

Early bird discount grunge rubber stamp on white background, vector illustration


15 x Early English Bird (17$):

The English language version of the book will be sold with a 15% discount. Each Nxt account will be limited to one book at this discount.

You will also receive 1 asset Pbookeng.

If you want more than one book at a discount, please buy the TENGB, XENGB or LENGB MScoins.

4 x Little advertiser (200$):

You receive a XENGB (10 books) + a half page of the book for your advertisement.

2 x Big advertiser (600$):

You receive a LENGB (50 books) + a full page of the book for your advertisement.

10 x E-book life subscription (40$)

You receive the asset NxterSub (1637207859198711678). This asset gives the right to receive for free every e-book published by Nxter Magazine for EVER.


Additionally, to show our support for this promising Nxt project, we will be selling 15 Early birds and 10 E-book life subscriptions on FreeMarket.

I want to help in some other way

Contact Ludom of Plaisir d’histoire: ludom@test.nxter.org or NXT-DE5P-4A5T-6SHU-7FHCV

What are the goals

The main goal: English paper book

We want to publish a really good quality book in English. We don’t want to use the print-on-demand solution because the print quality is bad and the profits are tiny.

To print 200 books, we need 200’000 NXT of crypto-value. All the NXT, assets and the MScoins are in the “First Nxt book” account NXT-DE5P-4A5T-6SHU-7FHCV.

The campaign will end on the 5th January 2015.

Updates of the estimated value of the ‘First Nxt book’ portfolio will be published regularly on Nxtforum.

Secondary goals: other language versions of the book

Since there would certainly be less demand for editions of the book in other languages, we are putting forward the following proposals:

20 e-books: translation into any of the other 4 languages: Russian, French, Spanish and Chinese.

If 20 assets of an e-book in one of the above languages are sold, we will begin translating it into that language. You can buy as many assets as you want to support your own language version of the book.

50 e-books: paper book published as Print-on-demand

If 50 assets of an e-book in a particular language are sold, we will launch the corresponding asset PbookXXX and the MScoins (x3, x10 and x50). You will then be able to buy the paper book in this language.

Subject as provided below, the quality of the book will be ‘Print-on-Demand’.

30 paper books + 150k NXT: paper book ‘best quality’

After the main goal of 200k NXT has been reached, for every additional 150k NXT, we will publish the book in a new language in the same quality as the English language version.

To qualify for high quality publication, a minimum of 30 copies of the particular language version of the book must have been purchased. Where two or more language versions of the book qualify, the best seller will be the one chosen.


Who am I?

My name is Lionel Jeannerat (‘Ludom’ on Nxtforum). I’m a Swiss. I work freelance in History and game design and carry on a publishing business under the name Plaisir d’histoire. I am responsible for managing this campaign and the logistical aspects of publishing the book.  My website is: http://www.plaisirdhistoire.ch/

I’m working with the core team of Nxter.org, the Nxter Magazine. They are responsible for editing and translating the book. Their website is: http://test.nxter.org/

We are all well-known and, we like to think, trusted in the Nxt community.

What will we do if the goals are not reached?

First, we’ll all be very disappointed!

Second, I’ll rebuy every asset that can’t be exchanged with the promised product.

The articles are already available to read, so why should you support us?

Yes, it’s true. You can already read the articles for free, at least in their original languages: http://test.nxter.org/nxt-2nd-birthday/

But our ambition extends beyond this campaign.

Our future projects

Nxter Magazine and Plaisir d’histoire want to build new projects on the Nxt platform. This campaign is the first of the projects we are planning based on the Nxt platform.

The Nxt marketing

An excellent, beautifully produced book about Nxt is a great tool for Nxt marketing. A PDF or a cheap Print-on-demand Book is a poor substitute for that. And, if we have books in other languages, we can of course reach more people.

We want to print more books than are sold during the campaign. Having a good stock available in each language will enable us to market it, and therefore Nxt, more effectively.

To that end we want to increase the book’s distribution via online and physicals books shops.

