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Campus Blockchain Hackathon, Nigeria

By WatchTower | 04/04/2019

Kaduna, Nigeria, is a city that is more than what meets the eye – it will take more than just a visit to truly comprehend what makes up the city. In the northern part of Nigeria, where a higher percentage of the inhabitants are not educated, one would expect the state of the location and … Read more

Oh boy. Merry IGNIS Xmas!

By apenzl | 21/12/2018 | 1 Comment

Nxter Puzzlers! UPDATE 22/12: 500 IGNIS can now be collected from the IGNIS account.  We wish you a Merry Christmas. But the essence is this: We’ve been flying around with Santa over 15 countries, collecting words in 15 languages. All words must be written in lower case and as 1 word (for example: “Merry Christmas”  … Read more

NXT Chess Tournament

By apenzl | 07/02/2014 | 2 Comments

What happened to anonymity when playing online chess? NXT bringing anonymous payments to the world of chess This saturday the renowned FICS (free internet chess server) will be hosting the first in a series of 4 chess tournaments with anonymous payout to the winners. FICS has chosen the 2. generation crypto NXT for it’s currency, as … Read more

New to NXT?

By apenzl | 03/02/2014 | 2 Comments

Just heard about NXT ? [UPDATE]: You can check out the NXT beta Clients HERE. Go get ’em. The easy-to-use clients are not ready yet, but maybe you don’t want to wait for them. Being a 100% PoS-coin, original stakeholders need to distribute Nxt to the network to give it worth. This has already made Nxt’s distribution far more even … Read more