BTCOR Group Investment

BTCOR  – Utilizing the NXT Monetary System and Asset Exchange to generate dividends on stored wealth and support SuperNET in alignment with a profit-for-change paradigm


SuperNET, Cyberspace – BTCOR Group Investment, the first NXT asset to utilize NXT’s revolutionary Monetary System technology, has announced the members of its diversely talented and respected team and also its business plan, which details the asset’s complex structure and core principles.

A modified excerpt from the business plan https://www.btcor.co/btcor-group-investment/ :

BTCOR and its SERIES VENTURE wealth storage facilities allow for holding/storing value in the form of ASSETS, GOLD, SILVER, BITCOIN and the US DOLLAR.

BTCOR is the parent asset and is the simplest choice for investment. Funds received through sales of the BTCOR asset will be used to generate value for shareholders by investing primarily in SuperNET’s technology, core coins, and assets and by seizing any other opportunities the Executive Board may deem advantageous. Any dividends received by assets held in the BTCOR Treasury will be redistributed proportionately to BTCOR shareholders on a monthly basis.

The SERIES VENTURES https://www.btcor.co/btcor-assets/ are a group of assets subsidiary to BTCOR that provides storage of wealth for shareholders. As investors purchase shares in a SERIES VENTURE asset, the investment is converted into its respective class while maintaining the best available current exchange rate.

  • GDCAR is the investment vehicle for gold
  • BTCAR is the investment vehicle for bitcoin
  • SVCAR is the investment vehicle for silver
  • FIATX is the investment vehicle for US$

All of these balances are held in the BTCOR Treasury and represent the inherent wealth of BTCOR and SERIES VENTURE shareholders. The SERIES VENTURE portion of the Treasury is never used, transferred or manipulated in any way and these holdings remain stationary until shareholders vote otherwise.

Working alongside these wealth storage facilities are interest-generating vehicles fueled by profit-driven speculation.

We have deployed a number of vehicles that enable the speculator to make a speculative investment on the current markets of gold, silver, bitcoin, and foreign exchange (FOREX) using the NXT Monetary System.

A skilled Operator is responsible for trading with funds obtained monthly via the NXT Monetary System and makes puts and calls at the Operator’s sole discretion. The Operator is constantly under review by the Executive Board and subject to redundancy at any time. The Operator must have a minimum of one (1) BTC stake in each trading vehicle to ensure honest and well-planned trading is practiced.

Profits from these activities are distributed to BTCOR and SERIES VENTURE shareholders on a monthly basis. This dynamic provides an incentive to save via the SERIES VENTURE facilities, while limiting the exposure of the saver to the inherent risks.

BTCOR promotes a profit-for-change paradigm.

In the face of today’s economic, social, and environmental inequality, we at BTCOR believe it is imperative that revenue should not only lead to increased financial independence, but that it should also be used to promote access to truthful information, conscious acts of philanthropy and charity. By working smarter, not harder, we can leverage our funds to promote and embody the change we’d like to see in the world.

A certain percentage of monthly revenues are already being allocated towards a charity fund. As we grow and succeed, we will continue to implement projects and programs that function to manifest this paradigm.

The BTCOR team consists of thoughtfully appointed shareholders and community members that collectively represent the talents and abilities required of the Group’s Senior Executives and Executive Board, which oversee and manage BTCOR operations such that shareholder profit is maximized in adherence to the Group’s mission statement and core principles.


  • CEO – house
  • Chairman – eth
  • Secretary – mxxxxxx
  • Chief Systems Engineer – shack4
  • Finance Committee Chair – gambleh


  • infinitechaos (Public Relations Committee Chair)
  • pnoch (Lead Developer)
  • futurist
  • damon
  • 3rdStryker
  • lootz
  • nippybrit

Detailed descriptions of the various roles and responsibilities required of each of the Executives as well as their asset allocation packages are available here https://www.btcor.co/btcor-team/

Of particular significance is the appointment of pnoch as Lead Developer. He is a very talented and respected developer who is already working with the Chief Systems Engineer to develop proprietary technology designed to enhance efficiency and transparency of BTCOR operations for its shareholders. The Lead Developer may also be tasked with creating or implementing advanced automated trading software designed to trade FOREX markets and maximize shareholder revenues.

For more information on the BTCOR Group Investment, please visit btcor.co, follow @BTCORsupport on Twitter, and join the #btcor channel at SuperNET Slack.

JLH Newsletter #1, 01.01 – 20.01.2015

JLH Overview (20.01.15)

Net Asset Value (NAV) 3.44 NXT
Last Trade Price (on AE) 3.30 NXT
Bid Price (on AE) 3.44 NXT
Ask Price (on AE) 3.11000001 NXT
Volume (24h) 165 $

Transactions and dividends

In January there were only a few transactions.

02.01.2014: 175,000 NXT was transferred to the GLYDA Account in respect of the JLH Lotto prizes.

And the winners are:
1st = NXT-CFAC-JAFV-VFV4-9BBY8:                 100,000 NXT
2nd = NXT-QEQH-RK3U-BBDS-BZ5BZ:               50,000 NXT
3rd = NXT-QB7Q-2VEM-M7E6-5YXA8:                 25,000 NXT

Congratulations !!!

17.01.2014 : 50,000 NXT was transferred to the GLYDA Account in respect of the January bonus for JLH holders.

Starting January 2014, JLH asset holders are eligible to receive a discretionary bonus:

January bonus for all jl777hodl investors will be paid out tomorrow (Saturday, January 17) at a rate of .005NXT/asset.
We’re calling this a bonus and not a dividend because only NXT received by the fund will be distributed and the amount and timing will be at the discretion of jl777.  Currently, the fund has 51,461.13NXT and so 50,000NXT will be distributed to hodlers.
Thanks everyone for your continued supported and investment in jl777hodl!  Feel free to contact me anytime for details/question.

Income received: summary

Dividend from HRNXTPool: 8,289.97 NXT

Dividend from Coinomat: 3,887.87 NXT

Others: 390.04 NXT

Welcome to…

57,359 OPALTKN from a dividend of InstantDEX.

1959 NXTCS from a dividen of SuperNET.

1.4736 SuperNETx2 from a dividend of OPALTKN.

Focus on ‘HRNXTPool’

HRNXTPool is the biggest dividend provider in the JLH portfolio. But what is it?

HRNXTPool is the asset of hashrate.org, the first mining pool based on NXT. HRNXTPool’s revenue comes from the 2% fees charged by the mining pool + the mining profit generated by the ‘community owned pool’ (COP) ASIC mining hardware, the most power efficient (on a W/GH metric) available on the market.

The manager of hashrate.org is pf a well known member of nxtforum.org. For further information and to ask any questions, visit the HRNXTPool topic on the Nxt forum.

JLH portfolio owns 10,750/100,000 HRNXTPool, 10.75% of the venture.

What’s nxt in JLH?

(Ludom’s personal forecast and analysis)

Next month should be very quiet. A new bonus will be paid, though certainly smaller than this month’s.

James hasn’t announced any new assets recently  and most assets won’t be paying out dividends for a few weeks except Coinomat.

But the InstantDEX and the SuperNET projects could be ready very soon and the JLH portfolio should have new sources of revenue in the medium term.