A new example of the use of Nxt platform

As you can see, we will be using every feature of Nxt in our crowdfunding campaign. Nxt needs its crowdfunding platform to be used in as many different ways as possible in order for its flexibility and effectiveness to be fully demonstrated. The success of our campaign will provide a further demonstration of the power of Nxt.

If the campaign is as big a success as you envisage, what will you do with the extra funding?

We won’t make any profit until the book is published in each language: English, French, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. And we need 200k + 150k + 150k + 150k + 150k NXT = 800k NXT for that.

If we funded more than that, it would mean that we would have sold more and the shipping cost would therefore be bigger too. Firstly, I would pay the extra cost with the extra funds.

After that, the surplus (i.e. the profit) would be shared between the contributors (1/3), Nxter.org (1/3) and Plaisir d’histoire (1/3). This revenue would be used to reward the writers, editors and translators, and to prefund our future projects on the Nxt platform.

What will we do with the funding?

Plaisir d’histoire will pay every FIAT bill of the project. If the costs don’t exceed what is planned, there is no reason to sell any of the fund.

Plaisir d’histoire pays in FIAT and receive the equivalence NXT and/or assets, that’s it.

If there is good liquidity to sell them, I’ll do it during and after the campaign. But we don’t want to crash the price of any token. If people want to buy some of our assets, they can propose their price.  This would be another good way to help us meet our objectives and therefore help Nxt. Contact me at ludom@test.nxter.org

Nxt Community & Development Update Summary #8



Didi’s been working on an “adaptor” to make it easy for exchanges to add NXT. They are used to the Bitcoin blockchain and have been afraid or unwilling to do the tech themselves and connect to the Nxt network. This should help.

NxtWallet AE list

NxtWallet don’t list all asset anymore. You have to search them by ID. It’s meant to be a safety improvement, and makes the client more neutral. There are pro’s and con’s, if you don’t like it, use another client.

PayExpo 2014

Amsterdam conference was a success, and PayExpo is next. The quite expensive payment processor conference was crowdfunded by the Nxt Community after lots of discussing. It holds huge potential for embarrassment or success for Nxt. Salsacz organized the funding as middleman for TxtCoinsNow.

Salsacz updates:

It’s a fantastic opportunity that should not be missed. No BTC to confuse the picture.
3000 business people. 5 mins presentation, 10 mins to show Nxt as a powerful payment network.

Who is going? Salsa, TxtCoinsNow, Cointropolis, The-Lawyer-of-Nxt. There’s still a free ticket left.

TxtCoin was going anyway and offered to get Nxt in for a good price. TxtCoins is pretty new to Nxt but chose to use Nxt for his product. Therefore he also wants to market Nxt, and donated 95K + NxtCoin shares and hours of work for making Nxt crypto currency partner @PayExpo. Paid for hotel in Vienna and for free tickets to this conference as well.

TxtCoinNow will be a payment platform that allows people to use cryptos without accessing the internet, only by using text messages on mobile phones. They will use Nxt to demo their product, and use it as bridge to other crypto currencies. Africa, Asia + other countries is their main market. The company is 4 years old.

MarcDeMesel is interested to come and help speak at the booth. Will Skype Salsacz.


* Washington DC conference. Tai Zen may attend. MarcDeMesel too.

* Amsterdam crew is still working. Talking to the people they met, turning plans into reality “behind the scenes”. Lots of contacts have been reviewed and followed up. Closing deals takes time, contracts aren’t signed at the conferences but in the time that follows.

* The ALIAS Exchange feature will be implemented in the next version of NxtWallet. It’s being tested on testnet. Nxt Corporate Design will be implemented in the client as well, but at the time Wesley is busy with Digital Goods Store, and he asks for help with this. [UPDATE: mrv777 is converting the psd design to html now, and is almost done!].

* mynxt.info will come up with a new version of the blockchain explorer, including AE.

* Klee + Antonius is working on nxtblocks.info wallet + blockchain explorer, including AE list, AE explorer + AE statistics.

NXT Community & Development summary #6

by Apenzl.


Tai Zen:

 Uniquoern is working on getting the Overstock people into Nxt.

