NXT Newsletter #1

nxt newsletter

Welcome NXTers, newcomers and long time community members. How to start a newsletter when Nxt has already been on the roll for 2.5 months? This week’s topics: Upgrade! Asset Exchange Nxt Funds released BCNext’s plan (part 2) Organize, NXTers! Clients ANNOUNCEMENTS Quote of the week Words of wisdom of the week Upgrade! This week a …

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Basic computer security

Topics covered in this article is: Firewall / router OS updates Encrypted backups Using antivirus For an operating system to keep functioning in length, it should always be protected against malware and hackers (not to be confused with targeted hackers). This doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. With the right combination of simple free …

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NXT BETA Clients

So… You got overwhelmed by the NRS Client? NXT now has working easy-to-use clients in BETA, that you are welcome to use. Overview: Windows Clients dotNXT Info: .NET based client (thread) (404 link removed) Features: Send Money Transaction statistics Forging Timer Register Alias Messaging Message encryption Lock account Alias search Hallmark checks Multiple account display Auto updating …

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NXT Chess Tournament

What happened to anonymity when playing online chess? NXT bringing anonymous payments to the world of chess This saturday the renowned FICS (free internet chess server) will be hosting the first in a series of 4 chess tournaments with anonymous payout to the winners. FICS has chosen the 2. generation crypto NXT for it’s currency, as …

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New to NXT?

Just heard about NXT ? [UPDATE]: You can check out the NXT beta Clients HERE. Go get ’em. The easy-to-use clients are not ready yet, but maybe you don’t want to wait for them. Being a 100% PoS-coin, original stakeholders need to distribute NXT to the network to give it worth. This has already made Nxt’s distribution far more even …

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Client showcase

Waiting for the new Nxt wallets? Nxt community member Damelon will do a showcase of the upcoming Nxt Clients, over the next week. Damelon lives in the Netherlands. He has a local Nxt site (nxtcoins.nl) and has been blogging about Nxt since 03.01.2014. Most beloved are his daily Bitcointalk Summaries (in English) where he points out the most important highlights …

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