JLH Portfolio – the holdings in detail

Source: NXTreporting

Asset Your Amount Value in NXT Value in USD
NXTventure 98’520.0000 6403800 NXT 80160.27 USD
InstantDEX 100’000.0000 6000000 NXT 75105.66 USD
Privatebet 106’100.0000 4445590 NXT 55648.16 USD
Pangea 57’500.0000 3312000 NXT 41458.32 USD
NXTcoinsco 98’020.0000 2842580 NXT 35582.31 USD
NXTprivacy 107’800.0000 2727340 NXT 34139.78 USD
ATOMIC 108’300.0000 1731717 NXT 21676.96 USD
FreeMarket 105’000.0000 1375500 NXT 17217.97 USD
Sianote 370.0000 1110000 NXT 13894.55 USD
cryptocard 100’000.0000 1100000 NXT 13769.37 USD
MGW 98’520.0000 923132 NXT 11555.41 USD
NeoDICE 55’000.0000 921250 NXT 11531.85 USD
SuperNET 3’194.4000 798600 NXT 9996.56 USD
Coinomat 97’000.0000 5810300 NXT 7273.11 USD
SkyNET 23’871.3085 456180 NXT 5710.29 USD
mgwBTC 8.5000 272000 NXT 3404.79 USD
jl777hodl 75’000.0000 254999 NXT 3191.99 USD
NXTGrid 499’900.0000 244951 NXT 3066.20 USD
HRNXTPool 10’750.0000 188125 NXT 2354.88 USD
NXTInspect 51’014.0000 137737 NXT 1724.15 USD
NXTmovie 100’000.0000 120000 NXT 1502.11 USD
NxtStore 26’500.0000 106000 NXT 1326.87 USD
MIC 100’000’000.0000 56900 NXT 712.25 USD
OPALTKN 961’015.0000 43245 NXT 541.33 USD
ForgeCoin 17.5000 27125 NXT 339.54 USD
NXTTXTFund 20’000.0000 20000 NXT 250.35 USD
DroneMine 89’100.0000 17820 NXT 223.06 USD
NXTdrop 10’000.0000 10000 NXT 125.18 USD
SuperNETx2 1.4736 699 NXT 8.76 USD
Total 36’228’648.04 NXT 453’496.09 USD


JLH – jl777hodl : description and introduction

Account ID of the portfolio: NXT-2AHU-UXZW-K9Q2-HENLW
Asset ID: 6932037131189568014
Quantity: 10’000’000
Decimal: 0
Exchanges: Nxt Asset Exchange, Poloniex
Website: http://jl777hodl.com/ (WIP)

JLH portfolio in 2014, source Nxtreporting

The JLH portfolio

‘jl777hodl’, abbreviation JLH, is the first and biggest ‘portfolio of Assets’ on the Nxt platform. It was created on 17 May 2014 by jl777 (an active and respected member of the community and creator of SuperNET). From the beginning, jl777 has been including in the portfolio a proportion of his new ventures (5-10%) and some of the Assets he receives from promising companies.

The intention isn’t to trade the assets, but instead to hold them in the portfolio permanently (or almost…). Except in rare and special case, no assets will ever be sold. Some of the revenue generated by the portfolio’s assets in 2014 was invested in the acquisition of new ones. But the main part of the portfolio consists of assets which have been added by jl777.

You can see the actual composition of the portfolio in real time on the Nxt blockchain on the account NXT-2AHU-UXZW-K9Q2-HENLW.

The jl777hodl Asset

The ownership of the JLH portfolio is shared between the owners of JLH Assets. There are 10’000’000 JLH (Asset ID 6932037131189568014). This means that 1 JLH represents 1 in 10’000’000 of the portfolio.

The goal of JLH

JLH is a promising portfolio which covers the most interesting Nxt projects created since the Asset Exchange launched. Such a portfolio should generate a lot of investor interest.

In his projects, especially for the Asset/Asset exchange InstantDEX, jl777 needs a stable asset with a big volume of transactions. JLH, with its varied and promising portfolio, is perfect for jl777’s projects.

JLH is an important financial tool which provides a valuation reference for InstantDEX and the asset trading tools created by jl777 for SuperNET.

Revenue and holder’s reward

The jl777 portfolio has two sources of NXT revenue: the dividends it receives from its assets and forging revenue. In 2014, this revenue was invested in new assets and to pay for events that were organised to increase the transaction volume.

Starting in January 2015, the revenue will be partly distributed to the JLH holders as a bonus. A big part will go to the holders and the rest will be used for JLH management and promotion .

NAV and market maker

The NET Asset Value (NAV) is the basis of valuation of the JLH asset. The NAV per share is calculated by dividing the total value of the portfolio by the number of the shares (10’000’000). You can find a good estimation of the portfolio’s value on Nxtreporting.

As the value of JLH’s underlying assets increase, so does the value of each individual share. Sometimes, however, the share price doesn’t always reflect its actual NAV (Net Asset Value). In late 2014, jl777 tasked LibertyNow to act as a ‘market maker’ in order to keep the share prices closer to NAV by increasing liquidity and market visibility.

LibertyNow makes his own calculation of the JLH asset’s NAV; he bases it on an average of the last trade price/high bid price/low ask price. It’s a little different from Nxtreporting which only uses the last trade price.

The JLH team

jl777 (James): founder and manager of the portfolio.

LibertyNow: market maker.

Ludom and nxter.org: information and newsletter

For more information:

JLH/jl777hodl Newsletters
JLH/jl777hodl articles on nxter.org
Official topic on Nxtforum
Official topic on Bitcointalk

JLH/jl777hodl on SuperNET Wiki

If you need help, would like to buy/sell shares or have any questions, feel free to PM LibertyNow or Ludom on bitcointalk.org, nxtforum.org, forum.thesupernet.org, or in Slack.

This article is also available in : French


Nxt [CORE]: Asset Exchange

The Nxt Asset Exchange (AE) is Nxt’s built-in decentralized trading engine. Using the AE you can create, buy and sell assets that represent data beyond simple coin transfers – opening up wide-ranging possibilities. Also, you can pay dividends to your investors with a single click and only a 1 NXT fee, or you can transfer or burn any amount of assets if you need.

Coloured coins

The AE is based on the ‘coloured coins’ concept whereby a coin or a set of coins can be designated (‘coloured’) to represent something-else. By contrast, many crypto currencies only ever operate as just that  – currencies, and nothing more. However, since the blockchain provides a trustworthy and permanent ledger of all transactions, it can be used to record far more diverse information than purely currency transactions.

NXT was designed and built to leverage this coloured coins idea. NXT coins can be designated (‘coloured’) to represent other crypto coins, stocks/bonds, property, commodities, or even ideas. As a result, the NXT network can be used to trade almost anything. It currently costs 1,000 NXT to issue an asset, and just 1 NXT in transaction fees to buy or sell them.


Find a Nxt AE guide here

NXT assets

These crypto-assets can gain significant market cap, and many of them are listed on CoinMarketCap.com. In fact, since there are now so many, CMC has created a new page exclusively for assets, a high proportion of which (more than 70%) are, in fact, NXT assets. Many of these were launched by jl777, including SuperNET, NXTventure and InstantDEX. Others include Jinn and NXTTY.

As well as trading on the AE against NXT, some of these assets can now be traded against BTC on the BTER and Poloniex exchanges. SecureAE.com – an online NXT wallet that puts the Asset Exchange at the centre of its functionality – also allows trading on the AE with Bitcoin.


There are, of course, many different applications for assets, with hundreds already available. Here are just a few interesting use cases.


At present, the most common use of the AE is to create and trade dividend-paying assets – effectively shares of revenue-generating companies. Issuing an asset is a popular way of raising money for a new project. For example, mining enterprises can raise capital to buy ASICs by issuing and selling assets. The mining rigs using the ASICs then generate income in the form of Bitcoin or other PoW coins, which is exchanged for NXT and paid out to asset holders as dividends every week.

USD-pegged asset

Coinomat’s USD asset is tied to the US dollar. The idea is that this can provide a degree of stability within a crypto-portfolio, without necessarily having to cash out by selling the assets and transferring the money to a bank account (with the costs, time and inconvenience which that would entail). It also means that you can send USD over national borders for just a 1 NXT fee. Using Coinomat’s service you can withdraw your USD assets to any VISA / Mastercard.