Nxt.org, the “official” Nxt-site is up and running, and under ongoing development.

Nxtcrypto.org has been converted to NxtCommunity.org. People who want to join and help the Nxt Community should go there or to the forums @ https://nxtforum.org.

Nxt Foundation

NxtFoundation.org domain is being transferred to Tai Zen.

Nxt Foundation is a number of people who have committed to the Nxt platform and done work for it. Originally founded by Tai Zen, Damelon, Uniquoern and QBTC in an effort to get together active Nxters and prevent double work. It’s not paid or official, just bringing trusted Nxters together who are actively developing or promoting Nxt. The Nxt Foundation core is trying to set up a funding opportunity for Nxt in the future, for when the 3 Funds Committees run dry of resources.

Tai Zen:

The foundation is not centralized. We just use the term “Foundation” so that when people like businesses and others want to use the Nxt platform and integrating it into their business, they have a contact point that is reliable and has integrity and understands the Nxt platform and can connect them with the right people.

Some original stakeholders have donated to the Nxt Foundation. Pouncer donated 1.5M Nxt for different purposes.

Digital Coins

P2PGuy (Robert Crabtree) wrote an iBook about digital coins, an entry point for “Ordinary People” getting into cryptos. He will be running a FB advertising campaign for mac users. He shares his thoughts about advertising Nxt. The book’s chapter about Nxt is carefully positioned as the last one, so that when readers have caught up on cryptos, Nxt will be the Next.

But DOES it promote Nxt?


Nxtcommunity.org and Nxt.org is linked from the book. (…) I’m working with the marketing committee to attract people from the crypto world to working with Nxt.

Also, read this:

Marc De Mesel

“Why I invested half my bitcoins into Nxt”

The 51% attack is a major weakness of Bitcoin. In fact you need only 1% of the existing Bitcoins to attack the network. 30-40 million dollars can sink the ship. Marc chose to invest equally into BTC and Nxt:


I made the mistake with bitcoin that I only invested 10%. Nxt IMO is high risk, but the risk reward is much better for Nxt than it was to Bitcoin. It’s time to get in now.

(But don’t invest money in anything, that you can’t afford to loose). 😉


I invest more. Otherwise you will have only small profits even though you saw the big picture.


Bitcoin 2014

Justabit (John Manglaviti):

This might be the biggest event for Nxt EVER! Support it.



Making great progress. Liquidity is what they want. We must show, that we are not just an investment coin.

If we can make a plugin that the ATM’s can use, we will be ready.

Developers – read that again! ATM’s will make it possible for our grandma’s and grandpa’s to invest in Nxt.

Payment processors

We’re pushing. Right now, we’re waiting on them. No need to contact them anymore, we are on it.


You will soon see Nxt Asset Exchange described in a well known publication.
Thanks to everybody who added their input to the article.


We recorded a video on a recent conference [@ Missouri State University]. (…) We went into the business community. We talked to entrepreneurs and small businesses. 40-45 people. There weren’t hundreds but these were movers and shakers.

Video is here:

After the speech we spoke for over an hour to local businesses. (…) That could have went on for hours. We had people grabbing their chairs and circling our table… (…) People were willing to talk. 

We were invited to come back. (…)
We’re gonna talk to the Chamber of Commerce. Next month we’ll talk to the local AITP chapter.

Trek Con Springfield


We had a booth present. We were talking to sci-fi people who weren’t necessarily crypto’s or IT nerds. (…) We learned a lot about how to present it on a non technical level. (…)

We posted our thoughts: [@ https://nxtforum.org/trekcon-(may-9-11th-2014)/trekcon-updates/msg18994/] and hope that everyone will use it that going forward.


Allows you to transfer your money into cryptos. They accept credit cards.

We need guys in the UK that have bank accounts and who are willing to sell their Nxt at any cost they want. In that way they have the liquidity. That would be another big step to make us go mainstream.


AITP is a national IT organization with a couple of hundred chapters.

I’m giving a speech in June, about Nxt to them. They’ve asked me to come down, talk about digital currencies. (…) This speech will be handed out to all chapters. So this is a big deal to Nxt.