Of course, the CoinoUSD asset’s utility/value depends on Coinomat honouring its promise to redeem it, and would be worthless if the company failed to do so; the concept therefore requires centralization to achieve its aims. You can read more in this article or on the NXT forum.

Reward points

Nxterpoints (NXTP) are reward points given to people who contribute to nxter.org. Every month, Nxter.org dividends out its net profit (generated by advertising, store sales and services fees) to all NXTP holders: writers, translators, editors, graphic designers, site developers etc. This means that any person who is having an influence on nxter.org’s net worth, gets monthly rewards in NXT through the asset exchange according to their contribution to the income. The dividends are transferred to their Nxt account for as long as they own the Nxterpoints, which can of course also be traded on the AE. You can read more about this groundbreaking reward concept here.

Company shares

Coin IPOs are commonplace in the crypto world, and after doing just a little research in the field you should realize that some of them are scams. It can’t be overstated that you must ALWAYS do your due diligence before investing in anything.

On the AE, it’s important to distinguish between revenue sharing assets and assets representing ownership (including voting rights) in companies. Here are some examples of each type:

Revenue sharing assets include BGCaffe, a South African café (with plans to expand), Lyth; an upcoming MMORPG based on Nxt features; FinHive (AI on the Nxt blockchain); Pangea, a decentralized poker game; Coinomat, an exchange accepting Nxt, Tradebots (NxtCoinsco) and a lot of revenue sharing mining assets.

Company stocks (shares of the entire company) include examples like Jinn Labs (which is developing a general purpose processor based on ternary logic); SuperNET; Nxt Mobile Applications Company (the company behind the Nxtty mobile messaging app), and more.

Crypto backed assets

mgwBTC, for example, is a crypto backed Nxt asset representing Bitcoin. mgwBTC is used by Multigateway, the distributed cryptocoin exchange developed on top of Nxt by jl777. You simply transfer your Bitcoins (or LTC, BTCD and what other coins are supported) to an address generated by the multigateway, and these are automatically made tradeable in the MGW exchange and on Nxt AE.

Software licensing

toknormal describes an example from the software development industry.

I am an independent software developer and I plan to use the NXT asset exchange to issue software licenses as follows:

[1] – a licensing component in the software makes a call to the NXT network and creates an account (instantaneous).
[2] – it writes the private key to disk and informs the user of the account number.
[3] – the user purchases one license unit from the NXT asset exchange.
[4] – on a subsequent launch (or periodically) the software detects the presence of the appropriate asset in the account it created for itself and considers the installation licensed.

InstantDEX: addition to the Asset Exchange

Nxt is among the fastest cryptos with 1 minute block times, compared to Bitcoin’s 60 mins. To some though, even this may not be fast enough. Step forward InstantDEX: A Nxt 3rd party service, and now also a core service of the innovative SuperNET project, which aims to provide its users with nearly instant transactions. It’s also an asset which will dividend out a percentage of the commissions  generated by the service; currently, it’s paying asset dividends to its investors from its holding of NXTventure.


With the NXT AE, people are able to trade things, but there will be the blocktime to wait. 1 minute usually, but sometimes could be more. Also 1 minute will feel like a really long time if the market is changing dramatically.

The goal of InstantDEX is to offer realtime trading of NXT, NXT assets and other cryptos. there won’t be any centralized servers, there won’t even be an actual website as the GUI will be running locally. Just direct peer to peer trading in realtime.

The monetization model is very clear and simple. InstantDEX will not have any fees for withdrawals [or for changing a bid or ask] and the commissions will be set to 0.1% at first.

Caveat emptor!

The AE is completely decentralised and completely unregulated. The substantial benefits this offers – freedom, cost savings, lack of intervention, and so on – also come at a price. There is no hand-holding or policing, and scam assets can be and often are created. Whilst the community generally picks up on these relatively quickly, if you make a mistake then there is very little recourse as transactions are irreversible. As valarmg puts it, ‘When an unknown issues a new asset, it should be treated in the same way as a ‘Nigerian prince’ sending you an email. After a week of due diligence, maybe people could start thinking about buying assets.’

The bottom line: research, research and research. If a long-standing member of the community with a proven track-record issues an asset, there is more reason for confidence than if a newcomer does – no matter how impressive their sales pitch. Ultimately, the responsibility to check out an asset, its issuer and business plan is yours.

Nxt is a versatile, open source cryptocurrency platform. In this Nxt CORE article series we will dive into the main 2.0 features of Nxt. The first article was about NXT, the token itself, the second about Nxt ALIAS system, and the third about Nxt Arbitrary Messages. Upcoming: Nxt Marketplace (DGS), Nxt Monetary System (MS).

The information contained in this article does not constitute (and is not intended to constitute) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

Relevant links


Nxtforum asset board
Guide: How to use Nxt Asset Exchange

Read other articles from the Nxt [CORE] article series.
Also see: Nxt – The Economy Platform – Usecases for everybody

This article is also available in French.

Tutorial: Nxt Asset Exchange

  • What are assets?
  • The Nxt Asset Exchange
  • Browsing Assets
  • Buyer Beware!
  • Buying and Selling Assets
  • Cancelling an order
  • Order Priority
  • Viewing and Transferring Assets
  • Transaction Fees
  • Finding a Good Price
  • Due Diligence

What are assets?

Nxt assets are a convenient way to represent anything fungible and tradeable. An asset token could represent a bar of silver, a pizza redemption coupon, a share in a company, even a portion of a portfolio of other assets. By representing these things digitally on the blockchain, they can be publicly verified and easily traded.

The NXT Asset Exchange (AE) is based on the concept of the ‘colored coin‘. More specifically, the Nxt Asset Exchange is based on the ability of the blockchain to recognise and therefore trace the origin of transactions involving a coin or a set of coins which have been designated (or ‘colored’) to represent any type of asset you can imagine, whether digital (for example, stocks, bonds, smart property) or tangible (for example, cars, houses, precious metals etc).

The Nxt AE 

The Nxt Asset Exchange matches asset buyers and sellers, it works in a similar way to cryptocurrency exchanges. This tutorial will show you how to buy and sell asset tokens on the Asset Exchange.

All asset exchange operations can be accessed from the sidebar in the official core Nxt Client.

Browsing Assets

To view an asset, you’ll need to input the asset ID.

You can search for an asset via the search box in the top left corner in the client.

The search will open up a modal window, now click to view the asset in the Asset Exchange.

You can bookmark an asset by clicking the button in the top right corner.

Our ASSETHUB lists the most popular assets in a Top 50 with their unique ID.

Sites like https://mynxt.info/assets and https://nxtportal.org/assets list all available assets.

Buyer Beware!

A Nxt asset is uniquely identified by its ID number.

Asset names are not unique, this is to prevent names from being squatted on. So never rely on an asset’s name or description to identify it, always check that its ID number and the issuing Nxt account address match those announced by the asset’s issuer on e.g. their website/forum thread. There are scammers who issue assets with the same name as popular assets in order to try to trick people into paying for them.

We’ll use the Jinn asset, which represents profit shares from the Jinn project, as an example.

The Jinn asset’s ID can be found on Jinn Lab’s home page and on its announcement thread in the Nxtforum.

This is NOT the real Jinn:

Research any asset before buying into it, always. Check that the ID number is the correct one.

Where to get NXT coins

Buying and Selling Assets

First click the plus signs to open the buy and sell windows:

To buy an asset on the Nxt Asset Exchange, place a buy order indicating how many tokens you wish to buy, and how much Nxt you’re willing to pay for each token.

Selling assets is similar, but this is done on the right-hand side.

Check that you’re performing the correct action by reading the description on the button (Buying is converting NXT -> assets, selling is converting assets -> Nxt). Before you confirm your order, also check that you have the correct number of digits before and after the decimal point.

You can not bid for more than you can afford with the available NXT in your account. When you place a buy order, the total price of the order is automatically reserved from your account and cannot be moved or spent, unless you cancel the order. It will be deducted when the order is fulfilled.

You also can not sell more tokens than you have in your account, nor, of course, can you transfer tokens from your account whilst they are still up for sale.

Cancelling an order

You can see all your unfulfilled orders under ‘Asset Exchange -> Open Orders’. Unfulfilled orders can be cancelled at any time subject to payment of a transaction fee; once the cancellation of an order has been confirmed, the reserved NXT and the tokens that were for sale are released back to the account holder’s control.


Order Priority

Buy orders are prioritized:

  • first by price (higher bids have greater priority);
  • followed by the block height when they’re added (bids in earlier blocks have greater priority);
  • followed by the transaction ID (bids with lower transaction IDs have greater priority).

Sell orders are prioritized similarly, but lower offers have greater priority.

Higher priority orders are fulfilled first.

Viewing and Transferring Assets

All assets in your account are listed under ‘Asset Exchange -> My Assets’.

Click on ‘Transfer’ at the right-hand side to send asset tokens to another account. Currently you can only send tokens of the same asset in a single transaction; you’ll need to make a separate transaction for each asset you want to send.

You can also “burn” (effectively destroy) assets by using the “Delete Shares” button.

Transaction Fees

Like most other transactions that add to the blockchain, it costs 1 NXT to place or cancel an order, or transfer an asset. The transaction fee is deducted from your account when the block containing the transaction has been confirmed.

Finding a Good Price

If your bid price for an asset is low, nobody may be interested in selling at that price, or it may be a long time before any higher priced buy orders are filled or cancelled and someone accepts your price. The order books and recent trades (below the buy and sell windows) can help you find a good price.

Such recent price information can help you execute a trade quickly, but the price you have paid may not reflect an asset’s true value longer term. Beware of placing too much reliance on short term price movements, otherwise you might end up panic buying or panic selling which is a sure way to lose money. You need to take into account all available information regarding an asset and its issuer in order to reach a properly considered decision about the asset’s worth.

Due Diligence

Before buying an asset, you should at least understand what an asset represents and clarify any doubts with the issuer. On NXTER.ORG’s ASSETHUB you can read in depth asset research and find a Top 50 list over the most popular assets on the AE. Many assets are discussed on the nxtform.org assets sub-board https://nxtforum.org/assets-board/ and the Nxt Projects sub-board https://nxtforum.org/nxt-projects/. Here you can talk to asset issuers and other investors.

You should check that the asset issuers are who they claim to be. So, for example, if someone advertises shares for profits from running a restaurant, you’d want at least to check that the restaurant exists, that they own the restaurant, and they know how to run it. And for profit shares, you’d also want to check that your expected dividends justify the cost of the shares.

A good question to ask yourself is: “How likely is it that the asset issuer might disappear with any Nxt gained from asset sales, rather than follow through with their promises?” For example, if the issuer is anonymous, stands to raise a lot of Nxt from initial asset sales, and/or their stated plan for the asset seems very unlikely to be favorable for them, then they have incentives to just run away with your Nxt. But if, on the other hand, the issuer has a reputation that they want to protect and build on, and they have a sound business plan that stands to make them a lot more Nxt than the initial asset sales, then they have good reasons to honor their promises. Weigh the risks against potential returns before deciding if, and how much, you want to spend on an asset.

Usually it’s more accurate to describe asset tokens as a promise to the asset holder by the issuer to, for example, exchange the token for a bar of silver, or pay dividends from company profits. The Nxt network cannot enforce these promises, it’s your responsibility to check that the issuers can make good on their promises, and it’s for you to decide whether or not to accept the risk that they may not do so.

Regardless of how much due diligence, or even active involvement with the asset, you undertake, things beyond your control can still happen. Even the most trustworthy and capable people can be hit by the proverbial bus. Remember the standard advice regarding any type of financial  investment: never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article does not constitute (and is not intended to constitute) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

Sorted Asset List

The purpose of this list is not to play police but to be a place where any investor can do some research before investing in any assets. Treat this thread as an Asset Directory for the time being, a short term solution for new comers and new investors. 

New to Nxt AE?
Consider reading these articles first:

Nxt [CORE]: Asset Exchange
Guide: How to use Nxt Asset Exchange

For more information on tradings for these assets please use this link:

1. https://www.mynxt.info/assets

WARNING: This list has not been updated for a while. Some of the assets may be abandoned.

The Nxt AE is a decentralized market, asset issuers and scam assets can not be banned or removed from the blockchain, only downvoted and avoided so please do your own DUE DILLIGENCE.

Please use and contribute to: https://nxter.org/assethub

Assets listed

  • CryptoCoins – No dividend payment
  • JL777 Group – With dividend payments
  • Joint Projects SN & NXTventure
  • Multigateway
  • Investment – Investment funds
  • Investment – With dividend payments
  • Investment – Physical Companies
  • Applications – With dividend payments
  • Projects supporting NXT


Crypto coins Type: No dividend payment(2)

* Please report immediately if you find the link to Asset Board thread is broken or that there is an asset missing from this category.

 JL777 group – with dividend payment (7)

  • SuperNET → ID: 12071612744977229797 → Web
  • NXTventure → ID: 16212446818542881180 → More infoMore info
  • InstantDEX → ID: 15344649963748848799 → More info
  • jl777hodl → ID: 6932037131189568014 → More info
  • NeoDICE → ID: 18184274154437352348 → More info
  • NXTcoinsco (Tradebots) → ID: 17571711292785902558 → More info
  • crypto777 → ID: 13476425053110940554 → More info

* Please report immediately if you find the link to Asset Board thread is broken or that there is an asset missing from this category.

Joint Projects SN & NXTventure (6)

  • FreeMarket → ID: 134138275353332190 → More info
  • NXTCS → ID: 12658817572699179955 → More info
  • Pangea → ID: 6883271355794806507 → More info
  • Jay → ID: 8688289798928624137 → More info
  • Skynet → ID: 6854596569382794790 → More info
  • MyNxt→ ID: 2176003302076381931 → More info

* Please report immediately if you find the link to Asset Board thread is broken or that there is an asset missing from this category.

Multigateway (9)

  • MGW → ID: 10524562908394749924
  • superBTC (Bitcoin) → ID: 12659653638116877017
  • superLTC (Bitcoin) → ID: 125609428220063838
  • superBTCD (Bitcoindark) → ID: 6918149200730574743
  • superVRC (Vericoin) → ID: 9037144112883608562
  • superBITS (Bitstar) → ID: 13120372057981370228
  • superDOGE (Dogecoin) → ID: 16344939950195952527
  • superINFX (Influxcoin) → ID: 5378783389140157313
  • superSYS (syscoin) → ID: 15767200156607801771

* Please report immediately if you find the link to Asset Board thread is broken or that there is an asset missing from this category.

Investment – Investment funds(2+1)

  • CORE → ID: 18026565504333172181 → More info
  • NEXT → ID: 5504266111917554921 → More info
    • BOND → ID: 2269284270297846281 → More info

* Please report immediately if you find the link to Asset Board thread is broken or that there is an asset missing from this category.

Investment – With dividend payments (12)

  • Coinomat → ID: 6220108297598959542 → More info
  • Coinomat1 → ID: 7474435909229872610 → More info
  • CoreMedia → ID:1584198250936051677 → More info
  • NXTUSD → ID:1938368828495773639 → More info
  • DeBuNe → ID: 6926770479287491943 → More info
  • EPL2016 → ID: 4347550005568983492 → More info
  • Index → ID: 13634675574519917918 → More info
  • LQD→ ID: 17750387231635486778 → More info
  • MMBTCD → ID: 8122396658538927693 → More info
  • NxtPlugins → ID: 3779904130149819589 → More info
  • SIGWONET→ ID:12628887590172965573 → More info
  • TVE → ID: 10848741160900045194→ More info

* Please report immediately if you find the link to Asset Board thread is broken or that there is an asset missing from this category.