Nxt will go to the moon.

Appreciate this summary?
Tip me back @ 196910366798475802 / NXT-UWJU-XXST-3MPQ-2JWG7



Nxt Community & Development Update Summary #3

Tai Zen:

The purpose of these NXT updates are to keep everyone in the NXT community informed and up to date with the latest developments and progress from NXT without having to read multiple forums.


Nxt core development

Didi. Member of Tech-Dev, the Nxt Committee who deals with the NRS core:

Java devs are hard to find. The competent devs from the Nxt Community are already involved, and outsiders know nothing about Nxt, and are expensive. 3 guys are on their way in, but if you are interested and got talent, go to the Tech-Dev subforum and introduce yourself.

Currently the Nxt Asset Exchange is being tested thoroughly and stabilized, it will hopefully run on the Amsterdam conference. Estimated release date is not available yet. The change to NQT, dividing 1 NXT into 10M quants pr. NXT has been implemented. 8 decimal places have been added on testnet.

Nxt clones

Talk about Nxt clones. Advantages and disadvantages.

Some seem to be afraid that clones may grow bigger than Nxt. The community is the key, because th open source software can be copied by anyone. Clones usually sell themselves by criticizing Nxt and adding a feature. Promised features, as it stands, the rest is copy-paste of the current Nxt-code, and the real development is still being done by Nxt. They might attract new people, who will turn to Nxt. We should learn from them.


Nxt.org is touched upon again. PM Uniquorn if you want to help out with the site.
Plan is to make it the main gateway into Nxt. Why should people with their own sites move?
Anyone involved in Nxt should benefit from having Nxt.org. This will make room for sub websites.


Damelon describes Nxt.org as an entrance site, and Nxtcrypto aim to connect people. Offer jobs, content development, be more for the advanced Nxter. Either you join the big sites, or you create a niche strong enough to stand for itself.

Nxt payment module

Payment module. By the end of this week, our first open source payment module should be ready for everyone who wants to accept payments in Nxt without any third party involved. First one will be for WordPress / WooCommerce, and other platforms will follow. Damelon will present a finished product/shop to the community.

Nxt Community & Development Meetings are every Wednesday 11 AM NST / 4 PM GMT.

Nxt Community & Development Update Summary #2

Tai Zen:

The purpose of these NXT updates are to keep everyone in the NXT community informed and up to date with the latest developments and progress from NXT without having to read multiple forums.


 Wesleyh NRS client

Wesley explains his client, which is going to be the original NRS. Alias system is touched upon, forging from the client and the importance of getting a public key for your account. Java+html programmers are welcome to participate in the making of the client. You don’t have to know about cryptos. Just contact Wesley.


Graviton, owner of Dgex.com + the Offspring Client. Offspring is the only Nxt client shipped with the full Nxt core engine and using the low level java API. This makes it a standalone desktop client, with no web browser needed. It’s functionally is quite similar to Wesleys. All links are clickable, leading to more information. Graviton welcomes developers to modify Offspring for their needs, as it is open source. Also looking for java programmers. Contact Graviton.

About Dgex. Situation is of course different from the time when Dgex was the only Nxt exchange. Graviton is actually relieved that the market has spread. The workload is off their back, both with Dgex and Nextcoin.org forum.

IPO of Dgex shares has closed and the shares are now being traded on Dgex. Legally they are profit sharing tokens. Prices are based on Nxt. Profits are sent out weekly.

It’s still a partially manual process to verify the in- and out coming money. Credited a about few times daily, at least every night. Exchange security – everything is kept in cold storage. Only a minor part can be compromised if successfully attacked by hackers. Backup funds are secure.

Developing. New features will come. Chat capacity. Further announcements will be made.