Investment – Physical Companies (3)

  • FARLAWEB → ID:17491339106794048806 → More info
  • HdgFundNXT → ID: 10160127190599911503 → More info
  • BGCAFFE → ID: 2978798152942226372 → More info

* Please report immediately if you find the link to Asset Board thread is broken or that there is an asset missing from this category.

Applications – With dividend payment (3)

  • Jinn → ID: 3061160746493230502 → More info
  • Nxtty → ID: 18128686802152832026 → More info
  • Newbium→ ID: 4207789768563155290 → More info
  • Scavenger→ ID: 4229113651443629513More info

*  Please report immediately if you find the link to Asset Board thread is broken or that there is an asset missing from this category.

Projects supporting NXT (5)

  • NXTP → ID: 17290457900272383726 → Web
  • NXTSecurityCoin → ID: 6775372232354238105 → More info
  • NXTblocks → ID: 3374201242031203848 → More info
  • Consensus Research → ID: 5841059555983208287 → More info
  • clubnxt → ID: 172381791830552501→ More info

* Please report immediately if you find the link to Asset Board thread is broken or that there is an asset missing from this category.


Original author of this article: Darkhorse, edited by RubénBC

Note: I am not perfect, so I may have missed some of your assets; if I have, please make contact, and I will add them to the list as I go. For the time being I am going category by category to make my life easier. I am still experimenting on the most efficient format of information sharing, so let’s discuss if you have any ideas to improve this. Anyone is welcome to help me in compiling the information. 

Nxter.org pays Nxterpoints (NXTP) for asset updates. Chip in.
Also, if you are an asset issuer and want further exposure on this site, please contact us.


The information contained in this article does not constitute (and is not intended to constitute) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

Nxt – The Economy Platform For Professional Traders

Nxt features an integrated exchange in which many different kinds of assets and currencies are listed for sale. We call it the Asset Exchange.

  • Secure and Minimal Cost Trading
  • Market Making
  • Dividends, Suffrage and Capitalization for Shareholders [coming in 1.4 and 1.5]

Not a trader? Have a look at Nxt – The Economy Platform to find out what else Nxt has to offer.

Secure and Minimal Cost Trading

Since the global financial crisis, we all know that the banks and regulatory authorities in our home countries cannot ensure that our money is 100% safe. This lack of trust is driving the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange. However, even exchanges for cryptocurrencies are no exception here; a notorious example being Mt. Gox, which jeopardized its customers’ funds because of its technical, security-related and financial shortcomings.

Again, we trusted the competence and integrity of the people who are in charge of these centralized exchanges. Such risks, however, simply do not arise when trading on a decentralized exchange as integrated in Nxt. Moreover, in addition to the security guaranteed by its decentralization technology, the exchange executes your orders for a minimal fee.

Web-based interfaces like SecureAE provide easy access and further tools to manage your portfolio on the integrated exchange. Please note that all centrally managed Web applications, like SecureAE, are free to filter the data on the blockchain or to alter its appearance in order to provide a smoother user experience and to comply with the requirements of their particular jurisdictions.

Market Making

Nxt enables the creation of markets for a potentially unlimited range of assets and currencies. These are the things you can trade for profit on the integrated exchange:

  • NXTs
  • shares issued on Nxt
  • other kinds of assets
  • currencies based on Nxt [coming in 1.4]

Dividends, Suffrage and Capitalization For Shareholders

Nxt provides the necessary tools to interact with shareholders:

  • the ability to declare dividends [coming in 1.4]
  • enabling shareholders to participate in important decisions [coming in 1.5]

Further Reading and Development Resources

Available on http://nxtinside.org/

[The latest release of the Nxt Reference Software (NRS) is 1.3.4.]

You need more? ;-) Have a look at Nxt – The Economy Platform to find out what else Nxt has to offer.

MIC, un asset ? un coin ? une communauté !

Créés le 16 mai 2014, les MIC, acronyme de MOST INTERESTING COIN (Pièce la Plus Intéressante), a depuis su trouver sa communauté d’adeptes.

Dans un premier temps présenté comme un asset non sérieux, dont la distribution se faisait via le partage de memes (images rigolotes customisées selon son état d’esprit), le MIC a su évoluer vers un asset prisé ayant  son public de fans. Sur le fil de discussion de MIC, les amateurs rivalisent d’ingéniosité pour créer les memes les plus originaux selon les thèmes défini en fonction des actualités de Nxt ou des autres cryptomonnaies dans le but de recevoir des MIC (89’000 MIC pour un meme partagé).

A ce jour, le sujet comprend 1541 messages et a été visité plus de 35’000 fois.

Le MIC a été créé avec une base de 1 milliard d’unités, à ce jour 740 million d’unités sont sur le compte genèse (créateur de l’asset) et 67 million sont sur un second utilisé pour la distribution gratuite des assets. Les unités de MIC sur ces deux comptes ne doivent pas être considérés comme en circulation.

Le MIC ayant attiré l’attention du fond JL777hold, 100 million de MIC ont donc été incorporés dans ce trust fund, utilisé comme valeur refuge dans l’écosystème Nxt grâce à sa grande variété dans l’investissement.

Hormis ces quelques comptes détenteurs de MIC  que l’on peut qualifier d’institutionnels la répartition des MIC se lisse et commence à être “mainstream”.

Les 85 millions de MIC en circulation (ceux qui ne sont pas sur les comptes cités précédemment) sont répartis sur 160 comptes avec les 15 plus gros détenteurs de MIC possédant 55% des 85 millions de MIC.

La quantité moyenne de MIC par compte est de 530 000, c’est  la quantité de MIC que l’on obtient gratuitement en partageant 6 memes. De plus, il n’y a que 30 comptes  qui soient au-dessus de cette moyenne, et les 50 plus gros comptes  (30% des 160 comptes) ne possèdent que 78% des MIC en circulation.

Avec la moitié des MIC dans les mains de 15 comptes la répartition n’est pas mauvaise (pour couper court à toute analogie avec la répartition des BTC parmi les plus gros détenteurs). En effet, le fond de distribution encore disponible est de plus de 800 millions de MIC, le projet est donc qu’à ses débuts.

En passe  de devenir un vrai phénomène avec une transformation d’asset en une sub-devise du Nxt via  le protocole MSC (système monétaire), le MIC vient de voir  apparaitre sa première utilisation dans le cas d’une vente d’un objet physique  Reveil en vente (sous la forme d’un transfert d’asset en attendant la mise en place du MSC).

Le monde des cryptomonnaies est rempli d’exemples de beaux projets abandonnés par ses développeurs ou ses investisseurs suite à un manque d’intérêt ou l’apparition d’une nouvelle technologie plus innovante. Avec MIC, cela ne semble pas être le cas après 7 mois d’existence.

MIC a su être le premier asset dont  la distribution est basée sur la contribution via le partage de meme (Proof of meme). Et à présent, il prend très tôt  le virage de l’arrivée des sub-devises sur Nxt.

En tant que millionnaire en MIC j’ai hâte de voir les évolutions que peut prendre le MIC et souhaite qu’il réussisse cette transformation pour devenir l’une des sub-devises les plus utilisées du réseau Nxt.

Liens utilisés pour l’analyse :

Répartition des assets

“Blockchain” de MIC

Ludom 6 – MIC sera une subdevise de Nxt

Connaissez-vous MIC ? Il s’agit d’une de mes créations sur Nxt. Cette aventure a démarrée anonymement le 16 mai 2014 sous la forme d’un actif hébergé par Nxt. Après un démarrage sur les chapeaux de roues, j’ai révélé mon identité pour expliquer la démarche sociale et artistique qui sous-tend le projet MIC.

MIC est donc une expérience culturelle liée à Nxt et sa communauté. Il s’agit d’un des tous premiers actif de l’Asset Exchange et d’un fil de discussion exutoire pour la communauté lorsque Nxt connait des succès ou des revers. Les actifs « MIC » ont une valeur qui fluctue entre 0.0001 et 0.0006 NXT par unité. Le projet est à mes yeux un grand succès.

Mais le projet MIC n’est pas parfait et doit évoluer pour prendre tout sa valeur. Tout d’abord, le statut d’actif n’est pas satisfaisant. Certes, les actifs de Nxt et le marché des actifs sont jusqu’à présent les meilleurs outils à disposition pour MIC mais Nxt évolue et proposera bientôt de nouveaux outils plus adaptés à la fonction « monétaire » de MIC.

Voici les grandes étapes d’évolution de MIC que je souhaite mettre en place :

  1. MIC doit devenir une des toutes premières subdevise de Nxt dès que le système monétaire (Monetary System) sera effectif. (novembre-décembre 2014)
  2. MIC doit devenir la première monnaie libre au sens de la Théorie relative de la monnaie (TRM). MIC doit devenir une monnaie symétrique dans l’espace et le temps. (courant 2015)

Bien entendu, la transition pour toutes ces étapes doit être préparée avec soin et la tâche ne sera pas facile.

Il faudra d’abord rassembler et coordonner les bonnes volontés car les tâches sont :

– Rassembler une réserve de token NXT conséquente pour créer et soutenir dans ses premiers pas la nouvelle subdevise MIC.

  • Organiser la transition entre une monnaie basée sur la distribution « Preuve par le Meme » (Proof of Meme) à une monnaie à dividende universel.
  • Il faudra développer la promotion d’une telle monnaie. Cela signifie qu’il va falloir faire un effort de communication mais également développer un réseau économique dans Nxt qui accepte la devise MIC (achat et vente d’actifs et boutiques sur la place du marché).

Pour ma part, je crois vraiment dans la réussite d’un tel projet qui allie toutes les qualités techniques et tous les outils de Nxt avec une distribution large et équitable. Le plus gros écueil reste à mes yeux la mise en place d’une gestion automatisée et intégrée à Nxt de la monnaie libre MIC, mais les projets uCoin et OpenUDC me laissent bon espoir que des solutions seront rapidement possibles.


Issuer: jl777

Asset ID: 10524562908394749924
Issuing accountNXT-JXRD-GKMR-WD9Y-83CK7

Trading and performance:

MGW (multigateway)


Website: http://multigateway.org

Multigateway AE description:
each MGW asset represents .0001% of multigateway multigateway will generate minimal fees from deposits and withdraws of cryptos into NXT AE. It uses a separate multisig acct for each depositor. It will have ongoing server costs and to minimize the cost of depositing and withdrawing crypto assets into NXT, it will keep fees as low as possible. Currently its projected revenue source will be via auctions for listing altcoins and altcoin giveaways. Such revenues received net of operating costs will be distributed to asset holders. multigateway isnt a non-profit, but it also isnt designed to be a massive profit generator. Any investment in multigateway will help cover operating costs and help the NXT community.

Useage of MGW

Download the Multigateway extension and you will have an additional submenu in the Nxt Client side bar called “Nxt Services”. In the upper right corner you can start a short tutorial as well as choose which coin you would like to use.

At the time of writing Multigateway accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and BitcoinDark (BTCD).

Users receive a unique deposit adress for each coin, which is linked to his NXT account. If you deposit coins in the Multigateway you receive the same amount in coin assets. These assets are tradeable against NXT in the Asset Exchange. You are also able to withdraw the coin assets against the lowest fee on the market, you only need to enter a withdrawal address.

Each coin asset represents one coin and is backed by the coins deposited in the Multigateway.
The coins are stored in multisignature wallets on three different servers belonging to three trusted businesses.


Other assets issued by jl777


Issuer: jl777
Asset ID: 17083334802666450484
Issuing accountNXT-KKNV-8EPK-W2S4-96VTK
Trading and performance:



Website: http://instantdex.org/wip/


PrivateBet will allow individuals to make escrowed bets directly between each other. It will be designed to support P2P sports betting and casino games. PrivateBet creator jl777 has recently won an auction for the technology that will enable a new version of the highly popular SatoshiDice game, which lost many users due to switching from unconfirmed to confirmed transactions. The new technology will avoid this problem and hence access a known and active market.


https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G-xRirAIAFHhJb1b04HG5EGXoG68O7SesiRm9mbRI9c/edit?usp=sharing has a rough description of GUI, the more specific technical details are not strictly accurate and has been changed, but at least you will get some ideas on what to expect.

Privatebet is what is sounds like, it allows you to make bets directly with someone else. For events with publicly verifiable results, there will be a decentralized mechanism for the payouts. You can create one shot bets based on anything you can think of, but for this you would need to get someone to agree to be your arbiter in case both parties cant agree as to what the result is.

Privatebet won an auction from Come-from-Beyond for a way to obtain provably random numbers from the NXT blockchain. The initial vehicle for this tech will be within the neoDICE asset, which is based on the satoshi dice game. This asset will payout 100% of revenues in dividends. The reason this is possible is that the dev who is implementing the neoDICE will have a significant percentage. So, the asset represents a slightly higher return for purchasers than the actual dev who is doing the work and maintaining the servers. After discussions with Come-from-Beyond, I think it is possible to fully decentralize the entire neoDICE, but any such Version 2.0 will be something for next year.

I will be encapsulating this provable random distribution of numbers into the SuperNET API and this will solve one of the thorny issues when it comes to making any type of casino game, eg. cards, slots, etc. So, with this API call, if there was a nice GUI and game play for a game, we have a very nice combination.
So, the plan is the following:

1. Select dev for a particular casino game
2. Issue asset to dev 10% to 40% depending on how much capital is needed
3. 50% of the asset goes to Privatebet, 10% to JLH and if capital is needed up to 30% to NXTventure
4. When the game is in beta and completion is virtually certain, NXTventure or the dev will make some available for sale
4b. In the event NXTventure provided capital, enough assets are sold to at least recoup the amount invested and the balance is distributed as dividends to the NXTventure asset holders.

At the end of this process, Privatebet has a new casino game asset providing 50% of its revenues.
NXTventure asset holders get some nice dividend or the dev is making some initial sales, or a bit of both.
The dev will now have a way to get some cash when needed just by selling a bit off via NXT AE. JLH gets its customary 10%.

P.S. SuperNET will of course consider partnering with companies on these type of terms. PM me if you are decision maker for such a company. All the standard and non-standard games will be considered. Also any unique game of chance is of course always welcomed.

NXTprivacy owns 50% of Privatebet and the dividends from Privatebet will flow through to NXTprivacy asset holders, so this puts a 2:1 ratio between Privatebet and NXTprivacy.

[UPDATE]: Privatebet now owns 40% of NeoDICE (asset ID 18184274154437352348).

Description on Nxt Asset Exchange:

Privatebet will allow people to make bets directly with each other in a decentralized way. It will let people create their own personal bet with a designated arbiter in addition to automatically supporting a range of standard events with betting interest, like sports betting. Privatebet will only accept crypto and no personal information will be required from its customers. It will have a fee of 1% to begin with, subject to change to adapt to market forces. The goal is to automate as much of Privatebet as possible and it is expected to be able to payout about 80% of the fees it collects as dividends. Please follow the NXTforum for more detals and up to date information.


Other assets issued by jl777


JLH (jll777HODL)

Issuer: jl777

Asset ID6932037131189568014
Holding accountNXT-2AHU-UXZW-K9Q2-HENLW

Trading and performance:


JLH (jl777HODL)

James, on May 17, 2014:

I get so many PMs with that same question [which of my assets is the best one to invest in?], I decided to solve this matter. I made jl777hodl asset. when possible, it will simply hodl ~10% of the assets that I create. I cant guarantee every asset will make it into this account, but once it does, it will be there to stay for the long term.