Bitcoin sidechains

Tim Swanson presents the idea of “Blockchain 2.0” to us. It’s supposed to be an extension in the bitcoin core that will allow sidechains. It’s gonna be more competition from guys with a proven track record and money in the bank. There’s a built in incentive for Bitcoin shareholders to promote this, as they already hold bitcoins. In order to use the side chains, you will have to use bitcoin tokens, held in the bitcoin blockchain, using atomic transactions to achieve this. So roughly speaking, they are trying to do the same thing as 2.0’s but keep their main blockchain. They want to gather all the cool ideas that alcoin people have, and get it integrated. It’s an incentive to speed up, but we are already in front.

How will it affect Nxt?

There is no code yet, just an idea, and coders about to get started. It all has to be executed. Mining pools have to get on board. If they reject the code because it has no direct valuable to them, it’s gonna fail. This is not a problem for PoS.

On the other hand, lots of talented guys have knowledge of the bitcoin blockchain and are ready to program.

Tim gives a little advise, and an outsiders look at Nxt:

We’re young. Nobody has heard about Nxt.
PoS, good. Low cost infrastructure. Good. Not vulnerable. Good.
Biggest advantage could be: Creating a turn key solution to get into institutions.
Customize PoW for enterprises. Might conflict with the decentralized nature of Nxt, maybe not.

Read more about Blockchain 2.0 here:

About Nxt.org

Bitventurer + Uniquorn explains:

It will have a shiny, nice and animated landing page.
Click, and you will be directed to educational stuff. Same style as the animated Nxt introduction video.

Also a small talk about the “hostage”-story of nxt.org.
Writers are sought for. Nxt.org’s idea is to centralize the output. Good content will be published.


Salsacz was trusted the early marketing efforts with a bunch of Nxt. A few 100K is left. This will be kept separate from the main Marketing Fund. Salsacz will decide who to donate to, but will take more people in.

Focus will be on education from now on. Provide texts and videos about this.
How should we present Nxt? Discussion are on nxtforum.org/promotion. Googledoc should belong to the past.

How to receive bounties? Step up to conferences. Bigger projects is Marketing Committee. Smaller projects, start with the Salsacz fund. Will reward good quality. Articles could be sponsored. If it is to be published, there will not be payment, only for very important news. Not for external sites. If you want to contribute, write ideas. About anything. Everything is helpful.

Also, there’s a bounty from the UF that has to be solved.
These will be used for conferences and small stuff. Could be used for it.

Anon136, Tech-dev Committee

Antast is added to the committee. Two have stepped down. Tech-dev sub forum is available for applications to the committee. These could be about anything that affects the core, but it’s not for features built on top. Another core developer might be added, to support JL, an interview is coming up.

Also, Anon136 is looking for a client developer to add a bitmit kind of service to Nxt. Bitmit was a crypto version of Ebay, but it’s gone now, and there is no substitution for it. Anon136 want it on the Nxt blockchain with no centralized administrator, so noone can close it. Placing orders by AM, connected to the physical goodstore. Place order, execute order. He has promotional funds and will pay pretty reasonably for the work. Minimum qualifications: Decent talent. Show what you have done. Application can be made in the tech-dev sub forum.

Original Stakeholders’ Committee

Klee talks about his vision to make an Original Stakeholders Committee. Big stakes should be put to good use. Many people contact Klee by PM asking for funds, but it’s difficult to decide for bounties, for different matters. It’s difficult to keep up with the projects afterwards.

Many are whining about the initial distribution. Early adopters are willing to donate, but need a safe way. Someone trusted should handle the stake and make the decisions on how to distribute it to the right people. Anon136 could be responsible for the funds. The committee is for people with more than 10M Nxt. Original stakeholders are invited to join. Contact Klee.

Nxt Community & Development Meetings are every Wednesday 11 AM NST / 4 PM GMT.



Nxt Community & Development Update Summary #1


Tai Zen

We had the first public NXT community & Development Update last Wednesday with several people in the NXT community including Come From Beyond, Damelon, QBTC, Uniqueorn, Adam Levine, Opticalcarrier, Randall, etc and others who chose to remain anonymous.

The purpose of these NXT updates are to keep everyone in the NXT community informed and up to date with the latest developments and progress from NXT without having to read multiple forums.

Nxt Community & Development Meetings are every Wednesday 11 AM NST / 4 PM GMT.