If you cannot decide which of my assets to get, this asset offers a way to get a piece of many at the same time

Updated information:

JLH will be the reference asset in InstantDEX / SuperNET, read more: SuperNET Newsletter #10.

You can always see the current JLH holdings on Nxt Account: NXT-2AHU-UXZW-K9Q2-HENLW

AE description:

This asset will not pay dividends. It will contain portions of almost all of the assets that I issue, the target percentage is 10%, but actual percentage will vary. Some issues will have more than 10%, some assets I wont be able to put here. Once the assets are in this account they will probably stay there long term, but occasional changes will be made at then current market prices.

Hodlings per 15.12.2014

98’520.0000 NXTventure ~  7881600.00000000 NXT ~ 371.22336000 BTC ~ 128769.96 USD
100’000.0000 InstantDEX6190000.00000000 NXT ~ 291.54900000 BTC ~ 101132.52 USD
106’100.0000 Privatebet4457261.00000000 NXT ~ 209.93699310 BTC ~ 72822.94 USD
107’800.0000 NXTprivacy2716560.00000000 NXT ~ 127.94997600 BTC ~ 44383.29 USD
105’000.0000 FreeMarket2157760.50000000 NXT ~ 101.63051955 BTC ~ 35253.59 USD
57’500.0000 Pangea2300000.00000000 NXT ~ 108.33000000 BTC ~ 37577.51 USD
108’300.0000 ATOMIC2055534.00000000 NXT ~ 96.81565140 BTC ~ 33583.41 USD
98’020.0000 NXTcoinsco1666340.00000000 NXT ~ 78.48461400 BTC ~ 27224.74 USD
370.0000 Sianote1332000.00000000 NXT ~ 62.73720000 BTC ~ 21762.28 USD
100’000.0000 cryptocard1091100.00000000 NXT ~ 51.39081000 BTC ~ 17826.44 USD
55’000.0000 NeoDICE933900.00000000 NXT ~ 43.98669000 BTC ~ 15258.10 USD
23’871.3085 SkyNET644286.61641500 NXT ~ 30.34589963 BTC ~ 10526.39 USD
10’750.0000 HRNXTPool612750.00000000 NXT ~ 28.86052500 BTC ~ 10011.14 USD
97’000.0000 Coinomat533500.00000000 NXT ~ 25.12785000 BTC ~ 8716.35 USD
98’520.0000 MGW448768.45200000 NXT ~ 21.13699409 BTC ~ 7332.00 USD
75’000.0000 jl777hodl288000.00000000 NXT ~ 13.56480000 BTC ~ 4705.36 USD
3’194.4000 SuperNET751003.44000000 NXT ~ 35.37226202 BTC ~ 12269.93 USD
51’014.0000 NXTInspect141308.78000000 NXT ~ 6.65564354 BTC ~ 2308.71 USD
100’000.0000 NXTmovie116000.00000000 NXT ~ 5.46360000 BTC ~ 1895.21 USD
17.5000 ForgeCoin113732.50000000 NXT ~ 5.35680075 BTC ~ 1858.17 USD
8.5000 mgwBTC178500.00000000 NXT ~ 8.40735000 BTC ~ 2916.34 USD
483’000.0000 Supercell53130.00000000 NXT ~ 2.50242300 BTC ~ 868.04 USD
100’000’000.0000 MIC ~ 59000.00000000 NXT ~ 2.77890000 BTC ~ 963.94 USD
26’500.0000 NxtStore53000.00000000 NXT ~ 2.49630000 BTC ~ 865.92 USD
89’100.0000 DroneMine35640.00000000 NXT ~ 1.67864400 BTC ~ 582.29 USD
20’000.0000 NXTTXTFund20000.00000000 NXT ~ 0.94200000 BTC ~ 326.76 USD
10’000.0000 NXTdrop14500.00000000 NXT ~ 0.68295000 BTC ~ 236.90 USD
499’900.0000 NXTGrid499.90000000 NXT ~ 0.02354529 BTC ~ 8.17 USD
9.0000 NSC9.00000000 NXT ~ 0.00042390 BTC ~ 0.15 USD

Total balance (NXT + assets) = 

Total JLH / jl777HODL assets issued: 10,000,000


Issuer: jl777

Asset ID: 15344649963748848799
Issuing accountNXT-74VC-NKPE-RYCA-5LMPT

Trading and performance:





InstantDEX will enable near real-time trading between cryptocurrencies. As well as regular trading, it will be used to trade anonymous telepods of different cryptocurrency funds when Teleport is fully operational. (Negotiations are currently underway to increase SuperNET’s ownership of InstantDEX, thereby also increasing the flow of InstantDEX dividends into SuperNET.)


There are a total of 1 million InstantDEX assets, each asset represents .
The goal of InstantDEX is to provide a fully decentralized peer-to-peer realtime trustless trading environment. InstantDEX will generate revenues by charging 0.1% to 0.2% of transactions. If it is 0.2% to each side of the trade, that is a total of 0.4% of all trade volume.

InstantDEX will let people change their bid/ask without fees and only charge when a trade happens. Since we wont have large server expenses no matter how many active traders there are, our overhead will be the lowest in the industry. This will allow InstantDEX to have lower fees initially to gain marketshare.

Trades are done directly between peers, the blockchain is used to record such trades.

I will be integrating NXTsubatomic and NXTatomic into InstantDEX. While these are not realtime trading mechanisms, they are related to trading and it makes sense for them to be part of InstantDEX. A nice bonus for all the InstantDEX holders.

The monetization model is clear and simple. The centralized exchanges charge 0.2% to 0.5% for each trade, plus additional fees for withdrawal. InstantDEX will not have any fees for withdrawals and the commissions will be set to 0.1% at first. Keep in mind that this is charged to both buyer and seller so the total revenue will be 0.2%. This will be the lowest in the industry and coupled with the decentralized nature will provide a strong competitive advantage.

The InstantDEX does not have ownership linkages, but it does have revenue sharing linkages. Half of its revenues are going to assetholders and the other half are shared among various parties, such as MGW, Tradebots (aka NXTcoinsco), BTCD stakers, uMGW operators, and some unallocated revenues that I plan to use top optimize positive feedbacks. Currently i am thinking of providing global revenue sharing to all the SuperNET users for most of the balance. I figure getting this revenue flow would be more effective than any sort of advertising campaign, but I need to see how things unfold.

InstantDEX AE description

There are a total of 1 million InstantDEX assets. The goal of InstantDEX is to offer realtime trading of NXT, NXT assets and other cryptos. It will earn fees from commissions on the trades. By keeping costs low by using a decentralized infrastructure, it is expected to be able to distribute approximately half of revenues to asset holders. please refer to nxtforum.org for up to date details


Other assets issued by jl777


Issuer: jl777

Asset ID: 17911762572811467637
Issuing accountNXT-DE2F-W76R-GL25-HMFPR

Trading and performance:





NXTprivacy holds a series of privacy-related assets, including 50 percent of PrivateBet. Teleport revenues will flow through NXTprivacy. It also holds 30 percent of the SuperNET card asset, representing 0.3 percent of all the card’s transactions.


I personally issued NXTprivacy asset #17911762572811467637 from my personal acct NXT-DE2F-W76R-GL25-HMFPR. I then created an acct for NXTprivacy NXT-KKNV-8EPK-W2S4-96VTK and it will issue NXTcard, Privatebet and privateNXT. If I come up with any more privacy related projects, NXTprivacy will be the asset that it will be put into.



With its current >50% ownership of Privatebet, NXTprivacy will get the majority of the dividends from Privatebet.

I expect Privatebet to be much more of a pureplay moneymaker as betting is quite popular and being able to bet privately should have a significant market. However, NXTprivacy is more of a community spirit asset as providing NXTcard (cryptocard) and privacyServer is definitely a benefit to the overall community. I tried to make it so that NXTprivacy will get enough profits from its Privatebet ownership to make NXTprivacy an attractive investment.



The transporter will be built into BTCD core, but it will be able to Teleport any coin (as long as the interface for them is implemented).

NXTprivacy will get 0.1% of teleporting BTC and other coins. NXT will get a big discount on teleport fees.

There has been debate over having NXT core itself support anon tech as it could become some sort of red flag for all the govt to come after NXT. By having it in an external, but tightly integrated separate codebase, the users can get a seamless anon transfer, but it is not even part of NXT itself, so that makes NXT immune from attacks based on this.

I think when people can simply click on a “privateSend” button to send NXT and it works seamlessly, most people wont care how it works under the hood.

After evaluating all the cryptonote’s (including the reference code), I have chosen Boolberry as the one to work with. If you are deciding between all the various cryptonote coins, BBR is technically the most superior.

NXTcard [cryptocard]:


Anonymous debit card that can be loaded with crypto -> local fiat.

NXTprivacy owns 30% of cryptocard, which is 0.3% of anon card transaction volumes.

Privacy Servers


NXTprivacy will develop privacyServer daemons for people to run on their unix nodes to earn nodecoins and offer low cost privacy services for users.

The goal is for each server to be able to generate enough revenues directly to cover all operating costs so that we never have to worry about not having enough ddos protected servers running NXT core.

I want to make it so that we dont have to keep subsidizing the servers and privacyServer will hopefully create  way for people to fully pay for a NXT node, maybe even make a little bit of money if they have a lot of subscribers.

So the subscribers to the privacy servers will not only be gaining an extra level of privacy, they will also be helping the NXT network itself. It will also allow you to have unlimited encrypted chat with no additional fee over the base subscription price.

I plan on giving away the privacyServer daemons to help strengthen the NXT network and allow the sometimes underappreciated server guys a way to recoup their costs of running NXT core nodes.

NXTprivacy is dealing with monetizing privacyServers and whatever it can get from that will also add to NXTprivacy dividends, plus maybe some more privacy oriented things.

NXTprivacy AE description

NXTprivacy will contain various privacy related projects. It will hold significant percentages of several other privacy related assets, like Privatebet and NXTcard, and it will also create privacyServer software for server hosts to run. Any dividends NXTprivacy receives from assets it holds, will be redistributed to its assetholders on a prorata basis. The privacyServer software will provide services for customers that will allow server hosts to recoup some or all of their costs in maintaining a NXT node. Additionally, NXTprivacy will make a market in privateNXT. Please follow the nxtforum.org section on NXTprivacy for more information.

Thread: https://nxtforum.org/nxtventures/nxtprivacy-asset-that-includes-privacy-related-projects/


Other assets issued by jl777


Issuer: jl777

Asset ID: 17571711292785902558
Issuing accountNXT-YNZ6-HE8K-TPF6-AV45K

Trading and performance:

Tradebots (NXTcoinsco)



NXTcoinsco is Tradebots
No way to rename and no time to deal with issuing new asset and swapping
So, if you want Tradebots asset, its just the same as NXTcoinsco 17571711292785902558


Tradebots (NXTcoinsco) enables the creation of custom tradebots for specific markets and other unique applications using a Turing-complete scripting language. These will be used to trade and move telepods on and off the relevant blockchains, amongst other uses such as arbitrage in markets identified by interested individuals.


Knowing exactly when to trade or not is a very difficult thing, but there are people that specialize in making these things. I am creating a framework for people to create very advanced tradebots. Other people can then subscribe to these custom created tradebots.

Tradebots will be doing revenue sharing. Writers of tradebots will be earning some fees, some of these tradebots will be designed for automated trading, like the Metatrader expert advisers. Unlike the traditional bot where you pay $100 or $1000 or more, these tradebots you only pay with a percentage of profits. A fee is paid only if it a profitable trade, this way people dont waste money on bots that dont work and the people that do make bots that work will get good income.

This allows autotrading on a pay for performance basis and I think this industry is badly in need for this as most products are backtested fantastically, but their realtime performance is of course much worse and possible harmful.

But with the money upfront and burdensome refund policies, well there is only incentive for a compelling direct response website to get the order. With my plan the incentive is only to make profitable bots and this I am hoping will let investors experiment with bots that the author is actually caring that it works.

[I plan to be one of these authors as I spent 6+ years working on an SVM based automated realtime forex trading system. In my backtests, I can get 98%+, but with realtime 85% is about as good as I have achieved at the raw data. I was just getting very promising results in November of last year after so many years. Then I discovered crypto and this project is on hold but halfway ported into Tradebots]

I will still do nodecoin and bannercoin as I have said that I would. Some day I will probably just make a NXTcoinsco development kit, but kind of waiting for [Nxt] Monetary System for that.

NXTcoinsco will get 30% of InstantDEX operating budget (or 15% of fees) and since there is very low overheads, most of this will become dividends. The profit sharing of the tradebot creators is a separate thing. They would set their own price and mechanisms will be put in place for the tracking and disbursing of profits.

NXTcoinsco AE description
[written before the issuer and his investors agreed on turning NXTcoinco into “Tradebots”]

There are a total of 1 million NXTcoinsco assets. NXTcoinsco will be creating coins that run on top of NXT, starting with nodecoin. After that it will make SVMcoin and also create a NXTcoins development kit to enable others to make coins easily. For internally created coins, NXTcoinsco asset holders will receive 10% of the coins. The percentage for externally developed coins will vary. please refer to nxtforum.org for up to date details


Other assets issued by jl777


Issuer: jl777

Asset ID: 3006420581923704757
Issuing accountNXT-ZWW7-PSXW-89TR-AA67Z

Trading and performance:



Sharkfund0 is a trading fund that targets high-performing assets. Sharkfund0 owns 11 percent of all BTCD and 10 percent of BBR. It also has 20 percent of NXTprivacy, 10 percent of InstantDEX, 12 percent of jl777hodl (JLH), and around 10 percent of the Coinomat asset. To date it has returned 300 percent in three months.


It’s an opportunistic fund that will make short term investments it feels will have a positive ROI in the crypto space. If there is an arbitrage it will do it. If there is a chance to put funds in at the groundfloor in a NXTventure offering, it will do it.

sharkfund0 is a pooling of funds and all purchasers of sharkfund get the same return. From the smallest investor that puts in 1 NXT to the big whales who put in millions of NXT.

sharkfund0 represents investment capital. Investors who purchase sharkfund are piggy backing on my personal investment decisions and I now have voldemort to bounce ideas off of and we use a buddy system to make sure each investment has the proper risk/reward. Sharkfund0 is similar to an open ended fund.

The sharkfund0 asset is tuned to reflect Teleport, think of it as a sector fund.

Follow the Shark Tales blog for updates:


Sharkfund0 Nxt AE description

Each purchased sharkfund0 asset represents a proportional share of the fund’s crypto holdings. NXTsharks will actively manage sharkfund0 to maximize its market value. 25% of profits are assetized by the NXTsharks assets, the rest compounds in sharkfund0.

The sharkfund0 assets held by NXTsharks are unpurchased assets and are not bound to anything, NXTsharks will never sell unpurchased assets via AE. Initially, the value is set to 10000 NXT per asset. After the initial funding, additions are made at the marked to the market value of all previously purchased sharkfund0 assets.

Purchases using non-NXT crypto is done manually on a case by case basis, minimum 10 BTC. It is preferred to make withdrawals simply by selling the asset using AE, but NXTsharks can accomodate requests of larger cashouts manually. please check the NXT forum for up to date details.


Other assets issued by jl777